73 Questions With Troye Sivan | Vogue

Ajoutée 20 juin 2019
Musician, actor, model and 21st century Renaissance man, Troye Sivan, invites Vogue into his manager's lush Los Angeles home and answers 73 Questions. Troye talks about what it was like to come out on FR-tv, his songwriting process, and if he'll ever bleach his hair again.

Director: Joe Sabia
Producer: Marina Cukeric
DP: Jess Dunlap
PM: Josh Young
Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
Post Sound: Bang World
Styling: Sean Knight
Hair: Florido
Makeup: Miriam Nichterlein
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73 Questions With Troye Sivan | Vogue


  • love you Troye

  • Troye is most definitely flirting with the interviewer

  • did you just say "ossy" 0:56. ITS Aussie WHICH IS PRONOUNCED "OZZY".

  • He needs God in his life

  • Sweet

  • When he said lizzo.......I became a fan

  • troye troye why you are so handsome?

  • I do badly want that outdoor bathtub.

  • Who’s this person?

    • He’s a singer

  • ;) buhhhhhhhhhh

  • I like his voice so much 🥰

  • I like the fact I don't even know who this guy is. He is cute, but gee, what young guy doesn't look cute to some degree. But listening to him talk about his career, I find boring, thus I am going upstairs and read a great new book on "Prime numbers & their subsets" more exciting that this, at least for me.

    • Dennis Dowd 👀 Sorry I’m just looking for who asked

  • Oh this really nice !! Sorry my english is bad sorry!! :(

  • Man he kills it in that T-shirt and jeans

  • Jacob entered, answered a couple a questions, stole the coffee, and then left. 😂😂

  • Hes too pretty it hurts


  • Troye Sivan + Taylor Swift = ME! ME! ME! Edit: Yo I just realised they have the same initials that's so coooool omg!

  • *Troye just casually painting the dude's nails while being asked about his career*

  • if i were that guy ide ware a shirt that said troye sivan painted my nails for the rest of my life XD (also i have that exact nail ploish its called sally hansen hard as nails xtreme ware white on if u were wondering lol)

  • Jocob is cute, anyway

  • Are they married?

    • No. They do live together though.

  • Troye Sivan is the man that made us all come to the conclusion that a guy can only be one: Straight or Hot 😩😩

  • I like this house and stuff inside,cups so cute ,nice colour

  • A Taylor Swift Stan, we stan!!!✨❤️

  • do u reckon?

  • he is so beautiful 😍

  • I didn't see this video until now for some reason when FR-tv put it in my suggested watch list on top. Don't they know I love Troye! :-) Troye looks so good in this video. I was a bit worried he was losing weight on that tour. Looking forward to some new music and hopefully a tour to Ireland (hint hint). :-)

  • Interviewer: who is your celebrity crush? Troye: Shawn Mendes Jacob: HARRY STYLES Me:Sameeee

  • That house is a DREAM HOUSE.... 😍😍

  • Only jealous garage dwellers with no talent are jealous of this guy ^^

  • Thought he'd be thinner

  • Troye is so pretty I love him so much

  • It's like a 73 questions with a house tour for free, can I come to your house and do the same thing?

  • *Jacob suddenly pops outta nowhere and i'm like: "sana all"*

  • Jacob:JUST DO IT Trobe: Shut up babe Adorable

  • 73 Questions wid EMINEM.

  • I like this outift

  • Omg his boyfriend is gorgeous

  • i went to troye's concert in seattle in november of last year and he said we were his favorite but now it's china, whaaaaaaaaat? 😔💗

    • Can't blame him, his Chinese fans are crazy about him. He sold out his 3 shows there, the latest is a 18k arena. Edit: his china leg tour last month were 10k, 18k,and 12k arenas. All were sold out. What he talked about here was a different concert, he added and came back to China because of the extreme demand of fans.