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Welcome to Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link! Tune in every Monday-Friday to watch us eat truly unbelievable things, explore surprising new products and trends, compete in original games with celebrity guests, implement serious experiments in hilarious ways, and more.
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Kombucha Taste Test
Kombucha Taste TestIl y a 29 jours


  • the legit mr bean.

  • ADAM 💖💖💖

  • There's no way they didn't already know that was escargot

  • This was a cool game idea

  • One guy looked like he was from smosh

  • They shld replace Link with Paul Rudd for a full episode and see if anybody can even tell

  • I completely understand the brick thing

  • Omg I was the biggest Adam Lambert stan back in middle school

  • “Uhm... tastes good” I never knew moustaches taste good, I was rolling!😂

  • Link kinda looks like Jim Morrison

  • Adam is kinda way better than Rhett and Link 😂

  • Watching the shadow makes this video even better 😂

  • That chicago style was sad...Giordano’s for the win!

  • If only Rhett had links personality

  • I love Adam Lambert, this was a great show :) Thanks for having him.

  • You guys should have TheOdd1sOut on your show! That would be so amazing!

  • A L L H A I L M E A T A G A I N

  • I’m impressed with the chef!! I would LOVE to try the pig anus funnel cake!!

  • That eggplant hint hasn't aged well

  • Is this the same Adam Lambert that had a song called Ghost Town cause I just started listening to him?

  • I personally never "like" videos. But I'll do it because you guys asked so nicely :p

  • Whoop whoop

  • Punch. I really hope you meant "Punch a vampire"

  • Chocolate eclairs instead of strawberry shortcake. Would have been better.

  • Love Adam!! <3

  • Miso made the last cheese to have some fishiness.

  • Whoes Adam Lambert?

  • I’ve never Clicked on a video so fast!!

  • 13:52 when your friends make a personal joke about you in front if your crush

  • ah yes, enslaved Howard Wolowitz

  • no one is gonna say anything about Lucas' Danny Devito

  • Someone should make a compilation of every time Link gags. Could be hours.

  • Give Rhett a point

  • To be fair, Canada is such a big target that I feel like even Link would have hit it regardless.

  • The dynamic duo's

  • Nice

  • You know wut an eyeball with a foot is!...a snail!

  • OoOoOo It's ya S P O O N

  • It’s not a “Like” worthy video

  • Shipley's >>>> Krispie Kreme

  • More with adam please. Love if big hugs to all

  • Link is chaotic evil

  • I was so happy when my town in Southern Virginia had 2 Bojangles built within months of each other! The bacon egg and cheese biscuit from Bojangles does not even compare to McDonalds. It is sooo much better!

  • You know what an eyeball with a foot is. A snail.

  • I can actually do all of these it’s weird

  • Adam is almost 40, how does he still look 20...?

  • So when I was growing up my local grocery store in Texas had premade bacon jalepeno Gouda burger patties for sale at the butcher and my family would eat those all the time they were so good

  • as you put the foods onto single use plastic plates...


  • You should have done Gold. I have a feeling it would nugget.

  • omgomgomg my idol and my fav youtubers, did not see this coming!

  • rhett: says dunkin coffee was the best one new englanders: *everyone liked that*

  • I'm watching this almost exactly 3 years later

  • LOL why bother even lying to us you know exactly what happens if you get more likes. Kind of disrespectful guys


  • I've been to the cinema in Korea before and they do have squid but it's not like that.. I would compare it more to jerky or something

  • Isn't every european household full of IKEA furniture? :D


  • Commenting

  • I liked this video idea

  • Adam lambert nailed this.

  • I'm gonna keep disliking until they stop the begging in the middle of the episodes.

  • the episode that got me hooked on GMM ❤

  • Link" I think your the weak link"

  • My turtle 🐢 turned 2 today can we get some likes for him


  • Where is the more though?

  • will it pancake (extra) all marshmallow lucky charms 80% sugar. 23 grams per serving (23g of sugar)

  • Why not blinded?

  • Begging for likes 😔

  • Love Adam

  • I hit the 👍 what's going to happen??

  • Link has no concept of harmony.

  • How old is Alfonso? he hasn't aged a day since Fresh Prince.

  • Link's face at 11:11 😏😏😏😏

  • Best of the best sir with honors like if you get it

  • I know for a fact I haven't watched this yet so why is youtube saying I did tf???

  • Therapy time

  • Why give subway credit if it wasn’t from subway

  • Legendary

  • Y’all better rethink Miyoko’s. Their cheese is actually reeeaallly good and I’ve given it to so many of my non-vegan friends and they love it almost as much as me. Also the owner is soo sweet and puts so much care and effort into what she does. Try their truffle cheese or their butter and please make sure it’s cold when you try it! It’s better cold :)

  • This game was dope 👌

  • Adam is such a sweetheart

  • How can they not smell a plate full of minced garlic?

  • "If i had you"

  • Does Link have new glasses? Looking good!

  • We don't even have Taco Bell here in Indonesia

  • Syrup is alien vomit confirmed.

  • Reall? No further explanation? That’s it? 👎🏻

  • Adam's nails are iconic

  • that last one felt staged

  • 2019 anyone??

  • We got 1.5m views and only 325k likes!?!? Come on people. I NEED EVERYONE TO LIKE THIS NOW! Let’s do it!!!

    • Compare to past videos though. I ligit always forget to like the videos at the end because by that point I'm usually scrolling through the comments looking for conversations about funny things that happened in the episode.

  • We👏need👏J👏2👏from👏Supernatural👏on👏G👏M👏M.👏

  • For sushi the rice should have been cooked and the seaweed should have been dry and in sheets .... you would think that people who lived in the Los Angeles area would at least know what sushi is.

  • I like all good mythical vids you guys rock

  • No way they guessed these

  • i looked like kid at 13