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Hello Internet! I'm Matpat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.
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The $1.7 Million Lie
The $1.7 Million LieIl y a 11 mois


  • I think this was the one episode where Austin didn’t rage quite the whole time he was actually quite contempt

  • Boris is my favourite but if i have to choose out of those two Bendy

  • 15:24 Scott just made fetch happen

  • imagine seeing your father as golden Bonnie, just you, and everybody else sees him as normal this is so creepy, even thinking to it is crazy

  • It’s not over yet.....

  • We're us csi during all of this stuff

  • I saw the words "puppet master" and immediately thought of sasori and kankuro from naruto😂😂😂

  • *So uh, guys? Should... we tell him?*

  • imagene having sleep parelysis and waking up to see rainer stareing into your soul

  • Wow why do you like suffering

  • if I see another fnaf game theory I'm deadass gonna unsub

  • Flat

  • Not the twisted ones are still kind of unexplained where did the wolf come from or the bunny in one you said it was like the sister location one but they did not have a bunny or a wolf or a chicken

  • What was that intro?????!!!??

  • 10:43 right top corner I have no idea what that sentence means BUT seems important.

  • I know this is long but I really don't get the deal with the book. I am probablt just being stupid. But. If the games were created by "a broke indi game developer" then wouldn't he also be the one who writes the books. If they are all from the same universe. When we play the games its like we are jumping in to the made up fnaf-verse, so aren't the books doing the same thing? The in to the pit book that is. Wouldn't it be written in the fnaf-verse? Why would the creator of the games put himself and his situation in to a book. Why would HE be the one who does it. If the books were written in this universe to help theorist and lore I would understand that, but, I sont think that Scott would do that. I dont get the deal with the book. I may have just missed this small piece of info, but when you dont know when where and who wrote the books you cant really use them as a source of evidence. Thats what I think.

  • Sorry Matt but have you consider a "self fulfilling prophecy" scenario?" He is his own "the purple guy". Only becoming such a person to continue the self profiled circle of being the person that creates the person of it's own mythos in hopes of continuing it's existence? The cycle is theoretically endless. Thus in itself endless?????

  • #2 gaming

  • #2 trending good job

  • Remember when we all first learned about purple guy because of you thank you

  • I cant believe he made this video....... its a game!

  • Hey! MatPat! You were featured on Reset! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • "You breathe and it becomes canon"

  • The real theory: why is freddy’s still in business? Good pizza? Dares from teenagers to go because it’s creepy?

  • i dont want to believe this indie game developer thing in help wanted because that would literally mean everything we already know is false and i really dont like that

  • And I Thought You Were Done..

  • Boi, I thought that Oswald’s nose was his mouth for the longest time

  • hey matpat saw another reddit post and everyone still hates these theory.also you disprove your own theory's by making a video like this.

  • I catched all yongoos in the islands it took me 6 weeks

  • What's so creepy about a stuffed animal,my stuffed animals were a bunny and a bear in real life as a kid when i was 7.

  • Purple guy is William Afton and golden freddy's real name is Cassidy

  • The grass grave is Cassidy

  • Watching with slow internet... video buffered exactly at 7:32 for some reason. This must be an implication as to how serious Austin's mental deterioration is.

  • Do a theory on could else live off of an ice diet

  • “i will not forgive dabbing chica” -MatPat 2k20 Proof that we’re still watching old and new theories


  • I need that book

  • Poor MatPat....Scott I won't for five U!!

  • This was easily the most spot on theory in the channel.

  • Here's a good theory.... How can Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII hover when running in smash bros??? Great theory series btw!!

  • Foxy

  • Geocentricity is incompatible with the gravitational evidence you used to prove the spherical nature of the world. Basically, you disproved the first half of your theory with the second.

  • Just watch VSauce and Game theory. Free doctrate

  • Mat Gabriel’s my name you’re freaking me out

  • next thing Scott says that everything is a simulation like vr and it is a company that made all of this.

  • hot wings

  • The real question is was that his nose or his mouth

  • Matpat:even the trees in Australia are hardcore Me:and on fire

  • Maybe Vanny is tape girl because it would make sense

  • The minecraft planet is dinosaur shaped

  • Nobody: MatPat: Dyall (Doll)

  • What If Jr.s from fnaf 6 is Jeff's pizza? Something to think about right?

  • But. . . That still doesn't solve it cuz no matter how far you travel in minecraft it won't be night from you traveling even if you travel like 500 000 blocks(meters)

  • Why is everyone named Jeff!

  • I was so mean that I commented to that video I’m sorry bc I said “Hi”

  • why was the lore alarm scarier than the jumpscare

  • What about fnaf vr

  • Yesss I’ve been waiting for more fnaf theoriesss

  • Why logan paul will get 2 points abducted from his rematch against ksi on 2019 November 9

  • Literally number 2 on trending

  • Can u do Unravel 2

  • Minecraft: The Island” explains this actually. There is no pain, and the tree wood doesn’t hold regular wood properties. Feels like punching sturdy cardboard I’d imagine

  • Hey matpat is it just me or at 7:23 does it look like theres a child holding there knees in gun time freddy's stomach?

  • So you’re just going to skim over a ball pit time machine like it’s a normal thing?

  • This is confusing

  • Who looked behind you well me

  • Matt uhhh... are you ok ? Too much fnaf

  • What if the bunny from VR is able to terrorize Ozzy bc they’re both in video games?

  • I haven't played the game, so I'm very curious how they manage to portray JJJ as some conspiracy theorist there. Everything shown here sounds perfectly reasonable.

  • Undertale is the 2nd game but it just came out first

  • What about A channel named "The Book Theorists"?

  • imagine someone watching this back in 2014

  • I mean.... Technically minecraft isn't flat unless you generate a 'flat' world. It has mountains and river's and stuff

  • All you've proved is that Minecraft couldn't be on a flat planet in our universe. I don't think that was anyone's argument. A lot of physics needs to be reworked, making this Minecraft universe function differently than ours, but a flat planet is possible. The way you prove curvature of a fantasy world isn't via the impossibility of gravitational forces it's by showing that the world has curvature. In other words, the proof that our gravity wouldn't work if it was flat doesn't prove it is round. Personally I don't really care about Minecraft but it annoys me when people apply the rules of our physical world with a fantasy one. It limits what can be done in fantasy and that irks me. The same way all extra-terrestrial life looking like humans irks me. Skeletons being animated is also not possible, but that doesn't stop Minecraft from having mobile skeletons without musculature from moving. As soon as you introduce magic you've introduced the fact that whatever rules our world runs on don't apply to the world you're talking about.

  • 1:45 it should be the eScott since it’s an eMac, not an iMac

  • Lol I was watching this and in one of the darker scenes I could see my reflection in the screen and it looked very creepy and I freaked myself out.

  • *_Cries in banner_*

  • 13:06 that is my name

  • Therapist: Faceless Scott can't hurt you, he isn't real Faceless Scott: 6:25

  • Humanity is great as creating their own problems.. Like Gravity in a video game

  • MINECRAFT IS SQUARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:(

  • The older brothers name is Terrence *Gosh he even has a douche name*

  • Are you doing that vilager and pillager episode or are you doing it. Matpat: is there a third option.

  • more of a youtube question but are we getting fnaf videos in january because they get a ton of views compared to others you do and that will help fset the normally lower youtube revenue that creators see this month?

  • Mama Mia! Here we go again!

  • 11:25 you just had to put that in. I see your smug look Matpat. *HEARTBEAT INTENSIFIES*

  • 2.3k dislikes? Excuse me, how do you dislike a video that is trying to save people from suicide?

  • hey, mat pat. don't click off. there's this game on Roblox STAY WITH ME HERE called toy tale RP DON'T SCROLL DOWN it holds all kinds of secrets, horror, characters, and alot more i've already been making theories about it like is the grinder related to the dearest and stuff like that. it may take alot of time to unlock the stuff of it but when you do you can get into it but you don't HAVE to it's just a recommendation

  • I think I saw sword art online twice

  • Should have invited wheatly and GlaDoS in.

  • Is it just me or is fredbear’s family diner Picture look like the one from gravity falls

  • I remember back when we thought that the fourth game was gonna be the last. Great times

  • I don’t know why I haven’t watched this yet

  • 1700 because of order

  • [2:14] my mom did the same as you

  • MatPat: AH-HA! A CLUE TO THE ENDING!!!! Scott: All I did was use the bathroom... MatPat It's still canon!!!

  • Matpat is going to go insane with these books!!

  • i'm dumb. I kinda thought that they all died.

  • Matpat. I just figured that in the silver eyes chapter 2. The 1985 location is revealed like a little bit in the story.

  • His editing is actually *amazing*