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I record myself eating food and upload it here.
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July '17 Update |
July '17 Update |Il y a 2 ans
Nutella Challenge
Nutella ChallengeIl y a 3 ans
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  • 🎂🍿🍚🍕🍔🌮👦🏻🧒🏼😋

  • Imagine bein skinny wit diabetes

  • You best

  • Dude I already try that wen I was 20 its so spicy than your <:(

  • Will this make him healthy or unhealthy?

  • 6:53 Asmr

  • That song look sad.

  • 5:04 When you don't know bae is on period

  • meanwhile me having trouble eating dinner

  • Hello matt sthien

  • Why don’t you donate your stomach to scientists to solve the mytery of the black hole

  • Adam gergadan yarrağı yedi

  • Imagine matt but a zombie 🤔

  • Damn, I wish I could that much fries Btw French fries lover here

  • Lãng phí đồ ăn

  • Sometimes he sounds like @JulienBam

  • You are a typical son of a ... american

  • 1:47 Use this as a replay button or start button

  • 6:42 look like joker 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Why does he eat 1 at a time

  • Matt Stonie: Enters bathroom Toilet: No please i have a family toilet After Being Used: Save your self sink

  • Shrek cum

  • This real

  • Staff at McDonald's.. this guy again

  • Just watch this when you’re hungry and then eat

  • Fantastic!

  • This guy's body is just amazing. Where does he fit all that food dude?

  • How to increase 8 lbs in just 8 minutes

  • Thats huge amount of calories😲😲😲

  • Thats huge amount of calories😲😲😲

  • Matt eats 25 big Macs and gains no weight I eat 1 big Mac and gain 5kg 🙄

  • bruh ya'll just ignoring that this burrito came packed in a cardboard box lmao

  • When I say "grandma I'm hungry" 😅

  • Matt:Eats 2 Whole Burgers in 2 minutes.. Me:Eats a half burger in 10 minutes..

  • السوري يحط لايك

  • 5 burrito dang bro ur going to die by being fat oh shit my bad he has Diet Coke

  • 1 like= Matt stonie comment=zach choi and the emoji in pancake says 3 stack and you made 5

  • He is not a normal person...he is a superman can he eat so much..... it's beyond the limits.

  • Good

  • Morgan has destroyed the video by shaking the camera so much 😒

  • You are making me hungry 😋

  • he’s definitely on an exsercise bike 🚲 while eating

  • NOTEPIC😁😁😁;)

  • 🤤 I’m going to do this because I love chick fil a

  • I'd like one french fry please

  • His stomach has infinity stones

  • While eating having the first bite you looked like mark wiens

  • Matt stoine iam a fan of you 💗can you eat honey comb Challenge in the next Vedio for me.... So i expect you to finish my challenge.. And also if you do this challenge mention my name in the video Thanks a lot matt stoine 💗

  • Damn boyyyyyy

  • My 2 year old would do this challenge if I let her😐😑

  • hays tang inang pagkain yan

  • Where do you buy these, I want.

  • There will be a nuclear explosion in his toilet...

  • How are you not dead from heart attack?

  • U r fukin abomination

  • 2020 Matt:We gonna be eating dunkin donut stuffs 2050 Matt:We gonna be eating dunkin donut

  • Not gonna lie this is probably the easiest challenge

  • 오드아이ㅜ매력 오진다..

  • Hes gonna have some major bloody shits

  • Did he even chew omg

  • Big Macs are my favorite burgers in the world, I don't care if they are made of rat's meat and give cancer, I just love them!

  • Wait did I see bananas???

  • I've never seen someone look so sad about eating a cookie.

  • so basically this guy is epic meal time now. cool

  • Good brother

  • Are you sad to be beaten by Joey “jaws” on july 4 2018 but to be fair he was a ten time champion at the time

    • It was in the “article the worlds fastest eaters by Erin Cobb” we did a packet on it for school

  • Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

  • This look tasty , but this is fuckingbcrazy

  • Anyone just here for the asmr ?

  • More than 320 Grams of Protein

  • Kontol you

  • Matt Stonie: you make unbelievable challenge oh😞

  • Toilet : My time has come

  • Hell yeah

  • I love chicken is juicy and am trying to gain weight am 155LBS am trying to be 195LBs am skinny

  • Binging with Babish should do a episode making a big dinner for him

  • You gotta toast those things 2x man

  • He reminds me of a ben ten alien I don't know his name but he can eat everything and then turn that into acid and throws it as a weapon.

  • They start eating at 2:11 thank me later ...... don't have to I was jk

  • Imagine if he forgot to record

  • The Guinness world record for most mayonnaise consumed is 4 jars in 3 minutes

  • Yang nonton orang Indonesia Like"10000

  • That would’ve lasted me 2 weeks lol

  • Hey I'm sure you can afford it would be alot easier especially on certain challenges get a electric can opener lol

  • He lives the dream work out and eat also be rich

  • 3:27 on beat?

  • 7

  • Me in death row eating my last meal

  • Whats the instrumental

  • If you need to use the bathroom before you eat your burger, bring your burger with you if Matt Stonie is around.



  • Im here because i saw lebron eating that candy

  • I wish these people who do eating challenges would choke to death. People now has become even more lovers of self. Trying waste food just for entertainment and self satisfaction due to love of attention. Lots of people won't even have the opportunity to taste such food but this asshole ate it without even really appreciating the food.

  • next time go LIME plssssss

  • Looking at him I also want to eat for a living man

  • I love chili cheese friten

  • congrats

  • I wanna eat that :(

  • his stomach has blackhole