100 People Tell Us About Their Worst Breakup | Keep It 100 | Cut

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100 People Tell Us About Their Worst Breakup | Keep It 100 | Cut
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  • I should never have ended things with Heather Deakins October 2012.

  • 0:32 and 0:41 used to date. Mystery solved

  • He said he “I don’t know why he was hurt when he the one who cheated.” Because you thought you wasn’t gonna get caught that’s why you hurt lol 😂😂

  • at 4:49 & 4:51 ...yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! #SDQQ

  • 4:51

  • Damn if this what people consider a bad break up ...

  • 4 year relationship and he just left? @0:35 hahaha


  • tate deserved more of a scene

  • did anyone see tate HEHEH

  • “I threw a burrito” “I was like, how could you leave these titties!?” My favorite lines in the whole video 😂

  • 5:07 pretty fuckin easily

  • I never had a breakup because I was never in a relationship.

  • Stop putting gays and lesbians in the videos

  • 2:44 its's tate (if you're a wdw stan you'd probably get it)

  • "How'd you get over it?" "SHMOKED shum WEED"

  • Cringe alert

  • I really love CUT ugh we stan

  • “Yeah I miss her....BUT MY DoGgGg” lmaooooo💀😭😭😭


  • Traduccion fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-WKo6-XSStQQ.html

  • She took my dog *John Wick entered chat*

  • "100 Autistic Lefties Tell Us About Their Worst Breakup" Title fixed

  • 3:44 same here I couldn’t imagine so I made her break up with me even tho I didn’t want it to happen

  • ok but 6:04 why are u so beautiful

  • Why do these buzzfeed-type companies always go out of their way to find the most bizarre people out there’s

  • Show sister James some love please

  • okay who dat at 2:42 👀

  • Girl- Fuck you Wayne! Guy-I threw a burrito..

  • tate!!!

  • When you’ve been single your whole life... What’s a break-up?

  • Taking back or going back with your ex is like taking a shit and shove that shit up your ass again lol

  • Anybody else get the vibe a good lot of em are losers 😆 The dude in the beginning is basically a walking clit

  • 5:08 bitch what titties?

  • “Its not like juicy”😂.

  • why everyone so ugllyyyyyyyy...............wish this Earth could just decrease to 2.5 b people, smartest, nicest, and sexiest

    • But then where would you go?

  • “How could you break up with these titties” I’m screaming 😂

  • honestly the only time I think its okay to consider suicide over a break up is if your sick and have literally nothing else to live for

  • 2:35 Lol she stole my dog

  • 5:00 - 5:05 expectation vs reality

  • I've returned

  • Get that dude his dog back

  • 0:40 Lol this is nigga run

  • People are spoiled these days. That is the reason for all these frequent breakups. People demand too much in their life. They want to live in constant ecstasy. I blame that partly on porn. Porn turns you into a pervert. It objectifies women. It turns women into sexual objects and makes you not view them as social beings. I can noticeably tell the difference in my own psychology when I watch porn and when I quit porn for many weeks. On the other hand, porn can be super fun and exciting. It feels like it helps me cope with stress and sometimes anger. But if I had a girlfriend, and she requests that I stop watching porn, I know I will stop watching porn.

  • This makes me sad because I hear these stories about people that are racist and abusive that get into relationships yet me as a normal person cant get one 😞.

  • Why so many gay men? ? ... 😷

  • Why are they all gay

  • Didn't find anyone attractive on this vid

  • 3:42 who is he??

  • Wats with all the gay people

  • 0:33 she looks very beautiful but She also looks like a crazy b*tch no offense of course.

  • Here’s my story if anyone’s bored and wants a read. I could use some input to on it. Rough quick draft. 1month ago Gf breaks up with me. I have ptsd issues and it was hard for me to go out and socialize with her and her friends in public. Been together 3.5 years. She snapped on me on the phone saying she’s done cause I don’t like going out and doing things. Understandable. But then a week later she calls saying I cheated on her and gave her claymadia. I never once cheated. The whole time we were together. and have been tested before due to stomach issues in the past so I got a full checkup around halfway during our relationship. I was so confused by this. It made no sense. How could I have given her something when I didn’t cheat. Set up appointment that Day at kaiser and they were awesome and took a test. And I went and got tested it came back completely clean of any stds completely clean late the next day . Then after I showed her results. She says that the place she got a test from for her mixed up her results with another patient!?! I don’t get it. I’ve ghosted her completely know after proving my innocence and that I’m clean. I just don’t get why she didn’t end the breakup peacefully. I even told her originally when she broke up I respect her decision. People around me are saying she either cheated on me and tried to pass it off onto me but luckily we didn’t have any intercourse or anything a month prior cause of busy schedules. Or that she fabricated the whole entire thing as a sick way of punishing me for being done with the relationship. I’m letting it all out there. Thankfully I’m healthy which is a plus haha. Please FR-tv any advice on what you think it is would be welcomed. Sorry for bad grammar and rambling. Any criticism,opinions, advice is welcomed. We all watched this video because we’ve been through bad stuff. Thanks for taking the time to look at this.

  • y’all kept that silly ass funky music while the girl was crying about hers😂😂😂

  • Never had a girlfriend

  • I just went through a break up. he told me he needs to get over me, date some other people, and then get back together with me in a few years and spend the rest of our lives together???? I'm so confused. also we've been dating for 2 years and lived together for 1 year. this came straight out of the blue and I'm just trying to wrap my head around it so this is a coincidence

  • This is why I’m scared to be in a relationship. I have so much fear that she will end up not loving me anymore and leave me and forget about me

    • I had that fear too and I thought my boyfriend feared it more because he would tell me all the time "please don't ever leave me" and then what do you know he breaks up with me after 2 years and living together for 1. he says he needs to get over me, date other people, and then come back to me and spend the rest of our lives together??????? I'm just so confused what kinda person does that? he all of a sudden started acting completely different too and I'm just completely lost

  • Like to has hasn't had caught their partner in action in bed in front of their eyes?

  • 1:07 that's why America will never be great.......weird ass people

  • i love seeing new faces in these cut videos would like to see more of these people in videos soon

  • I was with my BF from the time we were 12 to 22 (yup). But at 22 he was ready to have a baby. I was not. (In reality we were both not ready, and needed to get our lives in order first, and i didn’t want to drag a kid into the situation) and of course it was my fault because in his words i was being selfish for denying him is rights to be a father. Then the cheating started and he only admitted it after he got called out in it. “If only you had my child, I wouldn’t of cheated. “ 🙄 took me a few months to come to the realization that I didn’t need to deal with that shit. So that was fun.

  • Video Title: "100 People Tell us About Their Worst Breakup." "i threw a burrito."

  • i didn’t like his dog so i broke up with him 💀💀💀

  • Why is 50% gay?

  • Lol 2:07 😂😂

  • 2:44 yo tate lmao 😂

  • the worst break-up is right now the destruction of my life. I lost my best friend the love of my life my wife. She told me she was dying she told me she was sick she said she had two months to live. she wanted to go be with her kids. here we are almost 10 months later she's working her job enjoying her life. we spent 6 years together we are best friends did everything the best I could with my life. I've destroyed my life destroyed my family lost 70 lbs don't even want to live I don't understand how you can go from best friends to not even talking to a person for 10 months and tell them you blew your chance it's kind of hard to blow a chance when you don't even talk to somebody. That's hard to catch a hint when everyday you put me down and told me I'm a piece of shit. there's not a day that goes by that I don't cry. I've never cheated on you and I don't lie. maybe I wasn't a perfect man but I did the best I knew how and I can. I kept a roof over our head I kept food in the house you had a car to drive and we even had a mouse. we went fishing all the time we did I thought we had a decent life I'm not rich I'm not poor I'm just honest and sincere. I felt that you've been used thrown away being punished for your wife it's not fair you can tell me goodbye face-to-face so I can live my life that's all I ask I'm not going to hurt you I'm not going to beg you I just need the truth. That's all I ask and I will be gone I will have a new number and your name. I don't want to play a game I'm an adult I don't have to hide I'll do what I want I'd lost my pride. stayed up for 57 days. I'm 57 years old it's not the time of my life. It's the destruction of me. I can't control my life you are my backbone my support. I'm getting a grip I'm straightening out my life I would like the clothes you're so I can live my life I could be myself and be happy again happy as can be I love you till the day I die I just need to know why. tell me why and I'll sign the papers and you can go by never text you again never call you for the rest of your life. I just need to know why why why why every day I want to know why I can't stop to cry it's not fair you must say goodbye be an adult and tell me to my face it's all I ask. Thank you you too I don't know what else to do I'm sorry to take up everyone space but I'm lost and I'm home alone and I hate this place I'm tired of crying I'm tired of living I want to die but I just can't thank you

  • To many people it confused me lol!

  • But... MY DOG!?!?😂😂

  • i broke up with my ex over a call, and he threaten me that he would kill himself, literally taking the pills and it was midnight. he was ready to die while in a call with me but wed broke up anyway, i basically burned all the expensive stuff that he bought me and i got over it. PS:he didnt die tho.

  • This just made me feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. Thank you like seriously thank you. I’m now laughing at my own situation.

  • this was honestly one my favorite videos that Cut has ever released. this shows that everyone goes through shit and that all relationships have their ups and downs and that it's not all perfect. I've gone through a situation where my best friend who I was ready to be with decides to call things off from feelings to friendship. it took her almost 2 months to explain to me why she left and why she didn't want to be with me anymore. fast forward - she ended up dating another guy a week after she told explained why she left and was possibly talking to him while she ghosted on me. it's hard to move on from someone that u cared so much about but it's so much more important to remember your value and that you deserve better

  • No one: Me laughing at my own joke before i even tell it: 6:40

  • 1:05 what the fuck is he wearing🤣

  • Stuff like this is why I am glad to never been in a relationship. I enjoy my virginity as well.


  • 6:17 she definitely threw me for a loop

  • _You know what?_ I'm sorry I hope I'm not the only one in the comment section... did anyone else pause the video before it even started and not watch it?... I'm not ready to hear these, man.. my break up still hurts lol... after 3 f*****g years yo.

  • "I threw a burrito" out of nowhere

  • My worst breakup? last 2yrs ago, when my mom died she decide to left mo for my bestfriend...

  • Girl in purple hair: “I broke up with him” Other girls: “omg I feel so sorry for her poor girl I want to hug her!”

  • I know y’all reuniting 0:34 and 0:41 😭

  • 2:04 does anyone watch HiHo kids? Why does it look like Cavalli's mom? Or am I just tripping? 🤔

  • This seems a bit forced in the normalization department -_-

  • "She stole my dog... i still miss her, but- *_my dog_*

  • The best timing for break up is right after you score.


  • I threw a burrito 😂

  • What the hell was 1:05.. Srsly why do these guys only bring in these mentally disabled ppl

  • Seems like they tried to get half gay people and half normal.

  • 4:50 I thought she was going to say “ZACK MORRIS IS TRA AAAASSHHH” 😂

  • I just want to give the 5 year girl a hug

  • My ex broke up with me over text, then blocked me on all social media... Love that😂👌👌👌👌


  • 6:07 Jarv Dee?

  • 2:45 umm is that Sting?

  • 2:45 is that Tatum Dahl?

  • “I was like I wanted to get married she was like nope so “ 😂😂😂😂


  • Cheating is the worse. Just tell the person straight up

  • 2:34 she stole ma dawg. i still miss her but *mA DAWG*