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Joker - SPOILER Talk!
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  • That bathroom scene immediately following that train scene was the darkest, most disturbing thing I have ever seen. Jesus christ, so fucking amazing.

  • "The entire time you are rooting for him to not snap like that" Me: ... well great I guess I am a psychopath👍 I mean I wanted him to do everything he did except maybe killing that girl..😅

  • George Lucas: Give it back! This isn't right! That was ours! Argh! They played us like a DAMN FIDDLE!

  • Oh shit! Arthur Fleck... A. Fleck! BEN AFFLECK WAS BATMAN

  • Omg this is the first time someone other than me has mentioned that early scene of him in the asylum. In that tiny shot he’s in the bright white asylum, and we don’t see it again until The end which makes me wonder if most of the film is one big delusion.

  • You fucking suck, you asshole!! You totally RUINED Avengers Infinity War for me, and made NO apologies for doing so!! I used to love you and subscribe to your channel, however, NO MORE!! FUCK YOU!!!!

  • It's like Star Trek.....25% different to avoid paying royalties.

  • Endgame was decent, 6/10

  • So spot on...

  • Sorry man but this movie is dog sh**t! I think most can admit it now

  • What if the mother of theJoker (aka Arthur Fleck) was telling the truth and Bruce Wayne's father was his actual father based on that letter thus making the Joker & Batman brothers or at least half brothers???

  • The funny thing is, id Disney used Lucas' scripts, fans would STILL hate it.

  • What if Arthur Fleck (The Joker) mom was actually telling the truth and Bruce Wayne(Batman) were related???

  • 10. OK 9. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 8. Boring 7. Turds 6. The Cloverfield Assholes 5. Piece Of Shit 4. Rating 2.5 3. Gay Sex Uhhhhhhhh 2. Fuck This Shit Im Out 1. Fuck This Movie Thats It Im Done With My Life (BLAM)

  • Might also be that the part where the clowns crash into the cop car transporting him and then lifting him from there, freeing him as their leader was the "joke" he thought about at Arkham, where he was taken after the Murray incident. The joke being his dream that he will become a symbol for all chaos like that. But then again, I doubt he could imagine in his head how Bruce's parents got killed, since he doesn't even know about Batman. That part about Bruce losing his parents really goes against the "whole thing was just in his head"-theory anyway. Could also be it's all a memory much later, he already knows Batman and the joke he thought of was "What if I was the reason the Bat exists - that his parents got killed because of that night"... then again, that would require him to know Batman's identity at that point. Idk, the ending really does throw it all in the air and the scene with Bruce's parents seems... to either prove it true, or to be a big error in writing - as the last I checked, the Joker isn't psychic.

  • Best Picture contender?

  • This film forces the viewer to look mental illness dead in the eye. I think that scares people because most people try not to think about it. They look for simple solutions(gun control for instance) rather than deal with the fact that we have a wellness epidemic that will take ALOT of work to just help, let alone to fix it. This is a deep dive into complex problems that does not give you a quick fix at the end.. No happy ending,. Just a problem getting worse. Fantastic film. Bravo to all who brought it to life. 10 out of 10.

  • 10. Yeahhhhhhhh 9. Anticipated But Awesome 8. Childish Awesomeness 7. Important And Interesting And Positive 6. Rating 9.8 5. Yo For Me It Should Be Number 1 4. Loved 3. Rating 8.9 2. My Childhood 1. Violent Cool Badass Movie

  • I think joker wanted to say the n word

  • If they will do a second movie, I hope it will only be because they've got a script so good they feel like it has to be made. Hell, if Pattison will do a great role as Batman and his version will be of similar tone AND they get a good script that could combine the two in a way that works; Yes, I'd like to see it. But I will not want a sequel for the sake of just having a sequel. Quality or nothing. Edit: Oh and I'm genuinely curious about Pattison as Bruce Wayne/Batman. I have more faith in him than I have in Ben Affleck. Affleck's good in some movies, but he made a horrible Batman. Pattison seems to be a good actor, as long as you don't base your entire opinion to the Twilight trash that even he surely hates.

  • I tell you what I learn about this movie, Nacho is screw =/ there's not way they give him the same ending that they gave Jesse.

  • Definitely my favorite Batman movie and one of my favorite movies of all time

  • The name Joaquín is actually pronounced "hua-KEEN"

  • OMG. I am so sick of hearing from these Disney / Marvel trolls and plants, trashing Dark Phoenix and praising Endgame. You all should be praising X-Men: Days of Future Past, because artistically it is the peak of the superhero genre. You will never see any of these characters look so awesome on film again. You never see a better X-Men film. You will never see superhero powers displayed on film with more respect and consideration.

  • Don't worry guys, Hux will shoot him self in the bunker.

  • Joker sadly is relatable. We live in a society. What I find frustrating is that people wish to talk about media induced violence rather than looking at society as a whole and what we can do to stop things like this. What was great about this film is that I can completely understand how someone can turn into this

  • I think a fair chunk of it was imagined because there are some things that suggest it: -The therapist ignores some of what Arthur says, often forgetting or not being aware of what he just said. I reckon he imagined himself saying those things and that's why the therapist didn't remember it. -When I watched it a second time with my sister, she noticed that people were screaming at him from another apartment. She theorised; what if those are people in an adjacent cells or orderlies outside? Not really evidence, but that would be a cool detail. -I'd have to watch it again, but the name of the comedy club changes in between scenes. In the first scene it's introduced, the name on stage is "peggo's". But, if you pay attention in all the later scenes, the name on the stage is"pogo's" and Murray even refers to it as that on his show. Almost as if Joker is telling the story, and changed details in the middle of it?

  • The movie drags on way too long

  • Loved Kingsman, the only part that got to me a little was Sam Jackson's lisping. It just felt so un-needed, and ot was so inconsistent.

  • Movies don’t create psychopaths........movies make psychopaths creative. This should be a quote from the Joker.

  • Super Smash Bros. X PlayStation All-Stars (only on Nintendo) PlayStation All-Stars X Super Smash Bros. (only on PlayStation) If only there’s a crossover like that. 😆

  • I think the scene of the Waynes getting murdered preety much deconfirms this theory

  • There is a perfect way to connect this movie to a new Batman movie. Batman year one. You don't have to have joker in it but make it a character study of Batman the same this movie does it for the joker.

  • I’m so glad I avoided the trailers

  • I hate how that one girl made a Paul blart reference even though that movie came out in 2011 way after the zombie apocalypse happened

  • I thought the joker was going to kill the whole audience and cast and crew in the murray show... deadpool got more violence than this movie...

  • I literally just got home from seeing this movie. (Spoilers) So, yeah, I think Sophie is either dead or in a world of pain. Frankly, I began worrying about her once they showed her in the hospital. Also... how he told Gary he was the ONLY one who was nice to him, yeah, that doesn't bode well for Sophie. Also, I don't think he "embraced" the Joker. He was off his meds. "He was a different person" is what it's like to see a mentally ill person go off their meds suddenly like that. This is how drastically those meds were helping him.

  • When Arthur confronts Wayne in the restroom. that was really sad. Like you really feel bad for this guy. Like I found myself feeling that Thomas Wayne got his karma

  • I also loved that fact about the movie, my gf and I didn't know what the fuck to expect from that maniac lmao

  • Just remember Jeremy joined in bashing George Lucas for years. Remember that whilst your quick to hate. Jeremy wasnt sucking daddy Georges dick a few years ago.

  • This is literally gen z's/mileniall's american psycho

  • Zombieland 2 was awesome!! That is all

  • I come from the future, Dark Phoenix is the worst movie of the year 🌌 🐦


  • The bourne identity

  • Awesome movie cant believe it didnt get better ratings. Everone i told to watch says the same. One if my favorites. Sorry i loved it.

  • This guy deserves at least 5million what the fuck ????

  • I like the idea that every scene in the film was real, it was just that something was added. Similar to how his "girlfriend" was added to several scenes. For instance, following this logic, something like Arthur talking to Thomas Wayne would have been real, but him punching Arthur in the face was just his imagination. The words he said FELT like a punch in the face. Similarly, I think Arthur actually went to Arkam to see his mom's file, but he never actually got to read it. Being able to steal it from the guy, run away without anyone stopping him, and being able to just leave without any consequences feels ridiculous to me. I mean, this place is a mental hospital, you'd think there would be a lot of security. I believe this part to be a fantasy that he's picturing while he's in his mother's hospital room. In essence, he murdered his mom because of his schizophrenia

  • I'm planning on either buying it if I have enough money or getting it for Christmas. :)

  • I wonder if he's gotten the true ending of the game? You can't die at all and you have to not steal anything... And I forget if there was anything else. Unless they changed it from the gameboy version.

  • Who's here after watching the Zombieland 2 review?

  • First order no thank tfa is not Canon to me any way :(

  • Unpopular opinion I never really felt bad for Arthur in this movie. Only times are when he got blamed for buying the gun off the guy (kinda) and when he learned the truth about his mom. He’s kind of a liar and makes excuses to justify his terrible actions which are things the regular joker would do I just don’t feel sympathy and I don’t know if I really was supposed to.

  • Dope ass movie just don’t like JACK I met him in person he’s an asshole

  • Guess what! Spiderman is back in the mcu !!

  • No I honestly didn’t like when he killed those guys because I’m not a psychopath Jeremy. As annoying and dickish as they were even if I was the one with the gun I wouldn’t kill them and I especially wouldn’t chase the last guy to finish the job.

  • I like this movie but Heath Ledger is still my favorite joker. The guy in this movie never felt like he can be the joker we know, he never intimidated me or really felt like a threat. People seem to just let him do things when he can be stopped before he does it. I personally never thought the joker was actually mentally insane in any media before this, I see him as evil for the sake of his ideals. The joker I grew up with wants to prove that everyone is just as bad as he is deep down, that a man will easily crack and break if put in enough bad situations which conflicts heavily with Batman someone who doesn’t kill and believe in rehabilitation and that there’s some good in everyone. If Batman kills joker, the joker wins he made Batman kill him, someone with Batman’s beliefs finally cracked and proved he’s just as bad as the joker said but the joker loses once he does something good for someone else. Idk I just don’t feel that agent of chaos guy in Arthur which is why I still believe the joker we know is still named Jack Napier.

  • I think Thomas Wayne had sex with her but she never got pregnant. I think Arthur indeed was adopted

  • Facts about this Movie: Was released as a celebration for the tenth anniversary of Zombieland (2009). Rumored titles for the film included Zombieland 2, Zombieworld, and Zombieland: Double Tap. On January 29, 2019, the film was confirmed to be titled the latter, which is a reference to rule #2 in Zombieland (2009). On January 29th, Sony Pictures posted a photo of the film's poster along with the Zombieland (2009) poster for the "ten year challenge". The film's script was completed in late 2017. The movie is expected to be released in October 2019, which is exactly 10 years after the first film. As of 2015, all four leads in this film have been nominated for Academy Awards for their performances in other films. In 2017, Emma Stone became the first to win an Oscar, for "La La Land". The cast includes one Oscar winner: Emma Stone; and four Oscar nominees: Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Abigail Breslin, and Bill Murray. In Zombieland (2009), Woody Harrelson is always on the lookout for Twinkies and is extremely upset when he finds a truck full of Snowballs instead. In the show Cheers, specifically the episode titled 'Rat Girl,' Woody Harrelson's character states that he thinks Snowballs are better than Twinkies because they are 'bite-sized' and shoves a whole Snowball in his mouth. This will be the third movie Woody Harrelson has worked on with director Ruben Fleischer. The previous two were "Zombieland" (2009) and "Venom" (2018). Luke Wilson and Thomas Middleditch's characters are called Albuquerque and Flagstaff respectively. These were going to be the original names of Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg's characters respectively before Tallahassee and Columbus were chosen for them. The scene in which Columbus stands on top of an RV, directing Tallahassee and Wichita to which direction the zombies are coming from, came from the final battle in an early draft of Zombieland which involved Columbus and Tallahassee's characters doing the same thing at an abandoned gas station. In Babylon, Columbus and the others sit around a table made of an Interstate 185 sign. Interstate 185 connects Atlanta GA with Columbus GA. This will be the first Zombieland movie to be filmed in Panavision (anamorphic) with ARRI Alexa cameras, unlike its predecessor which was filmed spherically with Panavision Genesis cameras in the Super 35 format. It was hinted that Jesse Eisenberg's character, Columbus, will have a set of new rules coming up for this film. In fact, it's actually Thomas Middleditch, who plays a Columbus-like character named Flagstaff who has his own similar set of "Commandments". The leaked plot of the film mentions that there will be new types of zombies, specifically called "super zombies". In the film, they are referred to as "T-800" zombies because, like the T-800 terminators in 'The Terminator', they are almost impossible to kill. Upon announcement of the plot in mid January, It was revealed that the protagonists would face "evolved zombies". The types of zombies that will appear include: Homers (dumb ones), Hawking's (smart ones) and Ninjas (silent, deadly ones). There are also "T-800's" (un-killable ones), named after the T-800 terminators in the 'Terminator' films. The end of the film reveals that "Day Zero" (the beginning of the zombie apocalypse) coincided with the 2009 release of 'Garfield 3: Flabby Tabby' and shows a zombie outbreak during the press interviews for the film with Bill Murray. Bill Murray never made a 3rd film in the Garfield franchise. This will be Bill Murray's 3rd zombie film. The first Zombieland, and another which will also be released in 2019; The Dead Don't Die. This is intended for the "Crazy Credits" section: There is a mid credit scene in which Bill Murray is giving an interview with Al Roker for a fictitious 3rd installment of "Garfield", to which Al Roker turns into a Zombie, and Bill Murray exits the set, only to find there is a zombie attack happening in the lobby of the hotel the interview is conducted at. There is also a post credit scene in which Bill Murray pretends to cough up a fur ball during his interview for Garfield 3.

  • at 12:30 i straight up though jeremy was calling all the orcs gay

  • What the fuck happened to the spoiler review

  • "But if you really want to get us on the Joker's side... C'mon, just give us those kills." I love how not only did the movie give us those kills immediately, those kills are the very crux of the entire movie.

  • You know you're fucked when an old man blows up your car and has a tunnel system. They should've just quit once they saw the amount of explosions surrounded them.

  • Doom Patrol

  • The post credit scene had me in pain laughing

  • The First Order’s very existence defies logic. It’s hard to be intimidated by something that pulls you out of the movie...

  • Wouldn’t it be cool if the lady who interviewed him at the end was Harley Quinn, but still a great ending though.

  • Alien: good Aliens: great All others in the franchise: dogshit

  • Saw the movie twice this week.... God DAMN... What a masterpiece!!! Seriously best movie of this decade... like easy!

  • Prometheus felt incomplete, Covenant felt incomplete...the two together feel incomplete. I’m continually baffled how these story tellers keep derailing this amazing what-could-have-been franchise.

  • I like the fact Thomas Wayne kinda got himself killed in this version. If he didn't make that comment about the lower class of gotham being clowns and comparing them all to a random murderer, the riots wouldn't take place. He got shot by someone who was offended by his views, someone part of the lower class, instead of a crook doing it for money or whatever.

  • "A metric fucktillion times!" thank you for that!

  • The Tegridy is strong in Tallahassee

  • Why are Teachers making their class watch a fictional movie? This is untrue and only provide a glimpse of segregation.

  • My first Jeremy Jahns video. Nostalgia...

  • It was garbage. There was no campy fun of the originals in this remake. Gory as it was it was boring and the people made stupid decisions in everything they did.

  • Am I the only one who noticed the taxi driver vibes in this film?

  • Train to Busan is a favorite for sure!!! 🤘😎

  • Can you review the newer Tick series on Amazon prime?

  • 6:45 i think he did kill her. You hear the sirens, but if you listen closely you can also hear the police banging on a door across the hall (you can even hear them say ‘POLICE!’) so i think he murdered both of them, someone heard the screams and called 911

  • Donald Glover did a terrible job as Simba. Or rather, he should've NEVER gotten the role. Donald turns Simba into a complete whimp with a much less powerful singing voice than the young Simba. Fucking horrible. Dear Donald, you sucked in The Lion King!

  • I remember Batman saying that the Joker told so many different versions of his past... maybe this movie is one of it...

  • Saw it last night, really enjoyed it!!!!. Great to see Sly still kicking ass. Was very much Rambo uleashed!!!! Sometimes you just can't beat a good testosterone fuled movie!!!

  • It's crazy. Most of Dave Chappelle's comedy veers liberal. No one got offended. The one special that he talked about liberal leaning trends, all the liberals are crying. I side heavy left by the way and I can appreciate the points made in the special. Yes there is bigotry in the world and it should be stopped but the whole "being pc" trend has gone completely overboard. That was the point Dave was making.

  • A point I think this movie makes that people don't see is those that were rioting, that so many seem to associate themselves with, are following the inspirations of a mentally ill murderer. The joker isn't a hero, he's a villain. The easier side it seems for people to see is the hate for the rich elites. But people I've listen to seem to miss the other side of that. Neither side is right or virtues.

  • The most boring film ever!

  • Just watched it and I think I benefitted from low expectations. I mean, it's not good, there are some major, giant problems with it, but I think dogshit is harsh.

  • Hey the left 4 dead movie, cool..

  • For a good time no alcohol require you sure give it a lot of negative points

  • I like the idea that everything happened and that is the whole story of the Joker. So in this universe the Joker isn’t some ongoing thing, but rather the Joker is that guy who killed the three guys on the subway, his mom, the guy in his apartment, and Murray and started that revolution and is locked up forever. And thats the start to end story of the Joker.

  • Its not a mystery parisite you basic bich its a real world fungus called cortisepts


  • I don't know I liked the movie, and story ... But parts could have looked better.

  • This movie is shit, I couldn't finish it, I'm glad they got the rock out of the fast family and in his own little world. Man I miss the old days a street life and the street racing fast and furious use to bring now its mission impossible and the expendables in one.

  • Tyler Durden Moment in a Brad Pitt movie review? Check 😎

  • I liked the nightmare on elm street remake

  • I thought it was average at best..... I was expecting WAY more....

  • Fresh Prince vs the guy from I Am Legend.

  • I remember parents were pissed that they spent money on this AND that they took their kids to see this