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Hi, I'm Danny Duncan.. I post videos that make me laugh. Hope you enjoy.. Love you guys!
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Football in Hotel!
Football in Hotel!Il y a 2 jours
Not My Best Idea...
Not My Best Idea...Il y a 20 jours
Chase Your Dreams!
Chase Your Dreams!Il y a 3 mois
He Wanted To Fight!
He Wanted To Fight!Il y a 4 mois
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I Love My Job!Il y a 5 mois
I Didn’t Make It!
I Didn’t Make It!Il y a 9 mois
Can You Open This?
Can You Open This?Il y a 10 mois


  • I live in Arlington ima try and meet

  • My school wears his merch all the time

  • Brooo I wore my “virginity rocks” shirt to school and I didn’t get suspended

  • Brooo I wore my “virginity rocks” shirt to school and I didn’t get suspended

  • buy that house Danny, that place is bad ass, so stop cappin' homie, write the check

  • Mesa AZ gang

  • Thatta boi, Thorn

  • im buying your merch

  • Get that kid in ur videos

  • Yo you need to reward that kid and his mom

  • Danny should have 10 mil subscribers ngl

  • you were at Victoria gardens wernt you i live right next to that place

  • At 0:34 you can see someone phone go flying

  • 11:22 I always wondered what Dobby's mom looked like.

  • It’s funny the people on the news were serious also my sister wore a t shirt with virginity rocks to a private school and wasn’t in trouble

  • He’s going to ruin the house lol

  • Oh yuhh I made the video thanks for shaving my head bro ❤️


  • Danny’s intent is to make all bad possible outcomes happen. AND ITS FUCKING HILARIOUS 😂😂💀💀

  • I live so close to that place 😂

  • 3 final warnings? I thought you could only have 1 😂

  • I like the videos where you do cool stuff but not when you just be a jerk for no reason. Imagine someone kicking a football at night in a hotel room and you ask them to quiet down and they laugh in your face. You shouldn't be a jerk bro even if you have a lot of money, just be respectful bro and when someone kicks you out you gotta understand that cuz you had multiple people complain about you. Glad your tour went well though! Love ya man ❤️

  • I feel like he has the horns on the Tesla because he's always horny

  • Am i the only one who noticed the iPhone drop at 0:33

  • 0:33 rip that person Iphone 11

  • 0:32 a phone goes flying

  • The best content on FR-tv keep it up danny


  • Girl at my school wears hers everyweek and she's hasn't got suspended yet and we live in Florida

  • i think danny should get a couple acres and a bigger house out of the city somewhere, itll be cheaper too depending on what state/city

  • I went to go see Danny at that hotel and he didn’t come down his manager said “he’s to tired” damn bro so many fans wanted to see you, kinda fucked up.

  • crazy how far danny has come.

  • that’s looks like kian and jcs old house

  • is that eddie from the new IT, the one who’s mom always worries about him

  • Virginity rocks....just wanted to let everyone know

  • 1:40 Nobody:Who Conner McGregor Danny:Conner McGregor walk

  • Danny why dont you just go to the uk

  • Holy fuck old danny

  • 2:40 SpongeBob SquarePants head ass 😂💀

  • i have a virginity rocks hat now i’m scarred to wear ir



  • I went to the mesa

  • shit i was eating romen and then at the end i just see danny throwing up and i dropped my fucking bowl LMAOOOO also fucking nasty lol

  • Just seen danny duncan outside my house on 8th and and parkview near downtown big MOVIES

  • The news clip got me dead as fucked😂😂😂😂😂

  • I'm too much of a scaredy cat to get kicked out.

  • U can just hire an editor

  • Fanny the goat

  • I live in portales nm that is 2 hours away from roswell

  • that was the fastest 10 minutes

  • You’ve got people 🧠 washed. Most of them don’t know how to spell. I’m scared for future voters. You kids are so miss guided. Step it up Danny.

  • All I do is smoke and drink it’s a big habit🙃

  • Anyone else see the iPhone fly when Danny jumped on everyone at 0:34? 😂😂

  • That lady was such a tweak

  • People always ruin fun

  • RIP whoevers phone flew out of there hand when they caught you in the intro.

  • 0:32 someone lost their phone

  • I wore a virginity rocks hoodie to school a couple of weeks ago and I went in the office with it and they asked ab it and they let me wear it 😂

  • 8:35 im dead

  • Fucking uploads more you pussy

  • I got to tell you. The hole Hotel thing was rude. A dick for first time

  • Flood the chetek school with prank calls

  • $40,000 for a camera when my phone can record the same quality the fuck?

  • That kid goes to My school

  • Virginity rocks always

  • Bro danny bout to go to that town now and do another shirt giveaway

  • Did y’all see the first part were the girl lost her phone in the crowd🤣

  • 00:34 R.I.P your phone under Danny.

  • What was up with that Hotel stuff.....kinda wack.

  • Fucking legend😂

  • 8:40 lmao oh sorry

  • The phone flying 0:30

  • what is the music at 8:54

  • Danny I was gonna go to the show in mesa for my bday but I had to go to vegas

  • You know it’s a good video when Gary is on a scooter

  • 14:50 thousands of dollars for what looks like a shoe that landed in a firepit and has been worn for 10 years. odd how 50 years ago you'd be a straight social outcast inschool for wearing ripped jeans and poor people clothes, now it's a fashion. people really will never figure it out lmfao. i cant wait until im jailed for life to be made an example of just because i get it.

  • Fuck quality Inn Im gonna egg them the next time I see their shit motel after them treating our king Danny like that

  • anyone else see how weird it lookeed when the kid jumped off of the ledge in the house

  • Thron a legend tho

  • People are pussies I cant sleep to much racket shut the fuck up 😂😂


  • Rip to that persons phone at 0:30

  • 6:53 little person goes white face

  • Who else saw Danny knock someone’s phone out of their hand?😂 0:34

  • “i’m going there chubby” don’t think she had to much room to talk😂🤷🏽‍♀️(edit) 10:51

  • Real fans be like

  • 0:31 someone lost their phone😂

  • for the first 8:05 he’s straight drunk

  • 7:42 he's definitely getting cancer LOL

  • Rip to that phone at 0:34

  • Bro when jumped off and landed on them u just seen a phone fly 😢😂

  • Cool mom

  • merch gang wya??

  • Hahaha I had one of those pokemon bouncy balls. I ripped it open to get the pokemon out though......

  • Love the trashy family at the end...

  • Daniel Duncan

  • Currently wearing Danny Duncan merch

  • Omg danny i stayed in a hotel room that looks exactly like that so we stayed in the same hotel omg omg hotel hotel danny duncan

  • 15:40 someone should write a poem about women and their husban- er i mean phones.