15 Nuevos Inventos Que Tienes Que Ver Increibles Gadgets Futuristas

Ajoutée 6 avril 2018
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Icaros www.icaros.com/
Spud www.kickstarter.com/projects/1677563729/the-spontaneous-pop-up-display-spud?lang=es
Tertill www.franklinrobotics.com/
hoverseat amzn.to/2JpqO8P
Drone&Base www.dronebase.com/
Photofast call recorder amzn.to/2Jrnb24
Nexdock nexdock.com/
Quartz Bottel www.clearlyquartz.com/
TriLens www.kickstarter.com/projects/friidesigns/trilens-change-lenses-in-the-blink-of-an-eye?lang=es
FDL-1 www.projectfdl.com/
Stricker Flexit amzn.to/2qfU6y6
Keyport pivot amzn.to/2EpDWHr


  • There is literally not a single item I would want if it was free and delivered.

  • If cartoon bluebirds were real, a couple of 'em would be sitting on your shoulders singing right now.

  • Where the fuck's the thing in the thumbnail?

  • the tech no music on all these video is so annoying I often shut the video off or mute it

  • really weak

  • man that VR cage would be like planking for 40 min

  • 1 cause doing weird shit on that thing isn’t weird 2 laptop screens are just as portable 3. A robot vacuum for your lawn cause lawnmowers that are way more robust don’t break down mowing shit 4. Givin up

  • You guys remember the lawnmower man?

  • WTF would they not explain at least a little about that lawnmower-man gyro VR thing?

  • ?

  • Gimmickry ..... Stuff for your future closet

  • projector screen thing is pretty cool

  • VR came out in the early 90's, hardly futuristic.

  • Please change the music. I can’t stomach this tune anymore

  • Shows that a lot of people have way to much time on there hands. Over tech on most items like the multi bulb flash light panel. I mean really would you take that big thing to the basement to check a fuse????? I have an LED flash light about 4" long that I would rather use. Its kind of like sending a tank to get rid of an ant hole.

  • Super man so cool

  • Super man so cool

  • I like that last one is great

  • Wir sind früher mit blasrohren und ner Tasche voll Erbsen in den Wald gegangen.

  • Picture quality very bad

  • 1번은 정말 새로운 빨래걸이 네요!?

  • Неочём

  • The hover chair idea encourages people to sit on their arse in situations they'd normally be walking. Not healthy at all.

  • Eye Guards for foam shooters, better be careful, someone going to lose an eye. Dipshits.

  • Just a piece of shit ad.

  • I wish you guys would ditch the extremely crappy music.

  • God gave us legs for a reason.

  • me gustaría que se pudieran saber todos los precios de todas las cosas

  • 6:24 ... but what with that 0,0001% bacteria ? That one must be the worst of all if it's not killed like the other 99.9999% must be something like that ASMR germ. EDIT: I meant MRSA 😜

    • It's basically impossible to kill 100% of bacteria, something always survives which is why we have immune systems. Like everything else in your body your immune system is use it or lose it which is why the overuse of antibiotics and antibacterials is not a good thing.

  • First, only!

  • 2:38 is funny.. china already create better one

  • Dinge die keiner wirklich braucht.

  • That's hipster crap right there in the world of "look at me!"

  • on this list there is only ONE "invention" that is mentioning worthy and that is the ICAROS. but that is more of a expensive toy than a gadet. so in the end i need to say it in german: Diese Liste is komplett für'n Arsch. aber auch gar nichts hier ist es wert zu berichten da alles totaler schwachsinn ist

  • garbage

  • Why those in the States need tertill? They have hands and feet. They must till it themselves.

  • Most "inventions" showed sre total crap!

  • allmost TRASH!

  • If I see the flying game player with such kind of devices, I might be afraid of it.

  • The first invention putting a cell phone against your head??? Are you nuts??? Kill your brain cells with EM??? stupid is as stupid does.

  • nombre de la canción 8:38 porfa.

  • Me encantoo

  • Saludame en tu siguiente video

  • Están padrísimas 💕💕💕

  • Todos son una basura, solo sirve el proyector y la transferencia de datos es viejo... El almacenador de lentes, bueno no confiaría en el tan caros que salen y para que pueda caer no gracias

  • Genial los nuevos gadgets gracias por estar subiendo los nuevo que sale .

  • Las maravillas modernas

  • hijo de puta que te cuesta comentar los videos, careculo de mierda, acaso tenes la voz mas fea que la madre que lo pario?

  • ❤❤❤❤