9 Coolest Latest Gadgets 2019 | YOU CAN BUY ONLINE

Ajoutée 6 sept. 2019
9 Coolest Latest Gadgets 2019 | YOU CAN BUY ONLINE
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Jammy - bit.ly/futuretech_jammy
Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse - amzn.to/2sqljCh
GreenLighting Solar Charger - amzn.to/2EwVHII
Bodyboss - amzn.to/2Hb3meu
ARCHISKETCH - kck.st/2AnQ902
Recoil Automatic - amzn.to/2VhnItw
ThinOPTICS - amzn.to/2q6fLs4
Czur Scan - amzn.to/2Bvlz4l
Drawer Slide Jig - amzn.to/2BnhSz4
Music Credit
Lensko_Lets - fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-mSLuJYtl89Y.html
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  • Hi ha

  • moneysurecanbuyhappiness.com/ You might find some cool stuffs here too

  • Hi

  • Hi can I download your videos for publishing

  • Thin optics, for people who refuse to buy the glasses they know they need

  • "carry optics everywhere made it trouble" 🤔

  • Are you using a text to speech app? I’m not trying to insult anyone. I genuinely would like to know.

    • He sounds American but some of the things he says sounds straight up from a Chinese advertisement.

    • If China invented a text to speech app this good, we are in big trouble.

  • knowing secrets and secret talks

  • awesome cool new power ups decided by god super wisdom

  • wisdom and assistance

  • fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-nd_gDX2bl6o.html

  • Well then, that was a bunch of crap.

  • So whats the Google gadget in the thumbnail that wasn't in the video at all 😑😑

  • What’s the product in the thumbnail ?


  • watch people get sidelined at the airports for this guitar "Sir you need to come with us " ....

  • They have portable chargers t car chargers already

  • Me : Skips an 5 seconds ad. Also me : watches a 10 minutes video of ads.

  • GadgetsRUS.org UNIQUE GADGETS FOR EVERY FAMILY MEMBER: fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-KTg5BiAZKdU.html

  • Too much useless mobile gadget

  • The mouse is useless

  • Soooo slooooow

  • 🌱the main character looks like a weird mix of every late 90s teen heartthrob-slacker... doesn't he?🤔🌀

  • I love how these videos show these ads, but doesn't review the items and how useless they really are.

    • Tymas X fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-zWU1gKGLNN4.html

    • And that 99% of the time an item looks promising it doesn't do anything the add promised...

    • Exactly!!

  • The tone of this whole video seems a bit weird

  • i need one !! how ca i get

    • The Punt Expedition check the name on web man probably they must have website

  • the grammar & english language usage is atrocious...

  • Why are you reading the Chinglish verbatim? For happy life adjust language for speaking with voice to others.

  • These all suck.

  • The poor attempt at translating to English in these videos is fucking painful

  • 2.30 GreenLighting. I'm going to say that this one is completely fake, and the presentation looks so sketchy, for 1 it never shows you actually charging a battery and on 3.00 the woman is turning it on with a press of the side button plus the logo is showing the amount of energy in the battery but not that's charging it. On 3.18 she plugs the cord in the phone and the screen turns on however the footage only cover less then half of the bottom part of the phone. All in all either the marketing team was a club of idiots or this is a flat straight made in china RIP'OFF and straight out scam.

    • Lol don't worry bro 99% of those Gadgets don't deliver on their promise

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  • Thumbnail gadgets?

  • Your intro jingle is significantly louder than your actual presenting video. Might want to adjust it a little. Cool vid.

  • fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-0etAQQzB9MU.html HD GO PRO

  • Biggest fan of yours,Best gadgets are in this list i wana thank you for you help , you are a great inspiration to me by watching your video I have also decided to start my own channel would love you support kindly check it out and let me when ever you are free

  • Thinoptics doesn't work well on oily nose. It drops very easily. General reading glasses are more secure.

  • Yea a few of there are old. Not really “Latest”

  • Great gadgets

  • Amazon is too expensive. Tell about latest gadgets from aliexpress

    • Farida Akbarova yup I’m also AliExpress customer

    • Sapu ijuk

    • Yes I agree aliexpress is nice and affordable

  • Most of these products are worthless

  • Greatcontent man

  • GreenLighting Solar Charger is the best

    • Forever Gadgets agreed with you man

  • All gadgets are amazing

    • Classic Gadgets yup agreed with you

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  • சூப்பர் சார் அருமையான பதிவு நன்றி super good welcome to

  • Awesome gadgets👍