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Android Q hands-on
Android Q hands-onIl y a 6 mois


  • I'm still using the original Apple Watch and I don't see a need to upgrade.

  • The samsung 10 picture of the lady kinda looks better

  • Best camera on a phone?? 😂😂😂 Best camera on an Iphone. Or the best camera 3 years ago, Apple is old, most poeple with brains go to huawei, Samsung or xiaomi

  • I appreciate the side by side photo comparisons you put up ~ I actually found I preferred the Note 10 photos in the majority of the ones you put up.

  • Great Video!Thanks!!

  • I'm afraid to ask...

  • iPhone 11 - the ugliest iPhone out there

  • not worth $2000

  • You had me at the guitars.

  • I’m always watching FR-tv videos on my phone (I have a iPhone 7 Plus).. will the iphone 11’s screen be noticeably worse than the 11 pro? Someone please help.

  • Who else skips some seconds on FR-tv ?

  • It was, Huawei Mate 30 Pro joined the group. Apple left the earth.

  • soo umm more filters i guess

  • Obviously note 10 camera is much better than phone 11 pro especially selfie pic lol. Why he is lying 😂

  • "The Xr just thinks that the color yellow represents natural" *iPhone 11 shoots a more yellow photo* Me:Mmmkay

  • Note Ftw iphone are still terrible ...

  • I picked up the "Active" 1st Gen 40mm last week at BB. Liked it SO much I took it back and paid the extra bucks and ordered the Active2 44mm. I'll get a newer/updated/larger version and the charger that comes with the pre-order. I'll be eligible to upgrade to the Note 10 in six weeks. So I'll be able charge the Active2 on the Note 10 if I need to do so." I just love technology!!"

  • B.S!

  • Apple. Always. Wins.

  • He is all around so attractive to me.

  • Wtf is the point of a compass if it dies before you ever get home

  • Just one thing, is the camera still mIrRoRiNg?

  • Ionic watch looks kinda futuristic...very cool imo. The dealbreaker for any sane person is battery life and you totally downplayed this at the end; The reality is, the Apple watch is advertised at 18 MEASLY HOURS with "regular use" whereas you can get 4~5 DAYS with the Fitbit Ionic. The Apple watch is such a joke on battery life alone... Not saying the Ionic is that great...only that the Apple watch should is not ready for prime time with that joke of a battery

  • I run and Boutique dog hotel and use my Xs Max to take action shots of the dogs on our outings. The pics on the whole come out pretty well and Portrait mode has produced some really good ones. If a shot is back lit though the pics are not good. But something I find frustrating is that when I put my phone away the next time I bring it out most times the setting has changed and I have to go hunt down the photos app again. I know about pressing the right button to 'lock' but it doesn't do what I need - which is a way to keep my phone locked in the last photo mode I used so its ready the second I pick it up - I guess like a real camera. This is a big failing to me which when I got the Xs Max I hoped Apple would have fixed. I bet the new phone is still the same.

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  • I have a iPhone 7+ and I think I'm finally going to upgrade, maybe.

  • 700$? Too much I’ll just wait until it’s 20$

  • i suggest not upgrading, there aren’t that many improvements, and i suggest waiting for the 2020 iphone, or getting your moneys worth and get a flagship android instead

  • Nope. I switched from first version of Apple Watch to Withings Steel HR Sport. It's got all the stuff I really need: pedometer, sports tracking including swimming, pulse rate, sleep tracking, notifications, and alarms. It last for 25 days! I don't have to take it off every night. And it looks good.

  • Upgrading from the XR😂🤝

  • Great vid. What about stock music sources!?

  • it's possible to turn the always on off, right? i know its an unpopular opinion, but i dont see the point.

  • XS users: If you want a better battery life, turn of app background refresh, turn off push notifications for apps you don’t use often, like some of those pesky games or a McDonald’s app, make sure you’re clearing your recent apps often, I’m not a tech head but it has lasted me all day without having certain notifications on. Also turning off location services for apps you don’t use and set them to ask or never or while using. Hope that helps! 🙂

  • We need to have space ships with agriculture inside to produce oxygen and a sustainable environment as well as food seeds and fuel seeds which means efficiently creating technology for reprocessing vegetable into fuel. The only thing i'm concerned for with sustainability is water, how do we create water?

  • This video restored my faith in iPhones

  • My 5 years old G watch still can last for 32hrs with screen always on

  • From 7+ should I get Pro Max or just the 11?

  • Damn. That edit is very impressive. That's it. The phone is meh.

  • UPGRADING FROM NOTE 4😂.............or should i wait for next year....🤑🤑🤑

  • I think Apple has a really good reason to exclude any sort of sleep tracking on Apple Watch for now: its battery only lasts one day. They want you to get in the habit of taking it off and laying it on the charger before you go to bed so it's ready for you in the morning. To that point, the only way for sleep tracking and not charging every night to make sense is if the battery life gets a MASSIVE boost between now and then, even if it takes several generations. I'm not talking about a single-gen 5-hour improvement. I'm talking about going from lasting one day no matter what you throw at it to lasting all week, and reminding users to place it on the charger before bed on one day of that week instead of every day. It's hard to see how that is going to happen in the near future, as we're talking about a 400-1000% improvement, but over time it should come. If Apple can find a way to passively gather power, that will help tremendously: turning the display into a solar panel, convecting the heat of your wrist, harnessing your arm's movements to generate power, or developing a short range power transmitter that allows your iPhone to beam just enough power to your Apple Watch as long as you are holding one and wearing the other. No, I don't think they'll let you charge your Apple Watch by laying it on the back of your iPhone, because that renders both devices virtually unusable and impossible to transport (looking at you, Samsung and others. Reverse wireless charging is not ready until I can toss my devices into a pocket and they'll share power -- if it requires precision, it's pointless). Apple could also design a carryover: a second, low profile wearable just for sleep tracking, which you'd swap out and wear to bed when you want to track your sleep. For now, we'll just have to use the Apple Bedtime app for iPhone and have our Apple Watches remind us when to go to bed (say it with me) like ANIMALS.

  • What ,best camera on a phone !!!! Seems you didn't hear or compare it with a Google phone.

  • I was too bored to keep watching. 😴

  • 11 pro max "bad name" I think its beautiful

  • “If you have an iPhone older than the 10R it’s time to upgrade.” Me : **Stares Vigorously at my 6S**

  • 6s Plus and I still don’t need an upgrade. Maybe next year lol

  • Honestly don't understand why he chose the iPhone over the Pixel. I preferred the detail and brightness the Pixel was able to produce! I will admit that video is stunning thoug

  • Y'all just wait for the Pixel 4

    • you've obviously never seen a Samsung galaxy note 10

  • I'm upgrading from an iPhone 5 lmao

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  • 40mm or 44mm, which one you are wearing?

  • Sounds Major

  • Holy cow @andre_iphone.arena is giving out 60% discount to anyone buying iphone starting from the beginning of Ember months down to 27th of December . Hurry now because first 50 persons to purchase gets free delivery to anywhere in the USA only... Kindly contact the above Instagram handle and get your puppies now with ease.

  • This video sold me: I’m ready to make the switch to Samsung.

  • Pixel 3/3XL didn't scratch, just clean your phone WTF.

  • Wait a minute, 5G on iPhone??? At 12:35

  • so what they selling is a camera lol. I use iphone 6s but whats the whole frenzy about latest iphones? Camera? For $1k ? I'll pass

  • After testing the camera for video the low light performance is so noisy on the iPhone Pro 11. Really bad results.

  • I kinda prefered the pixel more in terms of color. But I prefer iPhone for speed so I want to eventually go back to apple.

  • I’m getting this I live it

  • The colors went wide and great when they began doing facetime

  • Bold of you guys to assume everyone thinks it's the best camera on a phone.

  • some people : finally upgrading from the iphone 6 Me : Hold my iPhone 5s.

  • Is that the 40mm or 44mm ?

  • Yea i like the 3 and the last one

  • Can't 10x optical zoom.. can't 50x digital zoom...the best camera you ever seen on a phone 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Can I buy NO AMAZON sticker from Amazon?

  • mate 30 series: I dunno what U R talking about.

  • Casio watch 🥰 fun

  • 1:10 right before he talks about the battery life, you can see that the battery is very low XD

  • Who's still watching 2043?

  • It's the same s*** as previous iPhones! Layout, icons, etc. No difference!! Sticking with android sorry😊✌

  • Who else is watching this video knowing damn well you parents not getting you this

    • I dont even want one I already have a s10+

  • Does the iPhone 11 (non pro one) has the night mode??

  • FOSSIL Gen 5 is pretty good for Android users. Especially if you just want to tell time, get notifications ,reply to text and maybe a little fitness tracking. . Plus it's a good looking minimalistic watch.

  • Finally I’m upgrading from iPhone 6s 🙈

  • Really good video guys thanks

  • I'm upgrading from my iphone 6 plus and had it for 5 years.

  • Write a comment with ip6

  • Why not amoled?

  • Going from a samsung s8 to iphone 11

  • Disney Channel I grew up watching it and it's the reason why I will not get Disney Plus ... horrible TV shows

  • you've obviously never seen a Samsung galaxy note 10

  • im upgrading from a 7 to this phone on saturday yayy

  • Note 10 plus has 4 cameras and better quality photos

  • Zuckerberg is NOT to be trusted! I am not on facebook and if you are smart you will get off as soon as possible.

  • I am glad and so is my wallet!

  • I am glad and so is my wallet!

  • The start really does sound like “it’s pizza time”

  • I wanna buy

  • Look at the Andyboys whining ...

  • We are looking to get a 2 new iphone 11's and 2 Ipad Air 3.

  • I dont agree with Verge. How can the best smartwatch in the world as per you lack sleep tracking? I would vote watch active 2 or galaxy watch as the best smartwatch. The rotating bezel is just freaking too damn good.

    • ivanserix It does have sleep tracking.

  • The iPhone 11 Pro telephoto lens has a f/2.0 aperture as to the iPhone XS has f/2.4 telephoto lens. I think they did that in order to compensate for the third lens with the ultra wide angle lens. For me that was like the iPhone Pro... 11R.

  • Sponsored by apple

  • I'm planning on getting it on Saturday !

  • This video just repeats all known information, no analysis or report that are worth knowing

  • Can you still connect it do your iPhone and answer calls txt messages even if it’s just Apple Watch 5 with GPS?

  • *get a version ad* _oh well isn’t that such a coincidence :)_

  • Why do you hvbe 5G on 12:37Min. ? I thought that is not supported.....

  • Camera to beat!? They are barely catching up with last year models. Wait till Oct 15 and then iPhone will be back where it belongs.