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I went to prom
I went to promIl y a 4 mois
It is exam season.
It is exam season.Il y a 7 mois
A HOT AND SPICY Q&AIl y a 8 mois
Homealone.exeIl y a an
ROAD TRIPIl y a an


  • My mom is from Brazil too!!! I love whenever we go there! It’s so much fun!

  • Tbh I’m upset. I ate like her for a month: cookies, meat, and avocados... and now my boobies are small. Thanks John Cena

  • In the Percy Jackson books the lotus hotel had a lot of relevance and was necessary for the plot of other characters in following books :)

  • Omg is that a stranger things shirt if so.. i LoVe It

  • First things first: YOUR HILARIOUS! And ever since I found your channel 3 days ago -_- I watched you all day every day but my parents think im crazy bc I have ear buds and I sound like a laughing psycho. U AMAZIN

  • Leme smash

  • I agree with John Cena about that song : it was all over the place and Lana came in with the slays . Haters gonna hate at an opinion but that song was on drugs and not the good kind . All I got was ficitjsnxnhfru. And Lana’s part put me in check

  • Sooo many cuts

  • The title of this video terrified me I'm having Vietnam flashbacks

  • No one: Absolutely no one: John Cena:I LOVE FIRE!!!

  • Woohoo

  • has anyone noticed the description 😂

  • next video: i bought 3 million avocados for my 3 million subscribblers (word problems are shaking)

  • I got scared by the title

  • 14:52 "so no head?" *Throws phones to ground* *Snaps skateboard in two*

  • I also love Shawn Mendes

  • Someone help. The song that’s playing 8:10. I know it, but I can’t put my finger on it. What is it!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭 it’s driving me insane!

  • bro shrek is a grrreat colon

  • That is not correct because according to the encyclopedia SQUIDWARD IS ACTUALLY A SQUID so please get it correct Sincerely Your lord and savior Shrek

    • I meant squidward is an octopus sorry Sincerely Your lord and savior Shrek

  • I’m literally sitting here eating a egg burrito.

  • I love how the questions are so chill and not like questions that would try to expose her or someone else. The questions are mostly about school, what it’s like and how she deals with school and youtube, avacodos😂, etc. this fandom is so chill and mature I love it

  • - when you've had anxiety since you were 2 and then you realize that people are faking It most of the time -

  • Jonas Crimson-“yOu KnOw WhAtS aRoUnD tHe CoRnEr...” Me-“ohmygod it’s happening again isn’t it?”

  • When she said “baddie” I gagged

  • She sounds so different

  • Warning, bad spelling, visco virus,.. ok continue. Not just high school, my elementary school has the visco vires, and it started in my class... DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUU ......N


  • she needs to eat 3 million avocados for er 3 million subs

  • Roses are blue Violets are red John Cena will you •kneels on one knee• Be my dad?

  • where did you get those wonderful boots from 1:46?? i need to get me a pair of those!

  • She just spoiled the walking dead for me lmao

  • I wish I had small boobs tbh. Jealous

  • We need 4 thousand ppl for her 3 million

  • "its cause he's adopted." *SMASH the like button*

  • *i dONt rEaLLy dEAl wIth pEOpLe* feel you buster

  • wow no sats? sorry mom im moving to canada for personal reasons

  • You have alot of bravery to do this good job i would have never had enough of bravery on my youtube channel

  • So many cuts between each sentence 😭😭😭

  • You sound like Jenna marbles if she was like, 10 years younger

  • Ahaha now has 3MIL

  • I MISseD it aaaAAAAaa

  • What about roblox

  • Have you been to England...? 🤔🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • She sounds like Velma from Scooby Doo

  • first time watching. you sound like velma but you're also adorable. wtf.

  • FR-tv is fun to do...!!! It's great to do simple videos with my camera phone 📲...🤳

  • I ❤ that American accent ...its got a lovely drawl to it...😀🔝✅

  • honestly..i really enjoy your vids. keep it up!

  • Sarcasm to the max...😂🤣

  • yellow drought, Billy’s jeans

  • See in the good ole US of A we get 25 minutes for lunch

  • Trouble is the underside of my belly.

  • Oh honey, all the events in the first book sets up the plot in the other sequel series! I haven’t read Harry Potter but ya! I love u!!!

  • when you said $7k a year for uni my heart literally dropped. i go to a 2 year community college and it's $9k a year. universities here average at about $34k a year

  • So well said. You sound so mature and I'm definitely subscribing! ❤❤

  • I have pretty big boobs and sometimes I wish mine were small cause sometimes they get annoying to me. But I think all sizes should be accepted

  • 11:11 yassss harry potter!!!!

  • Your voice goes right through me...

  • I hope I too will realize my self worth as u have done.... seeing such a grounded 18 year old makes me, a 19 year old, feel like my ideal self is super possible.... thank u for making this kickass channel

  • This video made me want to hide my phone

  • Casino wasn't in the first book i don't think? In Percy Jackson. At least not in Lighting Thief.

  • Wait they killed Carl....🙁

  • I wish I could get her merch but it’s kinda expensive I mean I’m cheap okay-

  • I like you in ways that would upset the baby Jesus.

  • Joanna: you all know what my favorite color’s shrek Me: OMG ME TO Edit: Joanna is so funny. I love you Joanna❤️

  • 0:04 I happened

  • As a third year university student, I cackled during the entirety of this video, especially when you got school supplies and talked about textbooks. (also I’m Canadian too!)


  • I now that probably I'm being an obnoxious human being but I believe your mouth just run before you realise that You would only need 240 words per minute

  • Your math was not correct but that’s none of my business 👁👄👁

  • 7000 a year for uni? Im suddenly very glad I live in the netherlands where tuiton is only 2000 euros.. Even better, the first year you get 50% off so you end up paying about 1030 euros

  • Me:*Searches up what a VSCO girl is* Me:*Realizes im a VSCO girl* Me:MOM HELP IM A VSCO GIRL!!!

  • That’s terrible hope u get better

  • bet u could have asked those strangers if ur parents could switch seats with them tbh

  • You're really not that interesting

  • Hiiii

  • Why is this video being shilled all over my recommendations? Why can't I choose the option "I don't like this channel" when I click not interested?Go away industry plant

  • She bin succin dic

  • I first thought this was going to be a passively aggressive pov

  • young henry from walking dead goes to my school and is in my grade and in one of my classes 👀

  • she needs a talk show.

  • wowie

  • I wish I could be a social butterfly like you... I tried Facebook but I didn't make any friends... what should I do?

  • Your videos are great at supplementing my meal times during Uni 😄

  • U got freshers flu

  • I’m going school tomorrow and I should be asleep but I had to sacrifice a few minutes to watch your video

  • Who else is here because of her new video

  • Same girl, when they killed off Carl I had to miss school the next day because I was so grief stricken

  • If nobody can figure out what her current favorite songs are, you should check out her Spotify account. It's so good. It's called Joana Ceddia.

  • Joana you are so funny i love you wish you answered mine

  • Shes so freckin beautiful😍

  • I've literally since the beginning hoped you would talk about Shawn 😭

  • okay what is better the kazzo or Shrek?

  • Holy shit I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks Ari, Lana and Miley don’t sync well together in that song. It’s so off beat

  • PERCY JACKSON HELL YEAH.. the best book to reread

  • Hewo sorry you are Sickies. 🤒😷


  • that ending hit me so hard

  • Popcorn FAM!

  • I love how at 3:14 u can faintly see the shutterstock watermark

  • Tbh John Cena changes her room almost every video 😂