7 Coolest Travel Gadgets 2019 You Should Have

Ajoutée 25 févr. 2019
► 10 Best Travel Accessories 2019 ...
- 7 Coolest Travel Gadgets 2019 Links :-
1- Go Sling Pro: The Ultimate Anti-Theft Travel Bag ... amzn.to/2BKMVo3 & amzn.to/2ZZ1QIw
The world's most versatile travel sling. Slashproof, waterproof, and keeps your devices charged.
2- Evo-The Smallest Global Travel Adapter ... amzn.to/2Iz6F1C
Over 150 countries | Pocket size | Dual USB Fast Charger | 0nly $22 | Free Shipping
3- Genius Pack Supercharged: A Smarter Carry On Luggage ... amzn.to/2XuXWDg
Clean Aesthetics | Extreme Organization | Embedded Checklist | 2 USB Ports | Airline-Approved 10,000mAh Removable Battery | Ultra Light
4- CORI | The 1st Customisable Travel Pillow that ADAPTS to you ... amzn.to/2xb66EI
Support | Comfort | Portability | For better rest and happier necks!
5- Langogo - 1st Pocket Translator and Mobile Hotspot ... amzn.to/2ErIMXG
Speak like a local in 70 languages and stay connected wherever you travel
6- SkyValet | Innovative Smart Luggage with Shark Wheels ... skyvaletluggage.com
The most advanced airline approved luggage you'll ever own. Featuring - Shark Wheels - Wireless Charging - Magnetic Front Pocket
7- The Travel Line: Versatile Travel Backpack + Packing Tools ... amzn.to/2GgxghK
Luggage redefined: a carry-on Travel Backpack and system of Packing Tools designed around the idea that no two trips are the same.
- Other Stores in United Kingdom and Canada :-
1- Go Sling Pro from ALPAKA ... (UK) amzn.to/2FlSzyL
& (CA) amzn.to/2X2ZasP
2- EVO-The Smallest Global Travel Adapter ... (UK) ebay.to/2XvgG8u & (CA) amzn.to/2LeNhZL
3- Genius Pack Supercharged: A Smarter Carry On Luggage ...
(UK) ebay.to/2X1pOSQ & (CA) amzn.to/2x72Rht
4- CORI Travel Pillow ... (CA) amzn.to/2LfLQdc
5- Surfit Langogo Pocket AI Translator ..(UK) amzn.to/2X0BPYK
7- The Travel Line: Versatile Travel Backpack + Packing Tools| Peak Design ... (UK) amzn.to/2Lab2ls & (CA) amzn.to/2WYMPpB


  • The female model/actress in the CORI Travel Pillow ad is having so much fun!


  • Great suggestions for your next trip!!!

  • You need an external belt in case the zipper malfunction ✌️

  • Do you have the Go Sling without the recharge feature (too many hassles going thru TSA with that)? PS That applies to all luggage with this feature too!

    • It's an internal cable, there is no battery included. It's meant to be used with any powerbank.

  • The Smarter Carry On Luggage is easy to manoeuvre and fits in overheads.

  • the word pointless comes to mind

  • 12:30 they found a mouse to do the commentary.

  • geniuspack weighs 3kg and total carryon weight allowed by airlines is only 7kg....not practical...

  • First one looks like a shaving kit bag could of design it better.

  • Why is that woman with the translator gadget speaking Japanese ...with an accent??

    • I think their business heads want to make her a Japanese person but she’s not Japanese :/

    • ChicagoTurtle1 an English accent 🤣

  • You could just use Microsoft translator on your phone instead of using that langogo thing. It even translates written words using the camera and can connect with multiple users all speaking different languages by setting up a chat room. Also it's free. The only thing that product is good for is really the hotspot cause it may require wifi or internet which you might not always have when traveling

  • Go Sling Pro looks cool but I honestly wouldn't dare walk around w/ that in public. It literally screams tourist

    • For me, backpacks will always be more functional and safe than slingbacks.

    • Mr Dacus don’t think so. EDC and tech carry bags are becoming very popular. This one, however, does scream expensive camera equipment.

    • Mr Dacus plus when you bend over it swings in front of you, even if it’s on your back.

  • I'm in love❤❤

    • Wendy Collins marry the man

  • 1:23, in the same freaking second the guy saw that the other guy needed to charge his phone. He began to charge his own. What a dick.

  • 1:04 "pickpocketing is at an all-time high." Based on what statistics does the company make this statement and in what region? If I believe this statement, I would not be buying this bag and try my luck going out; I will hunker down so that nobody can pick my pocket 😏

  • I like number 6 it was funny

  • No5, the speaker who speak Japanese isn’t Japanese guy. Pronouncing is bad. It can be said by Native Japanese speaker, me.

  • Esa es una marioneta que usan los tepiteños y los brayan, brandons, llons, ualters, llerris....

  • Amazing video Thumbs up 👍 Thanks for sharing Peace


  • Can Langogo translate somali language?

  • so chinese

  • da Japanese sucks lol

  • The fanny pack u fling over your shoulder

    • Looks nothing like a fanny pack 😂

  • #1 I found a similar bag on Amazon $16 FREE SHIPPING

  • How many milliamps for charger? Lagogo translator better than Google translate? How? How much for alpacha bag vs. worth of Amazon bag

    • 1. don’t know 2.more languages 3.don’t know

  • Number seven is showing the video of the peak design bag. Edited: you should put in your description that it is Peak Designs Travel Line.

  • One of the carryon suitcases, possibly combined with the last backpack shown would be good for air travel in particular, if one is concerned about cabin baggage going missing and/or if cabin baggage ends up having to be checked due to its weight and/or size - it seems that these days, airlines are ever decreasing the cabin baggage allowances, on top of all the other nonsense around airport security, which is why I do not fly from the UK home to Ireland, instead going by either coach & Ferry, or train & ferry overnight across the Irish Sea, which I have found to be a much more pleasant and civilised travel experience

  • The Sky Valet is a nice bag

    • Marcus Thomas cost a lot though

  • SkyValet, TSA theft proof lol

  • Hi there, I really like the gadgets but I have another question. Where can I get that video template you used in the beginning of your video with the 7 wonders? Thanks

  • What’s gonna safe the first bag from getting lost in my house?

  • Loved the last two. Is this the brand “The Travel Line”? Where can I get them? Or see them first hand?

    • That's what I thought too. Those pouches are undoubtedly by Peak Design. You just missed a whole bunch of their products on sale via massdrop.

    • The "Travel Line" bags are actually by Peak Design, good looking bags, don't own one myself though.

  • Cool

  • Really liked the luggage Genius Pack (#3) on the video. I was wondering if they could incorporate a TSA safety complaint lock box for a standard sized pistol, magazines and bullets all secured in the case? The lock box can be molded/built into it allowing for easy inspection from TSA at the counter. It would be secure and meet any and all guidelines for carrying a firearm, munition and magazines. Just thought I would ask to see if that is already available or if it would be an option in the future? thanks

    • Bruce, or, you can move to a country that doesn't have guns? Wouldn't that be easier? There are free countries that ~might~ be safe enough for you to move your family to. You see, I don't just use my weapon for protection, I enjoy sports and shooting sports is a great sport. Should I stop sport shooting?

    • Or you could just do what the rest of the world does and try travelling without having to carry a firearm.. ?

    • @txdraw It is a carry on. So, you don't carry it on, you have it placed in the belly of the plane. Seriously? " IT IS A CARRY ON." It is what you want it to be. If I want to place my carry on in the belly of the plane, guess where it will be placed? Come on, GUESS! I travel Armed whenever I fly. It'd be nice to have a secure case designed to hold a pistol or two when you just don't feel like flying armed........or you are requested to stow your firearm (some pilots don't like guns, even for LEO.

    • Its a carry on .....you cant carry a gun, ammunition, on a plane.

  • #6 best add ever lol

  • 2019-3-12 首次阅览 拍得很好,继续加油

  • Man kann es mit der Werbung auch übertrieben. Geld Geier

  • But is it waterproof?

  • #1 Is a heck of a purse. Or murse.

  • what a terrible japanese she speaks😑

    • @Kuma karma's a bitch....... now I get it

    • @Aamey Playz "You know what; you're an idiot, so fuck off. You 2 year-old. Your grammar isn't well, so fuck you" *Fixed That For You*

    • A guy Who commented on this video You know what you’re an idiot so fuck off 2-year old You’re grammar isn’t well so fuck you

    • A guy Who commented on this video fuck off

  • What’s with the voice of number 7?

  • Kevlar lining... !

    • @Snowleopard ;D I live in a war zone, I obviously need my KEVLAR LINING when fighting WATER

    • 100% bullet proof jUsT in cAsE you get into the middle of a battlefield

  • Nothing new here. Am curious whether the luggage is approved for carry on on international flights.

    • Shut up grant actually it’s 35 liters but when unzipped it’s 45 in the video it said it adds an extra 10 liters.

    • So the peak design bag is carry on approved as long as the expandable zippers are zipped. Most flights (international inlcuded) have a max carry on size of 40 litres. It is 45 litres when it is exapnded. If you have soft items in there that can compress, then you should be fine. I usually use mine in the 35 litre configuration with the expanding zippers zipped and have never had an issue with getting turned away. Long story short, no one is going to look at the bag and be able to tell if it is in the 35 of 45 litre configuration so youll be fine! Great bag though, I bought it when it first hit the market and its been the only travel backpack ive used since.

  • Someone sub to me pls

  • Why do we love to travel to see how it feels to spend money in another state

    • To experience other states and countries and new experiences not just to spend money!!

    • Or in another country