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  • How does this guy write backwards so seamlessly???!!

    • Hi Samir! We can explain :) Here's a post we created to show how these videos are created:

  • THAT MAN IS WRITING BACKWARDS or the video is simply mirrored

    • Hi Felix! You know what, we actually don't backward. Here is a blog post we wrote that explains how we do it, with a photo.

    • Hey Felix! Here's a post we created to explain how we did the trick :) -

  • amazing how good he is at writing backwards

    • Hi Alex: No mirrors. Here is a blog post we wrote that explains how we do it, with a photo.

    • Hey Chris! If you're curious to see how we did the trick, check out this post:

  • You should put the video script somewhere else so the person reading it doesn't have to look to the side all the time. For me as a viewer it's irritating to see the narrator look to the side all the time.

    • Hi there! Thanks for your feedback, and yes - I noticed it too. There wasn't a script though - I kept getting distracted by something on the board. This being my first video of this nature, I'll definitely be mindful of this next time.

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  • How do you write backwards?????? :O

    • Hello Edgar: Well actually we don't write backward. Here is a blog post we wrote that explains how we do it, with a photo. Best, Sai

    • Hi Edgar! Actually, we don't write backwards. Here is a blog post we wrote that explains how we do it, with a photo. Thanks for watching, Ram

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  • Brilliantly explained.

    • Thank you Sandeep. We appreciate your feedback. -Kaleigh

  • How different is this from Google's Anthos offering?

    • Hi DJ: Thanks for your question. Anthos is Google’s application platform with a focus on modernization, based on Kubernetes as the primary container platform. IBM Cloud Paks run on Red Hat OpenShift - you can pick and choose the ones you need for modernization, cloud-native, or multi-cloud. -Sai

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  • How is it Andrea, you are able to write in mirror image that way? Are you able to see some sort of monitor, or is this a special effect? Amazing!

    • Well actually we don't write backward. Here is a blog post we wrote that explains how we do it, with a photo.

  • Wonderfully done sir, great overview, Thank you !

    • You're welcome Steve. Thanks for watching. Sai

  • Reminds me of how I do things right now with CircleCI - GitHub webhook tells CircleCI that my code has changed and it reads the YAML and does a build. So this is an open source version of this, then.

  • The most impressive thing about this video is how you had to draw everything backwards. How did you do that without it looking like crap

    • Well actually we don't write backward. Here is a blog post we wrote that explains how we do it, with a photo.

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  • Excellent overview. I’m interested seeing a video that contrasts how OpenShift integrates Istio with the Service Mesh integration

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  • Let's just make 'function' as the basic component of our project, then class, subpacage etc... will be auto generated from the function list, similar node.js, every file will be a module, and even more, we put only one function in the file.

  • Good speech presentation, good visual presentation with the colored markers & screen layout. I am impressed!

  • This is an amazing way of explaining using the diagrams.I understood clearly the different levels and what openshift does. My understanding is that Open-shift creates the image whenever dew build has created in the jenkins and push it into the respositoy which comes along with OpenShift and sent to the Cluster and all these happening in the back-end. whenever new image is created,it will update the same in the clusters.Please correct me, if i am wrong.

  • After watching 10 videos This video helps in understanding the concept

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    • Hi Aditya! Glad you like our videos. I can assure you we have more videos coming. If you haven't already, please subscribe to our channel alerts so you will know when new videos are posted. -Tessa

  • Hi thanks for the great video !! Please suggest me a problem statement for edge wanna implement in my research . Thanks

    • Sana: Can you give us more information on what you are trying to do? What sort of research is it? Thank you.

  • Grear video Ryan! (And mirror board) Thanks!

  • I am working 12+ hours a day right now trying to learn as much as I can about web dev, so I'm currently ingesting a lot of tutorial content. With that in mind I can say that you are by FAR the best orator/tutor I've come across in a long time! Max respect :)

    • Hi Adam! Honored to be able to help with your educational journey. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors! -Sai

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    • Well actually we don't write backward. Here is a blog post we wrote that explains how we do it, with a photo.

    • Hi Robert! We have a post that explains how we create these videos. Hope this helps! - Tessa

  • IBM COS is the same thing what you are talking about ? What type of disk are been used in these storage boxes flash and NVEME?

    • Hello Yatin: Thank you for your questions. I have answered each question separately here below. Please advise if you have more questions. -Anirup Question 1:IBM COS is the same thing what you are talking about ? Answer: That object storage video is a 101 video, therefore it is touching on object storage in general, but yes, it also applies to IBM Cloud Object Storage. Question 2: What type of disk are been used in these storage boxes flash and NVEME? Answer: Flash and NVMe drives are types of solid state drives. We don’t use solid state drives, we use standard spinning disks (e.g. HDDs not SDDs)

  • Really well explained. 👏🏿

    • Thank you, Alexander!

    • We are happy to hear this, Alexander! - Sai

  • Great Presentation and Smooth explanation

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    • Thank you for watching, Ahmed. Glad it was helpful. -Sai

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  • Is this part of your Khan Academy series?

  • so to resume Openshift is better solution , on the other hand kubernetes is time consuming and lacks scalibility ...damn after hearing things i was abouting to pass the certification for kubernetes

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  • please help how to use ibm aspera desktop client. because I already opened a folder but there is no file. and I have also tried to transfer it and I also check that it doesn't use another computer.

  • Excellent explanation of Data Transfer. Yes, I understood this before, but your simplification and analogy to driving from point A to point B made it visual and easy to understand. Thanks.

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  • Taking the net+ certification in 2 months and afterwards I plan to prepare for the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification which is the path I plan to pursue in the future

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    • Well actually we don't write backward. Here is a blog post we wrote that explains how we do it, with a photo.

    • she never actually wrote backwards they just flipped the video around in post production

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    • Thank you for the feedback, Jesmar. We will take a look at that.-Sai

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    • Glad you enjoyed it, Vaitheesh. -Sai

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  • Nice video, but I have a question regarding SEO and CDN. Using your example, if say the CDN has a server to host your website in Australia, Sydney users would definitely benefit. But, when Google crawls the internet and comes to that CDN server in Australia, will it recognize your website as a Dallas (US) based website OR will it start thinking that your website is Sydney (AUS) based website? Will local SEO get affected? Thank you!

    • Hi Gosilan: The CDN service would provide Google the closest possible endpoint to its source when its doing the crawl. CDN services don't typically differ in how they provide the closest endpoint to bots, APIs (or crawlers in this case) or real human visitors of the sites. SEO and how its affected by globally distributed content (with or without a CDN) isn't really the nature of this content. Thanks for watching! Ryan

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  • Of course technology is a driver. Think Uber. Without technology this would never have happened.

  • These are good videos, but a note: to follow all the abbreviations, I turned on the CC to follow along. One term that is mis-translated is YAML. In the CC text, it is referred to as 'yamo', and then 'yeah Mille'. Note that I had to look this up on my own to get the right context. There are other errors as you watch - this should be corrected for quality, and for a global audience (English is my native language, but it can be hard for non-native speakers to catch these things).

    • Hi Jay...thanks for making us aware of this. We are working on updating this and I will message you again when we are finished.

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    • Hi Saurabh: Here's a post that explains how we create these videos. Hope this helps!-Katie

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  • But isn't the merging part done by svn or git. Is a Version-Control just part of continous integration? The other benefit "Testable Build" is also realized by build tools isn't it?If so, what exactly is the CI-Tool like Travis doing?

    • Hi LasterixTV: CI the practice is a developer activity interacting mostly with source control. The danger of CI the practice is that constant committing leads to continuously broken builds. The CI server like Travis or my baby, UrbanCode Build, is the safety net that is building and testing those commits so that if someone breaks something the whole team knows right away and can fix it before others are negatively impacted. I actually go into some depth on this in a recent blog I wrote on the interplay of practices and technology here: Take care and thanks for visiting the channel, Eric

  • Excellent overview Thanks, could you please make some more vedios of in depth cloud security and cloud Pentesting.

  • hi, thx for the video. If I used OKD, do I still need Kubernetes installed?

    • @IBM Cloud thank you,, I just start to jump into container world, do you have any references for beginer? Where to start first, or step by step?

    • Hi Umar! No, OKD comes with Kubernetes embedded. Thanks for watching.-Sai

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    • We appreciate your positive comments, Aaron. Thank you for checking out our channel.

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  • A permissioned blockchain is just a database!

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  • Permissioned Blockchain = Distributed databases

  • "Encryption is for amateurs, Key management is for professionals" - interesting thought, and maybe true when the encryption is designed by IBM such as the DES encryption cipher!

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    • Here's a post we created to explain how these videos are created. Hope this helps! --Sai.

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    • Hi Abdullah! Try starting with my Containerization Explained video Let me know if that helps you. --Sai

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  • Is he writing backwards?

    • Here's a post we created to explain how these videos are created. Hope this helps! --Eric

  • what does "run on top" or "run above" mean; when referring to the Hypervisor?

    • Hi Jeremy! When referencing the placement of a hypervisor in an IT stack, I reference what the hypervisor is installed on to, or “on top of”. For example, saying 'A type 1 hypervisor runs on top of a bare metal server.' is the same thing as saying ‘A type 1 hypervisor is installed on a bare metal server.’ Hope this helps. Thanks for watching and let us know if you have other questions. --Kaleigh

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