15 Gadgets Futuristas Que Tienes Que Ver en 2018

Ajoutée 24 mars 2018
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Links USA:
Smart Fingerprint Lock www.cleverlock.io/
Myo amzn.to/2G0OHFQ
Moleskine Smart Writing amzn.to/2DRMy9o
Panasonic assisten Robot news.panasonic.com/global/topics/2017/53494.html
Supersuit www.indiegogo.com/projects/supersuit-world-s-first-wearable-gaming-platform--3
Laser Gloves amzn.to/2pAllnm
Korner amzn.to/2I18Jwt
Robot Chef Arm www.moley.com/
Powered Jacket MK3 conoce-japon.com/curiosidades-2/powered-jacket/
SoloCam www.solocam.me/
Hankook www.hankooktire.com/es/
Handjet EBS amzn.to/2DRcd1O
Scalevo scewo.ch/
Skarp Laser Razor www.skarptechnologies.com/
Zgr zerogravityracks.com/
Bullet proof origami www.tssbulletproof.com/kevlarbulletproof-shield/


  • They should join the super suit with vr goggles so you can see the laser beams n force fields n shit.now that'd be cool.

  • Nvh

  • 真的很不错。改变世界的脑洞。好想要一个这里面的发明。哪个机械手臂真的太帅了

  • the vidioe sucks

  • อยากได้จังครับผมอยากได้เสื้อฮีมันยกของหนักหนักได้นะครับเพราะผมจะได้ยกของหนักหนักด้วยตนเองโดยไม่ต้องพึ่งพ่อและแม่

  • Anyone seeing this in 2022?

  • 3:06 хачю

  • علمي

  • 3:47 これは、使い方によっては兵器だな

    • サイバー対策も弱そうなものが多い、あるなら良いけどね!

  • говнище

  • Now is 2019 you is saying lie

  • Supersuit is fake

  • احنا اخترعنا عصير الخيار للحفاظ على بشرة الوجه هههه

  • Nope

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  • fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-teypsOTg8jA.html. Subscribe her please

  • bullet-proof origami i hope we see it in demolution ranch

  • Nah I don’t care because all this are fake 3d video in FR-tv

  • Anche la lametta

  • Le gomme delle macchine sonostupende

  • I want that all for future our future is very good thanks

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  • Amazing toys stupid 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Oj va kolt

  • Это убьёт вас люди!

  • tech: robot can coock me: fuck off and let me do my job

  • nice gadget

  • 日本人🙋

  • 3:54 it’s iron man

  • Tuyệt vời

  • Se VC veio pela capa do video 7:23

  • Nah its not even real dude😒😒😒

  • 2019

  • I won't the Hankook at 1:5 1

  • I won't the mayo today at 1:5 1 and I won,t the later Gluve today at 1:5 1

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  • It 2019 XR

  • I just wasted four minutes of my life watching one commercial after another of crap. Ugh

  • Công nghệ này có hết rồi sao trời

  • 음 난왜 저런걸 본적이 없는거지 지금은 2019년인데

  • *a new way to self harm-* 9:34

  • Robot arm was fakr

  • So i must use a camper for have this objects when i go buy milk? Yes, for make life easy every day...

  • Can anyone tell me the song at 7:00?

  • 19년도 입니다만?

  • 『※取り合えず、車が浮いて居れば。All right. な訳で有りましてね。先ず。その状況を造り出す事が最重要です。後は、浮いて際居れば。『道路の摩擦抵抗は0ゼロZero。前進する方法、手段を考えれば良い事です。合掌~!』

  • الدراجة

  • De verdad no les da miedo con tanta estupidez que inventa el ser humano un día deje de servir y se vuelve inservible

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  • Please get rid of the Pee wee Herman music

  • Fuck all if you bich

  • Is the robot chef arm real

  • That is the future

  • what if the lock runs out of battery and u have charger in bag?

    • Jatin seharawat then unlucky

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  • 7:24 serious

  • Seen at 2018? I haven't see it its 2019 now liar

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  • “I need to get into this locker but there is a new smart lock!” Bolt cutters: “I can fix that”