10 vs 1: Rating Girls By Looks & Personality

Ajoutée 16 juin 2019
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  • Wtf black girls are so penggg

  • Can we all agree that the short hair girls are the cutest? (Nothing wrong with long hair girls tho, plus all girls are cute and boys )

  • I like asian girls like korean or chinese.

  • It’s weird that guys goes for looks and girls goes for personality

  • no blonde / red haired women ? surely it would be interesting to see if the guy preferred blonde/red/brunette women

  • lmaoo very obvious his “type” is NOT black women 💀

  • He looks like ed sheeran

  • I personally liked the chairs...

  • Damn this guy is SO HOT!!

  • Most rasist show ever.. 😂 For those dark skin girls.. 😂 Sorry but true 👍🏻

  • What about a bisexual choses between twin brother and sister

  • The perfect woman is an 8 in looks and 10 in personality.

  • I'm rating Short heir 100...she is so beautiful😍💓

  • Sophia is definitely the hottest one.

  • Black girls get 4.5. Ouch.

  • omg reckless love

  • also, i liked Andrew, seemed really genuine.

  • i'm interested in being in one of your videos, but alas, i'm an international viewer... ;-;

  • I have a brain damage after watching this video.

  • Great assessment technique..... would be really informative to see the test results for a few more men, some 10,000 or more from various backgrounds.

  • Is this the same Andrew from cut???

  • hold on isn’t this the guy who was on cut on a blind date with megan? shame that they didn’t end up together :(

  • "Girl walks up" "wow it's like Christmas"

  • I love love love the song Reckless Love

  • I loved Dora shes adorable!

  • yes bro. she is my choice also

  • Her @ is dorahew, now thank me ❤️

  • The girl that said she was trembling like a leaf was cute lol

  • The 1st girl was very pretty but she wears make up doesn't suit her beauty I think.

  • Rayyyycisssss!!! 😂😂😂

  • yeah hi i’ll date dora oml

  • Stop spoiling everything mf

  • Wait... he looks like Shane’s camera guy! And his name is Andrew!


  • i think that this guy is actually the one from the 36 questions falling in love thing omg

  • This channel opened the eyes of me....truly enlighting video

  • Even a psycologist cant figure out how personality is in 3 minute. More comment i am reading more i am finding him illogical

  • Short hair is not “intimidating”, dumbass, it’s hideous.

  • Yeah he was contradicting with his whole personality vs looks thing, but he kept himself in line and even apologized for making an objectifying comment so this guy is at least decent

  • 7:08 time to go have sex😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I am seeing them going on date 💕

  • ...I love Dora ❤️😂

  • I'm not trying to be mean or anything but jubilee always picks very strange looking black females. I'm not saying the black women in the vid were ugly but they could have done MUCH better. I'm a black girl my self and I would rate these girls no higher than a 6 on my personal beauty scale. but personality wise they were 11s.

  • Shouldn't someone get the option to meet the one who has an overall high rating?? I know in this case, it's the same person...

  • I can tell from the title. I haven’t even watched the video yet... I just know with all my heart, he’s going to be uncomfortable

  • Who tf is the 7.5 Asian chick 😍

  • Not a fan of this guy idk 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Everyone in the comments saying that he chose the girl on the basis of her looks but he also said that he could sense her energy and personality (to some extent ik)by just looking at her(that's not true everytime but he got lucky)

  • Wtf is with this guy? Could they have chosen a worse dude?

  • I must be a 0...

  • Like her energy? That's included in personality man. And those were thick eyebrows done that gave her energetic look. Dora clearly was more energetic.

  • So all they could find was 2 butt ugly black women. Even the host is horrible. They has to be prettier black women than these lot. Really disappointed

  • The short haired girl was prettiest in my opinion.

  • Well, boys, always care for the look. No one want to look at your soul if you are not pretty lol. But both this guy and the girl judge 11 guys rated the one they are not interested in look are highest in personality

  • Dora the cutest girl ever She does not deserve that guy

  • Beta male....

  • Reckless love i listen to that song

  • Dora is absolutely stunning ♥

  • Sophia bad

  • the indian girl on the far right was the prettiest but i did like the english girls personality.