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I bleached my hair
I bleached my hairIl y a 6 mois
I went to prom
I went to promIl y a 9 mois
Meanwhile, in Canada
Meanwhile, in CanadaIl y a 11 mois
Homealone.exeIl y a an
ROAD TRIPIl y a an


  • Walk it off...

  • Why is there so many comments saying "imagine if she wasnt recording" tbh that would be sad

  • O.O u are so brave to do that i wouldnt even do that for 1mill $ im liking this video <3

  • 2020 joana is crying

  • tbh i was actually really scared to watch this and as i clicked on it and waited for the ad to finish, i was preparing myself both mentally and physically to be told to feel bad about enjoying something that i genuinely like... i feel like that last part didn't make sense, but whatever, you get the point. anYwAyZ,,, great video :D

  • you are the most valuable person on youtube

  • A subpoena is basically a call to court it holds all the details of the trial date and stuff and your position

  • Me after my brother kicked me in the shin: ow my leg hurts so bad Joana: *my legs don’t even exist anymore*

  • 10:06 is it me or those two circles on top of her head look like ears

  • the level of geniusness it takes to make that wonderous transition 10:05 is just something else

  • 5:30 “Because when you’re hungry, I’LL eat anything” I-

  • When my mom turns 56 I’ll be 16 or 17

  • Joana girl you’re one of the only FR-tvrs to be a glowing summer goddess with no makeup

  • Okay but wtf is her tho g under the vid

  • So..I can’t help but feel like a lot of the responses from people who are bts fans sound very..similar. Also..I can’t be the only one who has a weird feeling that some Kpop groups appear to really be worn out and overworked. The way they have been trained (some not all) I can’t even imagine the exhaustion

  • Joanna: my work is not very good. Me: I CANT EVEN DRAW A STICK FIGuRE!

  • I just want to watch 1 video. 1 video where Joana eats something like say, a bag of Doritos or some pudding, or a juicy steak, or some pork rinds. Have some McDonalds Joana. McDonalds. Why oh why is she running entirely on broccoli and brussel sprouts?

  • 4:39 has anti-vaxxers SHOOK TO THE BONE

  • F

  • I watched it to the end

  • my school has a spirit day so you dress up as a celebrity who inspires you and and *im gonna be you, joana*

  • The intro was amazing every intro should be like that it’s not bad singing 🎤 it’s amazing 🤣 it’s is the best intro

  • Hi

  • Looking back these videos. For some reason you remind me of my mom when she was in high school (ONLY A LITTLE THO)

  • hi joana Do you wish you still swam? thanks love you

  • Watching these videos makes me realize she never really hangs out with other people than her parents. Here I am feeling lonely with just my bf for company. LOL


  • Press F to pay respects to Joana’s hydroflask

  • I’m allergic to dogs too :0

  • I found out that -Maiden Sanitations- Jaiden Animations is subscribed to you

  • Wow, very talented 😁

  • Man oh man I can’t wait until this day, I might actually cry

  • I think I’m madly in love with you.

  • What's Nocturnal?

  • Bro I just got back from my first track practice and I wanna cry...

  • This is great 👍

  • Heey i am normal 27y old female masters student not some creepy guy 😁

  • why did your mom lowkey sound like you though-

  • Great Video Joana!!!!!

  • That’s my moms birthday 😂😂😂😂

  • “so I closed my teeth and grit my eyes” Haha, wait-

  • lily Mitchell Avacodos are very important to me and her and mother goose and fathers goose They are very delicous

  • I screamed when you made a Maze Runner reference 😂😂😍😍

  • Wait 7:48 Were you guys in Yorkdale? Cause it really looks like it Sorry I love I Canada too I just got excited for some odd reason

  • She looks like as if Kristen Belle and Katie from Alexa and Katie combined


  • I’m wondering if this video got copyrighted...

  • We need more videos with Jane

  • Can you like my comment.


  • I actually am faster than you tho

  • I brought avacado socks and I wear them everyday

  • I brought some Avacdo socks and I wear them everyday

  • Your fathers face at the end!😂👌😂👌😂 Happy Late Birthday, Mother Goose!!

  • cAn YOU lIke MY CoMMenT?!???

  • I find it funny that joana can go to ikea on a whim anytime, but the ikea nearest to me is literally over 4 hours away. For this reason, I have never been to ikea.

  • N

  • Your so funny

  • I am in this video. The guy in the blue jacket and sexy backpack.

  • Ok ngl youre sutch an amazing artist to the point that Gordon Ramsay wuld prepair you a bed time snack if you draw a portrate of shrek for him and when i have fucking children and grand children i will tell them that in my time you were a fucking blessed god sent from above to make jokes about shrek and John Cena and make beautifull hand painted art and i will make sure that the whole fucking Serbia knows your name. My speech is over thank you for your time.

  • If someone tries to rob me when I'm on the bus, *hah I'll rob them*

  • Joanna! Wear KFC crocs when they come out!

  • And now she has 3.11 million subscribllers wow

  • while u were running the track, i was on the couch.Eating peppermints

  • you're whole existence is iconic

  • My mom runs 12 of those

  • the fact bts corrects interviewers who assume their fanbase consists of teens, when researchers proved most of the Bts ARMY is in their 20s

  • Hi whoever is looking at this comment, hope you have a great day uwu

  • Joana is the best!

  • Nobody: Joana: puts a mini microphone in a water bottle. 😂

  • I'm just wondering, when are you going to put ads on your videos?

  • dont mess up *now*

  • I want to bleach my hair black but I’m blonde :/

  • I own banana and lama crocs I mean like who is in there right mind would go against me also I’m on swim team

  • oMg jOaNa!!!! yOur sO fUxccIg uglY!!!! wHy arE yOu cOpyIng aNtoNio gArza aNd EmmA cHambeRlAin!!!!!!! YOUr vIdeOs aRe shIt aNd more 💩!!!!!!!?!???. I haTe yOu jOanana I caNt beLieve yuwud dO tHis tO mEeeeeee 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😂😂😗😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🥶🤬

    • side note- I just want to be pinned okay I love joana

  • HOLY GUACAMOLE my birthday is THE SAME as your mother's! lmaooo

  • I have never herd you cuss besides Heck


  • 5:45 as soon as I heard glitter I felt like something bad was gonna happen

  • Suck my left toe horizontally from the ceiling 😂

  • I’m a swimmer too I had to swim the 100 i.m., 50 back , 50 fly twice in one day I’m 10 so that is a lot when they are back to back Like if you are a swimmer

  • but the devil with the bald head would at least have known not to say "unmercilessly" doh

  • I need "Guys, keep it in your pants. If you can't tape it down" on a shirt and I will wear it everyday barging on my all girls class

  • "I look like a blond broomstick" -Joana Ceddia 2020

  • good job. next is *harder*

  • i dont kno what im doing in eight grade cuz here in seventh grade me and my gang make a space in the top section through cheating.

  • Can you make a study tips video

  • Hey guys! I'm new to youtube and JUST posted my first workout video!! I'm hoping to get some feedback for my next one! Heyyyy to all my fellow small youtubers!<3

  • They know that there is only so much you can eat.

  • I love the hair and microphone

  • um.. *Can you like my comment?*


  • You should have just got blonde highlights

  • *Artık eskisi gibi değilsin Joana. Üzgünüm*

  • Its pretty

  • Ur tall

  • Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Me: It’s Wednesday my dudes Joana: It’s Wednesday my dudes My head: I SAID IT BEFORE HER😂😂

  • Who here is an OG

  • Nobody: your 8 year old cousin when you tell him you have no games on your phone: 0:50

  • Omg it is yellow stop bleaching dark hair turns yellow