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Hello Internet! I'm Matpat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.
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  • Steph reeeeaaaally loves animals, right? I don't think she should watch the pufferfish thing then.

  • Something that would be funny is if every content creator from now on has to start their video with the worst swearing you've ever heard in your life, so that any manual reviews have no way to label the video as child friendly haha

  • “FR-tv cancels cancer” my friends dad just died of cancer so I don’t think you canceled it

  • Big up ocean spray cranberry

  • So youre telling me that minecraft is islamic? That explains creepers

  • Mat pat golden Freddy name is cassidy

  • My man Cory most likely safe

  • The gold represent hajarul aswat a rock from the heaven

  • e

  • Matear golden Freddy real name is Cassidy

  • A Female Gohan Could Be Cool To See In A Official What If

  • Yo,it'd be cool if you could make videos on terraria.Specifically,on the origin of the guide.It's just weird to me that he knows every crafting recipe,boss fights,etc.By having that knowledge it must be that hes experienced em. More over,to summon WOF,you'd need to make a sacrifice.Not just anyone but it must be the guide.Why the guide?Is there any connection between him and WOF?How does he know every crafting recipes?Who is he actually? I hope you could go and do some research on this.I dont think I'm capable of solving such lore with my current brain cells.

  • The Blue Team Pyro Is Female In The Comics

  • The FANF fan base: Foxy's pretty good as well as Bonnie... Freddy Fazbear and his multiple forms: AWAKEN MY MASTERS! *stone pillar men theme plays*

  • you forgot somthing in the strongest stave 1 u forgot 1block its sholker box u can store soooo manyyy gold and stufff

  • This Theory Seriously Needs To Be Re-Done Since A Lot More Information Exists Now

  • Im 12 in 2020 I will be 13 so im good


  • Hey Austin you should make podcasts it would be interesting

  • Довольно таки толерантно

  • Do you watch MrFudgemonkey

  • Ff

  • The while video you can see slight pain in his eyes while he’s talking, unless he’s faking it but it doesn’t look like it

  • 4:01 hmmm ever heard of the bombardier beetle

  • Good luck to all animator content makers who put their youtube acc to "kid-friendly" *loses 70% of viewers* And tbh, he's so emotional rn

  • I'm 13 I feel this law in the FTC is fair in a lot of cases but this is not one youtube has done nothing wrong just listen to people like me a youtuber and the children and adults you shall find all the right work and Cop ca is wrong see it are way let us be the jury and judge.

  • Just know that the intro scared me so bad that I got up and turned up my bedroom lights..

  • Wait if sister location was first then why did Elisabeth Afton died by Baby, but be the character in fnaf4?

  • When the stream hasn't even started but you're already halfway to your fundraising goal

  • I’m watching in math class and one of the answers was 23 just rn. Coincidence? I think not.

  • I broke my arm yesterday so I couldn't watch

  • Im sad

  • Guys if this is going to go anything like article 13 at the beginning of this year it will fail

  • I'm almost 13 years old

  • The fact the people making these laws dont even own phones is crazy

  • Isn’t there FR-tv kids or something

  • Huh... I think they just want money i mean 42k per every last 600 videos that are not kid starting to wonder..

  • You got me there

  • this scares me but i don't believe it affects me.. mainly because my audience is 16 to 30..

  • I always record a video so I'm not a content creator

  • the thanos snap of youtube..

  • Lol I'm very good at maht but that hurts my brain a little bit

  • Me: *sees thumbnail* Also Me: *as a electric type fan, **_dies_*

  • Omg who is watching this in 2019?? 😂💛💛

  • I like Five Nights at Freddy's

  • Okay, so the first example of yours doesn't make the game easier. It makes the game seem harder than it is. So kinda the opposite. Dynamic difficulty scaling isn't new. I remember noticing it several times with being granted extra lives or power ups after dying a lot. And personally it makes me feel insulted, and I purposefully ignore them. I want to actually manage to beat it. When they hide things becoming easier from the player, it's even worse because then you can't ignore it. Like, you speak as if Dark souls players aren't aware of these mechanics, but it's exactly because dark souls don't use them that we like the game. We like that it is US that become better, we like that we can brag about being able to defeat a hard boss after struggling. We like that we can talk to others about how they managed to defeat it, knowing that their experience was equally difficult to ours. And your last example, is a bit bad. Competitive games shouldn't give people unjust advantages. However I bet after you have played a game or two, you never meet new players anymore, and so you won't meet people that get these advantages if you become a regular player. It's only all the new players that get random buffs that make their experience more explosive to lure them in.

  • i don't think so because im 9 years old in 2020 but i allways make animations memes why FR-tv do that?

  • It’s like... the Y2K of FR-tv

  • I feel so bad! I wish I could of donated to such a beautiful cause. I don’t have money to donate and I wish I did. I hope St. Jude’s finds a cure for cancer. The cousin that I talked about in a comment on your FNaF vr theory had passed last week which leaves her husband a single dad. Everyone on the stream I say thank you for being part of a wonderful thing. All you guys are going far for the good help that children and adults need that are suffering through such horrific conditions. I wish you all luck and everything good to happen to everyone here that watched the stream, donated, you guys for making this stream possible and everyone working at St. Jude’s.


  • FR-tv should have script where when any kid under age 13 or 10 get the advertise staying download FR-tv kid or they can't watch any other video then nothing

  • People who dislike are wanting cancer like bruh that's messed up

  • Nuclear bombing This is what will happen to Mecca and Medina

  • The alleged Islamic God does not exist merely a false illusion

  • Hot wings!!

  • The Qur'an is a contradictory human book

  • Is mike golden Freddy

  • Islam is a false religion made by deceitful bastards and believed by stupid people like you

  • I miss you tube & you

  • FR-tv is a noob FR-tv is dumb FR-tv wants to deltate us buster listen here FR-tv you dumb


  • me Egyptian, me Cool!

  • >_>

  • Help me please

  • 2006: Cool 2017: Ok 2018: Epic 2019: Worse 2020: *ABC and boring kid songs*

  • ad VER tisment! Not AD ver TISE ment. That's such a gross, clunky way of saying it. Stop it!

  • 2018: Adult content 2019: Kid content 2020: No more content Also 2020: Lets go twitch then

    • Yeah twitch already has horribly loose guidelines, and it's clear they favor those who are popular. But, besides that, it's already being seen Twitch will be on the chopping block at some point as well

    • Twitch bans men for no reason so nah

  • I am Muslim and the number 23 isn't actually that sacred......

  • God man

  • Matpat: if we hit $400,000 she gets to eat all the cookies Everyone: *donates furiously*

  • I really love you guys so much keep up the good job

  • Давай я буду Вашим дублером 😂

  • I came here for Mark. and some donation XD

  • We can upload, create,make basically *Nothing on YT*

  • Matpat: this tube tumbler guy can’t fall over Me : ‘Are you challenging me ’

  • I was born on the 23 of November

  • Somehow gains confidence because Mesopotamia keeps popping up (this video and my favorite book)

  • Imagine if everyone that watched the stream donated 1 dollar that would be awesome! And this cause is so great and I'm glad that their having fun while helping a good cause❤️

  • LET US HAVE OUR FREEDOM COPPA, 2020 ain't gonna be dat funnnnnn

  • MatPat: "Eden, now you won't be alone if you thought of......." Me: Eden Ang MatPat: ".......Garden of......." Me -_______________-

  • 23 is my favorite number

  • The thing is that the science need to have a classical music in the background not an electric music that making it silly ... where is the classical musicccc

  • So that means if you somehow got to the North Pole or the South Pole of the Minecraft earth, you would get dizzy all the time.

  • So my dream of a gaming swearing youtuber one day is just gonna be a dream huh..

  • sans

  • Scott: These mortals can never match to my power Matpat: *sneeze* i feel like someone's talking about me.

  • is steph voicing monika in this?

  • I can’t stop thinking about the theory now :D

  • If this is WWE, MatPat and Steph are referees to a feud between a babyface Dawko and a heel Mark. xDDDDDD

  • Hol up-, pewds has 100m+ subs? I thought he only had 50m+, wow, I haven’t checked him out in a long time

  • Whish you luck and to all of the youtubers out there☹️

  • LOL


  • squirtle

  • And most terrible revelation in Hollow Knight is that YOU the protagonist are actually the villain...

  • Well, looks like it's time to form an Islamic cult in minecraft

  • We need a new website.

  • Man micheal really have a shitty life isn’t he? Saw his sister died Have an illusion Trapped in a room with his worst nightmares Get bullied by his brother Died from getting bitten by fred bear Put back together and alive! Wala! got scoop by ennard but still alive Omg imagine this happen to you. Surprisingly he did not commit suicide.

  • Nah key lime pie is my favorite right next to pumpkin

  • Is this isn’t at the beggininng of youtuber rewind I will eat FR-tv