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Hello Internet! I'm Matpat and welcome to FILM THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite movies and shows? So do we! From figuring out the biology of Attack on Titan's Titans to revealing the dark secrets of Disney movies, we cover it all! Want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories? Join our community of Loyal Theorists today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Film Theories! And CUT!
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  • "For 12 hours, all crime is legal." *Reads the most ridiculous laws in every US State* "Guys; I've made a Purge Bingo Sheet."

  • Goddess*

  • I’m hearing brain needle. Like if you relate

  • Funny, I thought they made him that way because he looked cute.

  • 7:37 that killed me😂

  • I ask that all the time it is just a cartoon

  • The fact is I am a Hey you

  • I went through all of his videos, and he only has 5 videos out of all of them that are under 1mil views.

  • PG 13 dont press more İf theres babys AND everyones 293848 pounds than HOW ARE THERE BABYS but thats just a theroy a §*& thorey thanks for reading

  • Did anyone else touch their computer?\

  • O hi

  • RIP- peroni

  • The intro was supposed to be even faster

  • i just figured the lesson was don't waste your life being focused on your death

  • I kind of liked this video. It made sense, which at this point is pretty shocking for MatPat. The only criticism is that he mentioned the “The Forced Lied” video, if you could call it that. He discussed medichlorians, which many lovers of the franchise and makers of content regarding the franchise (including movie makers themselves) have treated as non-cannon. And he said that Force Freeze, a move where you are clearly holding a single target in place, was a move where Cal moved extremely quickly. You can see why I am triggered by this by simply playing the game. Sometimes, I don’t really want to watch some of this content because it makes me a little angry. Oh well. I’m still here. Getting clickbaited. By a baby Yoda no less...

  • 0:22 the Darth Vader animation had me dead 😂😂😂

  • Big brain

  • Yoda was an adult during the clone wars, how is he a baby in this movie?


  • only hear green needle

  • Here's a theory how did roudloph his red nose

  • Debunked one for all has multiple quirks in it so if all might did have a quirk then midoriya has it too.

  • nothing to do with the topic but im still waiting for a theory on the office

  • You know you found your place on FR-tv when dr.dufensmurch scar thanos and light yagami make it on the same list

  • That moment when you make a good complex story and anime one that will for sure be killer if it continues how Matt portrays and all of it gets revealed by a theorist not long after the anime is realest......

  • you arent wrong cause there isnt any vegitation on the ship so its impossible to eat food

  • I started believing in this theory Up to until You started talking about monkeys ( No I don't believe in anything of religion or space explosions ) But I do like the part about that baby Yoda wouldn't survive without some serious back up It's funny but treu

  • 4:12 scares me

  • 14:07 Yoda scares me

  • I feel like Jeopardy did cheat James

  • Is this still an event

  • Also as a mega star wars nerd, plagious did not perfect it enough to create life, he was nearly complete in learning it but not fully. So yeah. Sorry mat pat

  • Baby Yoda is cute.

  • Ok am I the only one questioning if that’s actually Matt’s baby🤨👀👀

  • Is it just me or do you guys think MatPat should make a theory about Coraline??

  • This intro 🤣

  • *tis just a flesh wound*

  • Beefcake

  • this entire plot could take place before the events of the original dhmis, cause they aren´t they favorite colors like in the end of original series (example: red guy is blue at the end) showing how it was the show before roy manipulated it . and dhis taking place after this wakey wakey series

  • I thought the secret formula was grease

  • Or Superman could just say Martha

  • RIP Steve Erwin. An amazing man.

  • Are we so sure he is a baby? It could be an act. Like yoda in empire.

  • DIW

  • I almost clicked out on this due to that intro

  • Pennywise: *Offended gasp*

  • DOE


  • This show is so fucking weird I love it 💯

  • “In all my conquests, it has never been personal... But what I am going to do to this little planet, I’m gonna enjoy it” Huh...

  • All I have to say, awesome intro

  • URU the scooby doo version of UWU

  • that intro hurt my brain cells

  • That baby Yoda song in the beginning is literally what I sang as soon as I saw baby Yoda

  • That is illegal

  • Tridactyls is an *ok* name

  • It's magic hair

  • Bill doesnt live he doesnt remember bill if he rememberd bill he would come back

  • It has been an entire year, and FR-tv has been taken over by pure darkness. Not a single light of hope has been able to shatter the pure evil that has corrupted our favorite video platform. And we all know the root of the problem that has started it all, a name we now fear of FR-tv being forever doomed, article 13. Our only option now is to keep fighting for the restoration of this once amazing app we now have on our phones. If not, we will have to find another way to continue our love for making videos leaving FR-tv behind as a lost memory of what was once our childhood.

  • Are you and dead meat friends

  • Smoke some weed man your obnoxious

  • Your voice is very annoying.

  • *Shrek*

  • Loved your opening. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂

  • Most kills in marvel Good luck with that ha

  • Fake

  • If you think about it, Hans Christian Andersen sounds like “Hans Kristoff Anna Sven” 4 characters in the Frozen movie

  • Am I wrong to assume you're not luch of a sports guys when you go from boxing to tennis

  • honestly, this is more entertaining than the actual frozen 2 story

  • Friday is my favorite day because of this show

  • I know that it is a theory but there was an episode where he had to go fly to oregen to make bart go to a dicipline camp

  • Baby yoda is 50 years old............which means he’s legal

  • 2:45 theater kids be like :eeeeee :p 🤓🤓🤓🤓

  • George Lucas just understands the Occult I don't think hes a scientific genius.

  • The destruction of the death star is a small price to pay when it concerns saving countless possible worlds. I don't care if the Empire poured its entire GDP for 20 years into it, the ability to destroy an entire planet in the blink of an eye is too powerful of a weapon, and it should be destoyed.

  • I don’t know why but I don’t find it scary. Salad fingers is cute tho

  • matpat: me: i can hear you - *but i wont*

  • Are we not in THIS matrix🤑😹🎃💀👽🤡👹😈😈👾😽

  • There related because there both left handed in convinced

  • *I must accelerate rapidly*

  • MatPat: "I'm here to show you why most articles and media sites are fake." Also MatPat: "Now, according to this article..."

  • I already do see Disney a different way because Mickey looked evil in one of your other videos

  • I live for your intros.

  • what about the Enigma machine,couldn't that had hidden the real recipe so yeah

  • Well since Baby yoda is 50 years old, if you think about it he is the first baby boomer

  • For the collision one Can only see them go past each other every time and for the Deadpool one I still only saw Deadpool once

  • Anyone 9:19 Big brain time Pewdiepie?

  • you should know it's just the capital of Illinois

  • what is this intro

  • i like the fact that mat is digging up these secrets and ruining my childhood at the same time, every theory is mind blowing 😂

  • I don’t know why........but like at the beginning of the video. Mat pat said something about subscribing and I found his channel in my subscriptions.

  • Dogos are a better choice

  • Grubs and caterpillars are not the same.

  • "Multi-hoofidly" bruh its a lion

  • I remember this coming out

  • Kinda late but how could it be a fantasy if batmans parents die and that actually happened


  • you know that means that yoda frickeed someone to you know

  • I was waiting for doc Oc of green goblin and FINALY he you mention him