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  • Ummm guys they are still dating 9:17

  • Yeah my name is Jeremy

  • Im so sorry I liked and subscribed

  • squid Is my favorite animal :'(

  • The caste is one room up on top where you can sleep and a bathroom but you have to rent it out and it's like a 5 year list

  • Happy b day

  • Something about these food review videos.. i just like

  • we love noah

  • its sad im in texas and i never been to disneyland nor six flags

  • Happy early birth day bro congrats 🎂

  • love you rug

  • I have a whole box of lambos and teslas hot wheels

  • You have the same birthday as my sister

  • Happy birthday!!!!!!!!

  • Fass pass

  • Aye my Birthday is on the 21st! Thats cool that my b day and urs is 2 days apart lol

  • The first restaurant you went to I ate there and the food is awesome like no joke

  • Other title I actually made a song in 24 hours This video I made this song in two hours lmao

  • Watch that kid behind her in 10:37🤣

  • Oh and happy birthday faze hope you have an amazing day tomorrow

  • DisneyLand from San Diego is like an Hour

  • trough 1 to 10 you did 6

  • I’ve never been to Disneyland

  • I rate it 10000 out of 10000

  • Happy early birthday 👌

  • Does No one realize that they get pain killers when giving birth

  • Sherman the virgin

  • Happy birthday

  • Aww you all are so cute 🤗

  • Those apples we get at school 😂


  • Food is food

  • That’s wired your face

  • Where’s the faze x kappa vlog?

  • happy birthday sorry for being late all wishes

  • thats cool

  • Galactic grill is actually good so idk what your talking about rug

  • Happy BDay

  • This how much ppl want brain and kaylen back together 💓 👍🏾⬇

  • Its going to be my birthday on November 19

  • Food is Food

  • OMG you went to disneyland and its my birthday today! AND UR BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW TOO! Happy Early Birthday

  • Tbh molly > kaylen

  • Happy birthday 🎂🎉🎈🎂🎂🎂

  • Rugs gonna be a food critic XD also happy birthday Brian!

  • Rug buys food at restaurants at Disney land then there’s my parents packing sandwiches

  • Faze rug LIKES 👇 kaelyn

  • Faze rug should be dq cause he used scissors and he said it counts as one of his items and he used a floaty scissors pool noodle and tape so he should been dq

  • Happy birthday 🍰 FazeRug you are the best youtuber

  • Water park next

  • Can you do a meet and greet at Miami

  • how many times did he say ''mmmm mmmmm''

  • There really is a hotel room at the top of the castle Rug

  • I was just there yesterday damnit

  • When kaylen is in a vid😖


  • I definitely think they back together lol and if not then what y'all waiting for lol y'all are literally the cutest

  • Hi,If your reading this you should sub so we can hit 1000 before 2020

  • Every time he eats he nods is head

  • Yo Ruggie happy birthday

  • Friend zoned asf towards the end listen closely

  • Its Nov. 19 when I comment this Happy Birthday Faze Rug


  • happy bday

  • Happy Birthday... Its my birthday too

  • I will make a diss track for u I know it’s 2 years later and I am a kid but I the best kid u will ever see man

  • Whoa my birthday is the day before yours.

  • 12:42 when tug hit the hi-hat the time went from 4: 56 to 4: 57

  • The queen mary ia really haunted, i was in the ship once the bathroom door open on its own , once u walk on the ship u feel theres spirits , u can hear lil girls screaming in the hallways at night

  • Like this is school food sucks

  • Noah’s filming improved so much

  • my birthday is november 14 im 11

  • It also my birthday happy birthday bro

  • Happy birthday raze fug I still remember that meme that you made it was lit

  • This dude will become the next Gordon Ramsey 😂😂

  • on November 19th is my band concert oml

  • Happy birthday


  • my birthday is on November 12 after veteran day

  • Kayln and rug drank from the same straw

  • Go to universal studios with your cousins

  • Calamares here in the philippines is good too. Fan here in PH rug

  • Theyre so good together and kalen is being so nice to him, i dont know why they would even brake up

  • what is your hair

  • I laguefed 2

  • ❤️❤️

  • Happy birthday

  • I was on the toilet

  • The day of your birthday I have a basketball game

  • never related to anything sm then when we dipped his burger in ranch. that shit hits different

  • Rug always nodding his head 😂

  • rug happy early birthday

  • Noah needs to do a prank on Bryan about dating Kaylen.

  • name him Peter 😂

  • should have brought molly but ok

  • Let's go we eat those apples at our school

  • Happy early birthday 🎉🎂

  • Support moms love my mom❤️❤️

  • Rug my b-day is also November 19 2008

  • Yo tomorrow my bred 11 comes tomorrow to anyone else here a sneaker head as well