25 Ingenious Kitchen Inventions You Would Like To Have

Ajoutée 21 mars 2018
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  • I want the measuring cups at 10:01

  • I enjoyed the music. ..

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  • Всего один русский комент, похоже куча пластиковой ерунды не для сильных духом😃

  • Most of these you can just use a knife for... the rest are useless

  • i have seen most of the items in Crazy Russian Hackers.

  • Please go back to nice music.

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  • 1:01〜 あれ、これは日本のかき氷器では…?w

  • Die Bildqualität ist grausam.....

  • Good^^~

  • 34 secs : The food dicer advertised doesn't use the full length of the box. The Nicer Dicer does, making dicing much faster then the one being advertised. The Nicer Dicer has three speed settings for chopping (or slicing, or wedging, or small cubes, or large cubes, depending on the interchangeable blade you use) - slow, medium, rapid. If you buy the Nicer Dicer, beware there are imitations that aren't as good which, confusingly, call themselves Nicer Dicer. I bought the original, wanted another and was caught.

  • 17 secs : egg slicer, wedger: That's a large contraption. The Zyliss Egg Slicer and Wedger cleverly combines two slicing features to make the device about a third only of the one being advertised. The Zyliss won't make cubes, though.

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  • 8:55 I thought it was an owl .. 😂

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    • K. Swati hilarious!

  • I'll rather use knife than these useless junks

  • Che bello Questi oggetti sono molto belli Con questi oggetto per tagliare un cibo nn si può quasi più farsi male alle dita

    • @Krystyna Szyszka nn lo so Credo su Amazon

    • Dove si comprano tutti questi oggetti?

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  • Todo perfecto y genial, pero la pregunta???? Donde y lugar lo puedo obtener, osea comprarlo!!!! Gracias

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  • How it cut the root of watermelon flesh to bring it out of the fruit?

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  • 1) Enough already with that annoying ass music! 2) Change the background color to something other than white so we can actually see the products!

  • Gostei da tesoura de cortar pizza

  • 4:30 한국에선 저런거로 마늘다지는데 쟤네는 과일 갈아먹네

  • Tem no Paraguai? Onde encontro?

  • かき氷機…じゃないのかな?

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  • Todos son necesario en mi cocina

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  • Use own body parts otherwise they would get rust.

  • So cool and easy to use.

  • Most of these are things designed in the 50s but now made of plastic. You can find this stuff hidden in the back of your grandmothers cabinets.