9 PROBLEMATIC Comments Pete Davidson Said About Ariana Grande

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Ever since Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande became fiancés after just two months of dating, fans have been pretty divided on whether or not to ship the couple. Especially considering, in just the short period of time they’ve been together, Pete has already made plenty of inappropriate jokes about his fiancé. So today, we’re breaking down the 9 most problematic comments Pete has made about Ariana.
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  • ironic. i thought the last joke was the funniest

  • Dude i understand why his dick was always hard... she dress so inappropriate all the time...

  • AG is a slag.

  • you guys need to chill out lol

  • Okay but imo the birth control one was funny as hell

  • wtf can i cut his dick off?


  • Im sorry but I love Pete he could get away with murder in my book

  • Y'all guys don't really know what black humour is

  • I find this channel so annoying.

  • Ugh Pete's a typical douchebag. Just gross.

  • i'd like it if i had a bf eho made fun of everything .. he makes things light and not awkward

  • He's an amazing comedian and if y'all love her so much support her wanting to be with him tf😂😂 her tweet makes more sense than alot of these comments, he copes with shit in a humor type of way, TONS of ppl do that everyone is so sensitive nowadays you can't even joke anymore

  • Is this even a serious video? Like fr, r u guys shitting me? I seriously can’t believe people now. I feel like if I made a joke ab ice cream u guys would make a 10 min video on why I should end it and 5 weapons I could use.

  • He’s a comedian wtf do u expect

  • That tic tac one was funny as hell

  • haha im the only person who actually likes pete

  • You bunch of twats. Over reacting. Make the world a better place and shut up with your judgemental shit.

  • They just were not meant for each other that's all

  • will you stop saying that you "understand he's a comedian"? you clearly dont.

  • if you dont enjoy his comedy *then dont pay attention to him*

  • I found it funny how everyone believe this "money hungry " channel like go make ur own research before having an opinion on a person based on this channel that is only looking for views

  • I understand that this was kinda a f*cky situation but Pete is a comedian that is his job I get some of them were off but that's his job I don't see anything wrong with it but that's my opinion 😬😬😬

  • Why on earth would she want such a disrespectful man. Mac adored her .

  • Ariana grande is a queen, and Pete Davidson is a Jack ass..... She deserves wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better

  • Why does everybody have to try to make Pete Davidson look bad, he’s not a bad guy he just uses comedy to cope and he uses it to make people laugh some people are just to sensitive

  • I think pete is gay

  • U know wut fuck Pete

  • Maybe everyone needs to calm down. Lmao. It was her man, if she didn't mind get a life or maybe find a bridge to sit under. Trolls

  • y'all are sensitive little bitches ariadna Grande won't fuck u chill out this would all be solved if you guys could take a joke as well as penis

  • i thought all of these were genuinely funny. unpopular opinion maybe?

  • Nah this is the Pete that Ariana fell in love with. He’s funny and inappropriate and that’s what got him on SNL. They broke up because he was a rebound and Ariana quickly realized that after Mac passed away :/

  • This is why i hate pete.Mac was better😭

  • Wtf is that guy

  • He's a damn comedian! Lmao people need to stop being so damn sensitive. Fucking femi-nazi's

  • Y'all gotta chill with Pete, he is a comedian and yeah most his jokes are uncalled for but Ariana knew what she was getting into when she dated a comedian. And sometimes laughter makes others happy even if they are insensitive but its his cooping mechanism to what has happened in his life.

  • seriously pete should just leave ariana alone he is soo stupid and dumb

  • I thought some of them were pretty funny and i adore ariana. He's a comedian though. Is kinda his job. The birth control one made me actually laugh out loud.

  • Ok i have to admit he is fuckin scary. Around his eyes are full on black and his smile is just way to much. Why does she like him? Thank god my friend dont look like that. Jones where u at?

  • I'm not gonna say he's a bad guy, but Pete is ridiculously immature. He needs a lot of growing up to do.

  • That bitch breaking my babys heart

  • Love ary sooo much

  • Joke about seeing his dad was too much but besides that people are just being extra sensitive

  • The birth control and tiktaks one was funny ok I have an awful sense of humour and that one had me giggling just thinking about it

  • The sex stuff he's said about her I think is a little inappropriate but he's a comedian!! If people get so offended by everything, there will be no material left! Obviously he didn't and wouldn't really switch out her birth control that's why it's fucking funny... and I really didn't get why anyone was pissed off about his "what a cutie" comment, even if he had been talking about her..

  • Hes a comedian....


  • He is so fucking dam uglyyyy... WAT is Ari doing she always gets the ugly guys..

  • I hate Pete after seeing this video. He just loved Ariana physically and not emotionally

  • He’s a Jerk

  • *drug addict for sure*

  • I’m sorry but I’m always gonna ship Ariana and Mac. I feel like they were the perfect couple. Yeah she has a weird taste in men, but Mac was such a good soul on the inside, that his looks on the outside didn’t matter. Sorry Pete but I don’t find those jokes very funny, and you just look like you’re on meth and haven’t slept for years.

  • A lot of you are just hating Pete just because he isn't with Ariana anymore but when they were together y'all were dick riding, I've been hating this guy for a real long time.


  • This dude is so creepy looking, what “normal” person would be attracted to this thing.

  • He's so unattractive

  • Omg everyone needs to chiiilll, get a sense of humor everyone, seriously. I will agree, the Manchester one wasn't okay, But all the others were fine, people just need to get a sense of humor and lighten up a bit

  • He looks like beetlejuice. Dark circles around his eyes. Give the guy some concealer

  • How was No.7 bad??

  • Okay, most of these jokes aren't THAT bad. They're pretty funny. People are too sensitive.

  • Omg i hate channels like this soo much

  • Comedians are supposed to say offensive stuff

  • Pete shouldn’t have switched her birth control cuss he’s not the one who has to go through the pregnancy and if you agree with me sub to me channel


  • Pete is a fucking psycho

  • I think you should go to hell and stop prying on celebs lives. It’s disgusting how you think it’s normal to do that, just let them be normal humans and let them live normal lives without having to worry about the media exposing them for small things they have done. Goodbye

  • This girl is fucking retarded he’s a fucking comedian leave the guy alone I thought most of these where funny LMAO

  • These are jokes you don't need be so fucking sensitive

  • Why is pete the bad guy here. There needs to be more comedians like him. Not scared to offend someone. Thats what comedy is about. Stop being so oversensitive. But then again i wouldnt expect anything else from people who find her music good anyway

  • Y'all need to stop hating on him.. I'm tired of liking them all...

  • I feel so bad for comedians now a days they got to be so careful what the say it’s sad..

  • Arianna looks gorgeous in the cute black dress however she should have chosen something longer especially because she was singing in front of elderly people. She was literally standing in front of bill Clinton.. But....... this nasty channel is just picking the wound.....

  • Love Arianna Grande

  • Pete sucks

  • Well in not grateful

  • Ariana doesn't deserve that guy! He's to...UGLY I'm sorry but it's true

  • man i hate his ass. he’s never funny and idc that his father was apart of 9/11 doesn’t give him right to make jokes about it, its actually worse. but whatever. iM JUst oFFEndED.

  • *She did too... just saying

  • I seriously don't know what she found in him... the guy is an idiot... im happy they put an end to that joke of relationship

  • He looks hideous!!!

  • he deadass just a normal guy this video is just hate on him he doesn’t deserve it he making jokes like normal people do and then there’s the people with stupid sense of humors that can’t stand a little bit of inappropriate-ness. y’all are the real haters

  • ok first of all. a prenap is there ro PROTECT their assets. WITHOUT ONE Pete would have the right to all of Ariana’s money. how could that rub people the wrong way? second of all; all of you ppl posting nasty degrading comments bout his looks and then saying HE’S out of line - who the f are you. And third posting a ’diss song’ on a suicidal guy with borderline personality disorder after you just dumped them publicly is not particularly graceful, either.

    • I agree with your first two points. But pete wasn't suicidal when she dropped the song and the song is anything but a "diss song" lol. It is one of the very few songs I've ever heard that has a mature outlook on past relationships instead of bashing exes.

  • Puuuuuuuussssiees

  • pete is sick

  • The last three were fucking awful wtf those were all fucking jokes if ya get easely offended then dont fucking watch the show geez

  • for fuck sake this os cringy. he a comedian, and most of these things were said at shows lol

  • Pete looks like a Racoon thats hooked on meth

  • Yo I still think Pete is on the right side of the relationship. She’s a spoiled brat. Her behavior in public is despicable. He’s a comedian, calm down. She broadcasts her negative emotion in her songs... why can’t Pete in comedy?

  • Hey now u can see why she knocked the engagement off

  • How about this. He isn't funny. Neither is Howard Stern. Both are gross.

  • Will you shut the fuck up. Just because it’s not funny to you doesn’t mean it’s not a joke. Y’all dumb as hell

  • Just because he’s a comedian he shouldn’t be able to get away with making these comments

  • omg he’s a comedian.

  • Hahah bruuhh she is still better than him

  • Pete is playing the victim, very unmanly... He made jokes on national TV soon after they broke up, no problem there he used his platform for whatever reason. She strikes back on her platform and he starts sounding suicidal... He's a loser that was having a drug binge crisis... She fell for it too.. little dummy...

  • Oh no he made a joke. What a monster

  • Haha. Yall some cry babies. Pete Davidson is a crude comedian. Crude comedy is enjoyed by a lot more people than the people who don't.

  • Attractive girls like trash

  • Am i the only one who laughed at everyone of these😂😂

  • those are jokes! Seriously. People are so boring, sensitive snowflakes...