Ajoutée 12 oct. 2019
Join Click as we take on a special forces soldier at paintball.
Can the guys band together to defeat him or crumble to the weight of this soldiers greatness?
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  • Lazar: shoots a green Beret in the balls Also Lazar: OH MY GOD ITS A BEE!!

  • My name is also Emil

  • Re-due this with simunition

  • 0:44 Navy seals are gay, US Army SF and rangers for the win!

  • Really fruity

  • I first thought the guy was being cocky saying that he was a green barre but then I just remembered who he was facing

  • airsoft is bettee

  • Side note in real life with real guns they dead.

  • WHERE IS HE -dark knight

  • Loserfruit called Marcus not fit

  • I play airsoft because you can actually aim and it's a lot harder

  • won by a nut shot

  • Lazar!!!!

  • Lol if this was real rec ball or paintball buddy would have been eating a few tanks army vet or not. He over shot alot. Tells me a in real war he'd shoot a dead body 17 times before confirming the kill. Play real ballets lol he'd eat 15 bps

  • It was a mismatch you were 5, and he was only alone.

  • What’s a tactic

  • Click vs emil and 4 other SOTG personell

  • F’s for last video with Marcus

  • Wow, puertorican Special Forces soldier, I've never seen a puertorican Green beret soldier in my life. Respect💪🏽

  • If gone again, have non players wear highvis clothing

  • I could probably eliminate half of them

  • Replay button It's for free 4:52

  • Lol its Lazarbeam

  • *We gonna have 1 naruto runner!!!* This kill me haha

  • darn click bait

  • Thank u for ur service 🙏

  • When you and the bois are playing halo reach and you all have almost no health and assault rifles and are trying to kill a legendary field marshal

  • Side note I did shoot you in the testicles Lannon 2019

  • Reminds me of RvB where a bunch of idiots defeat a bunch of trained military personnel

  • fucking sweat vs memers

  • Shot in the balls with a paintball? Painted balls?


  • Team Ghost? 141 FLASHBACK

  • 5 bots gathered at same place👍

  • who would have thought Lannan was as good as a special forces officer

  • I don't think they are a pro gamer either,try to get real pro shooting games

  • Sooo... Osama shot himself !... hmmm interesting.

  • Lannon makes this video better

  • just hide in the trees lol

  • “The trick here is to not die” he says as he looks down the barrel of a gun

  • My dad is a green bra

  • Its not a special force special forces cant let see them faces

  • Cray: I cAn'T gEt ThE fLaG i HaVe aStHma

  • Bodo weh ieumah yutuberna

  • Lazarbeam *i never died btw* *shoots Emil in the dick

  • Thought Marcus would stand an actual chance But it was Lannan Of course

  • The winners is........ Cameramen :v


  • whαt íf thє ѕσldíєrѕ plαч cσd

  • couldnt help but wheeze when lannan said "GET CLAPPED"

  • They say lost in round one but lazer beam shot him first both times

  • The pro is a hacker

  • Girl you r hot and beautiful

  • Communication is 🔑

  • give him grenade

  • Where is she ? I don't know She called GHOST idiots wkwkwk so funny

  • Why does lannan look like a 12 Gear old

  • Why is lannan not a navy seal, he clearly has the best tactics

  • yo but actually emil is beautiful, he's part of click now, right...?

  • Hacker or cheater is not effective in this game, but the skill is always working for winner.