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NO TIME TO DIE TrailerIl y a 11 jours
NO TIME TO DIE TeaserIl y a 16 jours
NO TIME TO DIEIl y a 2 mois
BOND 25 Live Reveal
BOND 25 Live RevealIl y a 7 mois
007 ELEMENTSIl y a an
007 ELEMENTSIl y a an
007 ELEMENTSIl y a an


  • Just to point out to some here who don't understand film trailers............this is not the main film trailer for No Time To Die........its only the teaser trailer. The full, proper trailer will come out as we get much closer to the opening of the film!

  • 2:20 - I would have just gone ahead and given him a dollar for spray bottle washing my windshield.

  • looks like the writers have made bond the joke of his own movie. Interesting move to a popular 50+ year franchise but what did they know right? Time for the millennials to ruin this one too i guess.

  • I'm waiting for Tom hardy to play Bond

    • Recent Bond movies have sucked. This looks like it'll be no different.

  • Freddie Mercury is back!

    • Feel free to send another popular franchise broke though, you'll be in good company with Star Wars and Terminator. Idiots.

  • The machine guns coming out of the headlights are why Q is my favorite. 😂😂

  • get the LEGO Creator Expert James Bond Aston Martin DB5 10262 Building Kit, 2019 (1295 Pieces): amzn.to/2E9i9WE​

  • Be really cool to design a bond poster 😎. But I'm not that good at art 😭

  • This is the one of the worst james bond movie: spectre

  • I thought production companies liked money, can't wait to see this woke garbage fail hard.

  • Who happy to see Christoph waltz 😅

  • This is gonna be amazing

  • Why. The. Hell. You. Show. His. Face. In. The. TRAILER!

  • The last bond movie

  • omg! freddie mercury is challenging bond

  • Is that the best they can do? At least I,ll be saving my money when it comes out

  • And have the old 007 logo font with the red colour

  • I did have software but sold my top end computer to pay bills. My design would be the White mask filling the poster then have painted action scenes going on in the mask. And in the middle have Daniel Craig doing the famous bond pose with the gun crossed over the shoulder like the old Connery posters with action going on behind him. And it's all painted. I'm kicking myself about this because I love doing this stuff as a hobby....oh well

  • Daniel this is not your part you just get started

  • So, absolutely NOBODY is going to see the next Bond movie after this right? The one where they make the racist move of replacing Bond because of his skin color. If skin color and gender really matter to racist Democrats, why not just make another franchise with a female black lead? My favorite movie of all time has a female lead, but I still think it's racist to replace James Bond because of his skin color and gender. Fuck you, Democrats. Can't you see that it's you who is racist?

  • How about paying your artist? Fucking scumbags. ALL ENTRIES will be owned by the studio regardless if they choose it as a winner or not.

  • Nice good

  • Spoiler james bond vs Mr Robot ?

  • I don't like how his eye color is over-saturated-- we get it, he has blue eyes! He looks like a cyborg now.

  • StAy iN yOUr LaNe

  • I'm just here for the whiny little boys complaining that a black woman sassing James Bond in a movie trailer makes their penises fall off, or something. Well, the trailer is pretty great, too.

  • From Mindhunter to James Bond fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-jQiCQ9g4z4Q.html

    • I hope the film is 4 hours long!! 😁👍🍿🍟📽🎞📺. Love Daniel Craig 😎.

  • Damm,that Aston Martin V8 Vantage has returned,I wonder if there's any involvement with this car later in the movie lol

  • It looks like there was a great movie in there at some point, but they had to go and fuck it up with wokeness. Fuck right off with the ridiculous casting of a minority woman as 007. Feel free to send another popular franchise broke though, you'll be in good company with Star Wars and Terminator. Idiots.

  • Scam.

  • Recent Bond movies have sucked. This looks like it'll be no different.

    • Spectre was lacklustre but Skyfall is incredible.

  • Pretty interesting 🤔

    • It's an interesting way to get hundreds of artists working for you for free. The condition to participate is them taking all your rights on your artwork. Even if you don't win, they can use it however they want and not credit you

  • Sure, let's take advantage of aspiring and young artist and freaking TAKE THEIR RIGHTS on their work ! What is so cool about this ? There will be at least some hundred of people working on this, for free, and the company will be able to claim their work theirs as it is a condition for participating. The best thing ? They will only have to pay about 20 artists, most of them the minimum wage for a poster... DON'T PARTICIPATE GUYS !!!

    • As the client here is some BIG company, the prices shoulg go up. So in no way, if they had hired a graphist, they would have paid him 2000$ They just take advantage of aspiring ones and participate in DESTROYING this job field

    • Some informations : a poster generally cost between 200 and 5500$. So for a movie as big as this one, you can easily (and normally should be) paid AT LEAST 5500$. An illustrator should be paid between 200$ and 1000$ for a day worth of work. (Depends on the work, the size of the client, and the illustrator's experience. If you work in that field, don't accept price under it. Your work is worth at least this remuneration, even if you're still new). Graphists pay goes 200 to 650$ a day. A good poster can take 2 to 7 days to make, depending on the time spent on the research, the communication and demands of the client, and the means used to make the poster (photography, drawing, manual, digital...) and all the work to make it printable

  • Now THIS is how you market a film. Every little teaser and promotional tidbits have been spot on with this movie so far. Much better than the last few. They are really starting to involve the fanbase more. THUMBS UP, BROCCOLI'S!

    • This is also a good way to take advantage of artists and make hundreds of them work for free. They take all the rights on the works submitted

  • SJWs continue riding in the coattails of men. They have no other possible way of getting recognized these days for their talent in any way whatsoever, and instead continuously attempt to retcon and trample over everything ever made. Why not make an original series? A spin-off with Femblack Bond. No, there's no other possible way it can be, it HAS to be using the already established fame of men that have made this a great series. Yet another mediocre production on the way lol.

  • Diana to James: Your trailer is just a trash can.

  • History isn't kind to men who play god... 007 is now a woman. Coincidence? I think not!

  • The agency hires the worst looking women around so that bond doesn't bang them...

  • Bro i had shivers when rami malek was talking. THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC , DANIEL CRAIG VS RAMI MALEK

  • Yeah, no thanks on SJW Bond. "No Time To Watch".

  • Looks like total garbage. Wont watch this or any other 007 films. Way to ruin another franchise SJWs

  • i liked it when the bond movies didn't feel like sequels. is it just me?

  • Aston martin db5 with Gatling gun I am watching this movie

  • So, the movie is called "No Time to Die", because James Bond REALLY has no Time to die and will remain alive for a (possible) 6th Film - and because Safin is in fact Dr. No, right? Ah yes, the joys of the english language...

  • James Bond is a man of his work, he’s done a lot,you can’t just put him aside to introduce a female. Come on. This film will tank not because it’s showing a first female agent(s) but because they’re gonna so mega cringe with this, bash Bond at all costs.

    • In the others james bond movies he have company other females agents but he is the protagonist and no see in this film will be diferent , Bond James Bond ever a man

  • The only thing we need is Lana Del Rey singing the title song this time, please don’t make a mistake again

  • 2:11 damnnnnnnnn way

  • Craig got paid 50 million for his part yet is asking people to work for free. FYI all the artists that enter and don’t win, it says they still lose all the rights to the artwork they created. A lot like theft since they get art to use as they wish for free.

  • I hope the film is 4 hours long!! 😁👍🍿🍟📽🎞📺. Love Daniel Craig 😎.

  • can't wait to see it in the cinema!!! My top favorite James Bond forever. Love Bond007

  • This movie will bomb. No bond girls, replacing 007 with a black girl, they're probably gonna write James as someone constantly needing help from Mrs. dIvErSitY because she is "clearly" the best lady for the job. What a fucking joke. Hope you fuckers lose millions and have a tarnished career for being the lady that ruined James Bond.

  • Boycott anyone that doesn’t pay their workers

  • Scam

  • Exploitation

  • The only way they could ruin this franchise is by bowing to pc politics and makeing 007 a gay looking black woman

  • I'm entering the competition, should be a fantastic opportunity

    • It’s the last statement, on the page made for submission (link in description, then rules)

    • @Loupal ADDM where does it state that?

    • Beware, the condition to participate is to give them all your rigths on your work. They will be able to do whatever they want with it, even claim it's theirs. Also the price for the winner is just average for a movie as big as this one. The price for a poster can go up to more than 5000$, even more for big projects like this

  • Should be titled “Time to die James”. End of an era, end of the franchise, the end of James Bond. His female replacement does not evoke any menace, just bitchiness it would seem. The magic was that woman wanted to be with James Bond, men wanted to be James Bond. This female replacement, devoid of menace, is neither beautiful nor even pretty. No men are going to want to be with her, fewer woman will want to be her. It’s over. I’m not partial to seeing this upon release in theaters. I may one day try when it’s on Netflix or amazon prime, but no promises...

    • adodado SPOILER! she will end up dead because of her ego....

  • Like ..

  • New Bond film :D I hope it's not rubbish and I hope it's not woke. I loved Casino Royale and especially Quantum of Solace and hope this is a return to that high standard.

    • "What do we say to the goddess of death??" -"No time to die"

  • Best Bond EVER!!!

  • Ethan Hunt is scanning your location.....

  • Fingers crossed they use a better font for the title.

  • Astounding video production, i love it so much ... Best part is 0:34. *I uploaded first twerking, Pls check and comment your opinion* ❤ ❤ 💯

  • Bummer they’re ending the term Bond Girls.

  • 10 millions views !: D

    • Please this needs an exclusive on the PS5

  • To little too late....After shitting all over the franchise, e.g. making 'M' a ball busting bitch, taking away the spy gadgets, removing Q branch and Q, removing the female villain sex pun names, removing the tricked out spy cars, removing the sex scenes replacing them with male genital torture..... And now they think i'll actually go pay to see this? I don't care that you've seemingly brought all of the above back. You fucking destroyed 007 over the past 17 years with feminist trash, as if more women watch and enjoy 007 movies than men.

  • Can't wait for the new BOND movie!

  • Pay the artist. This is exploitation at it's finest.

  • Multi universe of Benoit Blanc and Marta Cabrera 👏

  • Well, I'm glad he can read cue cards. Jesus, the enthusiasm is off the charts with this guy. That charisma is like a 1,000 watt bulb, it's no wonder why he was chosen to play James Bond! O_O

  • I personally wish Bond Francise would consider crowdsourcing more aspects of the future films from the fan base. This doesn't mean replacing the writing staff but getting inspiration and new idea for years to come. You could release fairly soon the idea submission campaign after this movie is out so it could be actual help when forming the new movie plot. Bond movies would require some more espionage related elements (that was what made Jason Bourne movies so good, the new level of realism). Categories could be: Plot elements (espionage related or idea for the opening sequence), Locations, Gadgets, 007 one-liners In return if idea is picked up the person who submitted could be invited to the set for one day with other persons (pay your own flight ticket) or if credible idea then naming the person in the end credits. No movie to my knowledge has tried this.

    • The profession of writer, comic artist and artist is already becoming poorer and poorer, as business people are taking advantage of them and people don't realize how much they are actually getting paid. For exemple, in France, for a comic bought 20$, the author often gets 0,44$ Creatives are dying

    • The problem with the crowdsourcing in this field is that it participates in destroying the profession. Why pay someone who studied this field and made it his whole carrier when hundreds of dreamers are willing to work for free ? Passionate people won't be able to work in this field anymore, as they won't be able to live of it anymore

    • DC9848 Mmmm there are some copyright issues to resolve. I read that studios binned all unsolicited ideas because doc rights issues. But I like your idea of crowd-sourcing ideas.


    • We better have an epic James Bond moment in this film where he does something amazing and then the theme comes playing loudly. Or I will be disappointed.

  • Daniel Craig after Spectre: I would rather slit my own wrists then play bond again Also Daniel Craig:

  • James bond: "it's no time to die". me: that might be true But this movie definitely does.

  • This movie has the time to die.

  • Can you compete with Fallout

  • 1:01 - "ELLO Q, AH MISSED YOUU ME AL' MUCKER!!" Also, "Oh, 007, you're not dead... again." - I'm seeing a repetitive pattern in Craig's Jameson Bourned movies. I think those two moron writers Purvis & Wadehead are stuck in a loop.

  • Butt war asgghhj,nihoklko

  • Craig specifically got man-hating feminist writers to write part of the script as a form of political propaganda it not for men but against men

  • Feminist Bond can go f*** himself.

  • I swear to GOD if Lana Del Rey isn’t making the main song for this movie then the entire film is a complete and utter failure.

  • We all have our secrets, don’t we Ethan?

  • 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  • This is exciting

  • 😯🤨😥

  • Talents are out there waiting to be found.

    • And this company is out there waiting to take the credits for their ideas

  • My poster idea: it's probably be half casino Royale and die another day

  • You guys don't know what kind of Pandora's box you just opened. God help you all

  • And we still don't know who is doing the song for the movie 🤔🤔🤔

    • Probably Ed Sheeran, Lana Del Ray, Sia or something like that

  • Lazy fucks won't even make a poster of there own.

  • Cool

  • The real life James Bond www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ian-flemings-james-bond-based-on-porfirio-rubirosa-according-to-new-research-by-forensic-historian-daniel-j-voelker-300332433.html

  • The truth about James Bond: The real life James Bond was Dominican diplomat Rubirosa "Rubi". Now that the character of James Bond will be destroyed and replaced by women, I believe it is time to show the world that Ian Fleming took the character of 007 from a Dominican play boy who loved many women from Hollywood, he is responsible for the name "Latin Lover", he loved sports including polo, car racing and boxing. His name was Porfirio Rubirosa "Rubi" diplomat from Dominican Republic. Ian Fleming never revealed this because he feared that telling the world that his 007 character was inspired by a Latino would affect his sales. Here is the link to this fact. www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ian-flemings-james-bond-based-on-porfirio-rubirosa-according-to-new-research-by-forensic-historian-daniel-j-voelker-300332433.html

  • 2:12 me trying to ride a bike

  • Phenomenal production, I like it so much ! Top-drawer part is 1:33. *I uploaded first twerking, Plsss come and say am I good* 💓 💜 💟

  • Yes

  • They'll be presented with 99 talented people and they'll chose a black woman in a wheelchair because muh diversity

  • He looks like he wants to die lol

  • James: Bond. Dude at the booth: Finish it.... James: .......... Dude at the booth: Finish. It. James: (sighs in frustration) I'm tired of it, man. Dude at the booth: Dew it. James: James Bond Dude at the booth: (smiles and nods)