9 PROBLEMATIC Comments Pete Davidson Said About Ariana Grande

Ajoutée 21 oct. 2018
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Ever since Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande became fiancés after just two months of dating, fans have been pretty divided on whether or not to ship the couple. Especially considering, in just the short period of time they’ve been together, Pete has already made plenty of inappropriate jokes about his fiancé. So today, we’re breaking down the 9 most problematic comments Pete has made about Ariana.
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  • Seriously folks?, we are talking about a comedian and a singer. I find both very talented and couldn’t give a rats a$$ about there personal lives. So chill

  • you people have no sense of humour and all the ari fan girls go kill urselves

  • Yall have NO SENSE OF HUMOR

  • Pete is a mean

  • but he's a comedian. wtf. allow it

  • Alright not even gonna lie, that last one made me laugh so hard. Still love you the most Ariana but come on that was a funny joke 😂😂💕

  • this is horrible why would you waste your time on this?

  • Omg the joke police are damn toxic

  • Stupid cunt was acting like everything was so bad


  • Jesus christ, just leave him alone

  • Pete is so weird

  • People do realize he's from Saturday Night Live right? which means he's a...? comedian.

  • Pete is the funniest guy ever, i feel like Arianna and him were right for eachother. Some people get triggered too easily buy they forget that pete is a comedian. I mean, do you seriously think that he switched her birth control pills?? Do you think Arianna is dumb enough to mistake birth control pills with freaking orange breath mints? Just take a damn joke

  • And I mean you chew gum wierdly

  • And did you date ariana so you can earn more money if you need some comedian tips ask trevor noah

  • And a comedian doesnt make jokes about someone's life he has one but does not live one or is it the other way around,ariana deserves someone but I hated it when she cheated on jai sadly

  • Pete I'm sorry but you chew GU wierdly like who doesnt know that I knew you were wrong for her the first time you made that joke😕

  • Lmao come on this guy is hilarious u guys needa get some humor 😂😂

  • being a 'comedian' doesn't mean every distasteful, tactless, and inappropriate comment he makes is funny or a joke. it just means he thinks he's funny and wants other people to think so too. that doesn't make everything he says an automatic joke even tho he may be one

  • Can people just let him use comedy as a coping method, yes his 9/11 jokes may seem wrong to some, but for him it most likely helps him with the loss of his dad. The piggy smalls joke was actually funny, leave him be The prenup one was a completely normal dude joke The tictac for pills one, wasn't okay, but can we remember that hes a fucking comedian *so leave him the hell alone*

  • Just shut up. Your like that girl who looks to call out someone on stupid shit. STFU

  • My new nightmare is Pete ........

  • everyone is over reacting lmao

  • i swear arianators will see Pete eat a sub and be like “he’s literally so insensitive??? like the meat in that sub? was REAL ANIMALS? ugh thank you next”

  • Whiney millenials

  • Pete is funny as hell shut up

  • Why is anyone criticizing Pete for the comments on his father. It’s his father he can say whatever he’d like about his father.

  • In my opinion I can’t believe I’m a Davidson... and I also can’t BELIVE how inappropriate he is! ((No we ain’t related in if we were I’d scream if him and ari were still together))

  • Hes a fucking comedian ur all just liberal snowflakes who are ruining society and have no sense of humor

  • whats more sad is this fucking channel. Honestly who gives a fuck about pete doing what he did. Again he is a Comedian, he will joke with anything plus do you not heard the audience laughing? You fucking idiots this channel should have been in 9/11 😂

  • Ariana has a questionable taste in men

  • He’s so fucking ugly 😭😭

  • It was not about the jokes... It was about the drugs, who knows what drugs that boy be on.

  • he is fucked up

  • Ariana talked about his dick in her new video.

  • Wow everyone's so triggered lmao

  • Worst fucking video I have ever seen, people cry over everything.

  • Why is she always sey kvel?😂😂

  • The prenup joke was funny. He wouldn't have anything. Ari would keep her stuff

  • She mentioned him in her new song "Thank U, Next"

  • Problematic means of or relating to a problem. So state the problem and quit being nebulous.

  • This channel is stupid

  • Guys doesn’t Pete look like a monkey. Is it just not me?


  • Bro hes a fucking comedian it’s his job to make jokes people are just pussies

  • omg shut up he's a comedian.

  • The last one was kinda funny tho

  • WHo gives a shit, its funny, can you get the fucking joke?

  • I personally thought the joke about the prenup was one of the funniest things I’d ever heard on SNL.

  • Petes Funny , people are just over sensitive

  • He's a psychopath

  • I would excuse Pete’s comments if he was actually funny

  • Pete can say whatever the fuck he wants. People need to leave his ads alone.

  • Someone needs some concealer.

  • Pete: **Makes inappropriate joke** Everyone: THATS RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL!!! Pete: It’s called comedy Everyone: What’s a comedy?

  • Pete looks like a crackhead

  • ACTUALLY... 22 people died... oh right... it was counting the bomber, good riddance the bomber died. I went to that concert.

  • ...I thought Pete Davidson was gay...

  • bitch u want to fine some more bullshit about celebrity couples to stay relevant but you're not relevant at all I just found this video on the most bullshit u can watch

  • Wait, what's wrong with his eyes??? @@ why is like panda??? Do he have make up on or sth? Or drug addict for sure lol

  • My girl Ariana going out with these ugly dudes actually gives me hope that she may pick me

  • Dark humor. I love it.

  • Some jokes weren't funny, but alot on here weren't that controversial and were actually funny, like the piggy smalls joke was actually funny and shouldn't be seen as controversial

  • okay, i get that he's a comedian, but it's not funny when he makes jokes like these. like, come on dude. at least make jokes people would be comfortable laughing at.

  • It is fucking black humor

  • I love Pete he’s so funny

  • Can no one seriously take a joke anymore

  • Dude the first joke is actually so fucking funny

  • Damn, people this sensitive huh..

  • Pete has no class I’m glad she dump him!!!

  • pete looks like a demon in the thumbnail

  • Ok to clear things up actually study pete bc his comedy is roasting or sexual actually learn about him, 2 was addicted to pot and went to rehab and many times they talk about it so u guys aren't that good at ur job and don't judge people if u don't know them I seen a comment judging him you know nothing about him

  • Looking like he hasn't slept in 10 years

  • Ew, he's a perv. Before trying to make "jokes" about Ari, try to not look like a criminal that just escaped from jail, Pete.

  • Y’all need to chill tf out there jokes y’all gotta take it up the ass 😂😭

  • This is just bashing my man Pete

  • god damn you can’t say anything now without offending someone

  • What a creep...

  • Mkay look, Pete be looking ugly. Lmao. Look at those dark circles. Look at himself he looks like he takes drugs :/.

  • Hey hey those jokes ain't so bad

  • I just think people don’t get his sense of humor. Everything is funny to me 😂

  • I'm I the only one that thinks these jokes are funny. Or I'm I too fucked up for my own good?


  • He

  • you know he’s a comedian right?

  • I’m sorry. This is fucking hilarious

  • Thank god! He is sooo ugly!

  • I think pete is a god damn genius Cmon. The people that hate him need to hop off.

  • Pete what is you doing lol smfh

  • Literally there is nothing wrong with the pig joke wtf

  • Some things just aren't meant to be joked about.

  • He is ugly as fuck!!! He puts me in a mindset of an annoying severe acne jerk from high school.

  • Anyone who is cut up about this comedians JOKES should chill the fuck out. the one about the birth control is fucking hilarious

  • HA those all were funny. he 911

  • Am I the only one who thinks he just used her for fame?

  • People clearly don't have any sense of humor...

  • This was a PR relationship

  • pete is funny as hell

  • This channel has too many vids bout their past relationship and notice how the woman reviewing the story tries to copy ariana's signature look