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  • Kawhi is one of the best.

  • Well.... They weren't wrong technically...

  • Like if Kawhi name should be silent assassin

  • You ever think maybe Anthony is benefiting from the great passes he's receiving from Lebron 🤔

  • Odell going to sf he wanted to come there in the first place he wants to play with Jimmy

  • All the haters load management lol

  • Hakeem the Dream, greatest player to put on Raptors Uniform

  • Knicks need to fire the owner, and maybe the fans.

  • I'm a somewhat fan of the wolves as I like KAT, but Scottie is exactly right, Jimmy is a winner, he likes to win, he's shown that in the playoffs. Philadelphia would've lost way sooner than they did. Since Jimmy is a winner, when hes on a team with people who aren't one hundred percent focussed on basketball and winning, of course hes gonna get pissed. Up until this year KAT and Wiggins have been losers if you want me to be honest, this year they're great, but I don't blame Jimmy for not wanting to play with mentally unprepared teammates.

  • Guess max is still a woman beater then too

  • Kawhi has two kids? WHAT?

  • You can't compare dwade n James to _____ & ______ 😂😂😂

  • paul sucks the shmeat of alabama and is pissed they arent in the playoff

  • How do you leave that? Geez. He went from a god to Lebron's shadow. Worst decision ever.

  • Greatest raptor ever he just passed by and gave them a ring.... The Legend of the Board Man.

  • Iam confused. Why are we just hearing about how if he so good. Isn't this his senior year!

  • Yes we all know they cheat but who backs them up? The NFL who's the NFL Roger Goodell...If other teams would get cought doing this there would be many penalties fines on the team..

  • I hate knicks fans now

  • Both defenses gave up 40 points , what are people crying about

  • 2016,2018,2019 it’s by far his most impressive win out of all those seasons. 2017 when eagles went 11-2 rams was probably his most impressive win. Even tho he didn’t finish

  • Dreaming of a diet is the worse thing that happened to brian

  • Wow Bengals really Bill now this call Billvideogate

  • "The Patriots are liars and Cheaters!" AKA the sky is blue

  • Windhorst didn't like salads because he didn't like dieting.

  • Windhorst didn't like salads because he didn't like dieting.

  • If they lost to the warriors would there be boos instead of cheering?

  • The Angels need to sign Madison B, Dallas K, trade their top prospects 2 n 3 for D.Prices....and Donalson for 3B

  • key word.. he said "I dont hand pick em'" so manny never ran from you..

  • T.O. made himself look like a fool by saying max is blacker than Stephen A. Not a good look!

  • The Knicks are the worst team in the league, but get talked about as much as the Lakers.

  • Co-MVP.......... KD's Achilles and Klay's knee.

  • It's good to see him get a great reception. Good job Raptors fans.👍

  • The footsteps gave me goosebumps

  • Ben Simmons is a taller Lonzo Ball

  • I don’t even think it’s a *DEBATE*

  • I know Derozan is hurt

  • I love Terence but I don’t think he’s beating Pretty Boy.

  • L

  • ESPN ratings may have flattened. Enter knicks fake news

  • They been doing this they just got caught again! The first three superballs should be taken from them. They had video tape of the other teams defense of signals and calls. And they only Won them games by Feild goals Adam Vinatieri .

  • Vince Carter is the best raptor ever

  • Kawhi is the goat!🐐🙏🏻

  • Perfect timing, AD goes 6-20 and score 16 points and barely beat the magic. While AD can be considered MVP, LeBron is in the discussion and it's not a clear cut decision

  • Classy.

  • Imagine if he had load manage this game 💀💀

  • Almost thought Jonah Hill became an espn commentator from the thumbnail 😂

  • Looks like the raptors have the same virus as the leafs it's called Losing


  • How does Max Kellerman get a free pass?? WHY??


  • hey doris, you should watch every single lakers game this season then try to say the same thing. you wont be able to. look at the game tonight vs the magic.. check Anthony davis's night. I rest my case. Too many people on this planet make bold statements that are completely false. I hate this world.

  • What a great way to show appreciation.

  • Terminator Kawhi can easily thumb pin down crying baby Bron.

  • until you see the game from the magic.

  • What a tribute!!!!those footsteps!

  • Kawhi the only player in the NBA who plays when he wants to........ 🤦‍♀️

    • You hurt your knee before?

    • With what proof? His shots haven't been falling 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Biggest mouth in the NBA, Kyle Lowrey

  • 🔥

  • Them footsteps was fire 🔥

  • LeBron has everything a man could want. Fame, money, family, and all the riches in the world. For Christmas I’d love to get him Jalen Rose’s hairline

  • Wow thank you Toronto raptors

  • David Jacoby isn't a basketball player🤦‍♂️. Just wants validation from Jalen Rose

  • Wow espn i can't believe you aired tis trash

  • The steroided king of basketball. Lebron “lost his hairline” Junkie James

  • Jason Witten is the only thing changee this yr from last and he get no blame ...... He too slow , and Dak needs TE to succeed....

  • The GOAT

  • Kawhi should of never left because he's not getting pass AD & LBJ.

  • Bruh how tall is SAS ?

  • Respect👍

  • What’s the app???

  • That was fiyah, class act by that organization!!!

  • Pippen didn't age

  • Teo stop commey by the 6th? Smh

  • Floyd the only person that can answer questions with answers that don't answer the question.. I love this fuckiin guy.

  • rachel can get it tbh

  • That foosteps..and kawhi’s emotion..😁

  • Canada sure has respect for this man unlike the majority of the ppl in San Antonio do. Booing the klaw every time he has the ball. Same on you Spurs fans.

  • Rule doesn't need to change. Also, you can get a PI on a fake punt because the rule only applies to the widest player in the formation.

  • Kevin love will leave

  • Teofimo should be the main event way better fight

  • Did FVV get snubbed???

  • And lidicky Ball no.1

  • Dang. THAT'S how you thank someone who starred for your team. Americans could learn a thing or two from our northern neighbors.

  • Respect Kawhi Leonard decision to leave, but somehow being in a Raptors uniform seem right to me

  • First ballot HoF'er Albert Pujols just endorsed Yadier Molina as a first ballot HoF'er. I think we might all be underestimating this moment? The leverage Pujols has to say something like that is pretty awesome as a Cardinals fan.

  • Thx Kawhi

  • Lakers..its da wrap

  • Maybe idk but they should retire DeMar and Kyle's def

  • They really yoinking UFC’s embedded format to the T wow 😂😂 Shameless

  • When I'm out sick, I'm going bowling.

  • Snake

  • He had his hands twice in his eyes trying not to cry and get emotional. 😀

  • Now watch all the hating start coming in. It's not like jj didn't put in work he did that. Pride of you lil jj.

  • I disagree with Scottie. Kawhi should’ve stayed with Toronto. He will now be known as a hired gun journeyman. Instead of a franchise players.

  • His footsteps should be painted on the floor forever.

    • Donray Clower like how the Mavs should have Dirk’s fade shadow thing on their court forever.

  • That smile was priceless fun guy.

  • Dear Fox Sports, Have Skip Bayless Interview Lebron James it would break the internet Sincerely, Everybody

  • You right. 40 something year old Pac ran from you because he is old and needed someone with a name people knew to make some money. He is trying to feed, clothe and shelter his entire country with boxing money. But You ran from the entire Welterweight division in your PRIME by signing with Top Rank. Now you are about to fight A;lakjdfa Dea;lkas again and we dont care.

  • Killer K.

  • Still Salty from Clemson beatin Bama's azz twice, I see......there Finebaum.