12 Edible School Supplies / Weird Ways To Sneak Food Into Class

Ajoutée 30 août 2018
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Can’t live without snacks?! But what to do if no food is still allowed in class? It’s not a problem anymore! Watch our new video to learn new ideas of how to sneak food into class!
Supplies and tools:
• Sponge cake
• Nutella
• Caramel condensed milk
• Blue fondant
• Wafer paper
• Water
• Globe stand
• Fruitella
• Pencil
• Wooden skewer
• Marzipan candy
• Pen
• Marshmallow
• Wafer cake
• Starch
• Food colorings
• Ribbon
• Food markers
• School supplies cup
• Cardboard
• Glue
• Nutella & Go
• Microwave
• Hard candies
• Metallic paper clips
• Chewy candy
• Brush
• Jelly candy
• Empty gouache paint pot
• Zipper
• Thread and needle
• Caramel candies
• Eraser sticks
• Sugar sprinkles
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