37 Questions | Annie LeBlanc & Paige Danielle

Ajoutée 15 juin 2019
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  • Omg Anthem is ADORABLE

  • The floor is lava 5 4 3 2

  • Ryan baby Jeses pake you

  • lauren dagel is a christan that was the only one i know

  • my moms sister lives in Portland oregon

  • Hon eeeeee your skin tone

  • Paige daughter is so cute and hon Annie so sweet and Paige

  • you say is a cristen song Edit: BOY I JUST LOVE WHEN MY SISTERS USE MY ACCOUNT

  • Why did u Quite gymnastics

  • Good dog choices

  • 5:03 that's our car!!!

  • Annie if you see this your the best

  • I have a golden retriever and his name is kylo he is only 1 and a half jear old

  • Hey Annie Leblanc... Lots of Love from Kenya😍

  • Please do a room tour!!!!!,

  • I sleep with my eyes open too and when I'm half asleep I can feel it😂

  • paige is so orange 💜😂

  • l like u annie i am from sri lanka 😍😍

  • Hey page would you wanna have another baby when anthem is like 3 or 2 or 1?

  • My spirit animals are a Tiger, Wolf and a Horse.

  • Ok

  • Paige-what would you wish for if you had a Genie and only one wish Me-100 more wishes😎

  • annie: i’ve got to get my life together well if her life isn’t together then i guess mine REALLY REALLY REALLY isn’t together

  • Your perfect just the way u r

  • I love that song

  • I want to go to Paris.

  • I woke up I went to school I got a bunch of homework And I went home and did nothing Yup that’s the order!

  • Paige: if you had s girl and a boy Annie: A girl Sawyer and Taytum for a girl. Lol I love you Annie! ❣❣❣

  • #australia like if you are in Australia

  • I have 3 Golden Retrievers and 1 white German shepherd.

  • Annie said she could be really nosy and I could be nosy sometimes too!

  • I love you guys 💕❤️

  • My dad grew up in Portland Oregon 😂

  • Are you ever that person who is early to a vid and doesn't comment because you can't be bothered but then regret it months later Me all the time 😁

  • Something your happy that’s behide you - Annie : I had some fake friends

  • We would like to have you in Kenya ur welcome

  • anthem and paige r so orange compared to annie lol🧡🧡

  • Annie should have wished for caleb to come back becz thats what i would wish for

  • Paige looks so orange lol 😂

  • You Say by Lauren Daigle I like just went to her concert it was amazing

  • God bless you annie

  • I had a golden retriever 1year ago but he died of cancer ❤️😢😭😍

  • I love anthem

  • Annie your so pretty as well as Paige you guys are so pretty

  • Omg i live in 🇰🇪 Kenya

  • When you said your nosey I’m like you described me 😂😂😂😂 lol

  • Do room tour plz

  • She wants to go to Kenya, I was like omg I'm from Kenya!

  • Portland is scary😂

  • I want a uave a golden retriever

  • Yooooou SUCK

  • 5:43 why did i think of the dolan twins so quick lmao

  • Anthem is so cute😊

  • I woke up I won the lottery I met Annie Wait , I got it the other way round

  • OMG i live in Kenya

  • She said Asher first

  • Cute

  • Good so cutr baby

  • Can you do a room tour??

  • I love pintrest