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Mnet K-POP Mnet K-POP

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Watch the hottest Kpop video clips on Mnet K-POP Channel! You can enjoy WEEKLY updated M COUNTDOWN, kpop chart show and find out all the kpop live performances on MAMA(Mnet Asian Music Awards). What’s more, latest kpop fancams and kpop tv shows your favorite kpop stars appeared too!

Mnet K-POP
Mnet K-POP FR-tv Channel is one of Mnet’s FR-tv Channels. Mnet (acronym of Music Network) is a music television in South Korea owned by CJ ENM, a division of CJ Group.

"Music Makes One" World's #1 K-POP Channel

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CJ ENM is a true leader in Asian cultural trends, providing various media content and platform services for broadcast, movies, music, performance, and games!



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