A Tour Of My Plants

Ajoutée 14 mars 2019
Music is by the wonderfully talented Andrew Applepie open.spotify.com/artist/5BYcwjrQth7em7maAt0yKE
These are the fun and helpful youtube channels (among many) that I like to watch
Planterina - fr-tv.com/ch/UCUIdHDKQIy-vr-D7M6KuRUQ
Kaylee Ellen - fr-tv.com/ch/UCWRyi0LgQqAs7_Zz09VZA-Q
Hilton Carter from Apartment Therapy - fr-tv.com/username-results?search_query=hilton+carter
Betsy Begonia - fr-tv.com/ch/UCRjGbWm25MaUd3VLuJpPtYg

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  • "warning, this video is for ~32 year old ladies~, oh and nonbinary people who like stupid domestic things" jenna i want you to know you're the most valid and sweet person on this entire platform and i don't know what we did to deserve you but i'll cherish you forever

  • You need succulents, watch this lady (English subtitles) I dare you! fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-O2SDYQsXUUE.html not to mention you can order these babies online!!! From Korea!!!!

  • but like Jenna, plant mom, sister your eyebrows look great today can I get a hell yeah

  • My Grandpere has a rubber plant in his mud room and honestly it’s like 20ft high and it’s amazing and I love it

  • I was not expecting to enjoy this as much as I did! Now I kind of want a plant for my desk at work. Researching what doesn't need a whole lot of sun or water :)

  • Honestly Jenna you could just spend 30 minutes reading the ingredients of your cupboards and I’d be entertained.

    • Also you should name the palm Peter because he seems reliable and unassuming, but still elegant in his own average way.

  • fr-tv.com/ch/UC1SxiIyuIrEYkd8Tm1vUuDA Everyone who subscribes to the channel supports me. thanks😗😗

  • I really enjoyed this video. Had zero clue how many plants you had. 🤣

  • I was super sad and watching this made me feel happier thank you jenna and julian

  • I thought that she got proposed to because of the thumbnail heh

  • Not my thing, but I'm really glad you enjoy them and give them a nice home!

  • I actually really enjoyed this video. So zen.

  • Anyone else just focusing on Kermit the whole 3:01 He’s so handsome

  • Jenna!!!! Ask Julllllllien to shake his dick lol

  • Name the kentia palm biggie smalls

  • Say goodbye to your plants if you get a cat

  • want to become a gardener after this

  • pRiCkLy pEaR ?! Sweetheart that’s a nopal

  • This video was so fun and interesting, I've watched it several times already and I can't get borred of it! I'm a lady of a certain age as well (almost 30) and when you make a video on makeup or eyebrow shaving techniques and you smile( 'cause you're gorgeous!😘) And I see the tiny creases , it's like watching myself in the mirror(ain't we beautiful! 🤗❤😚). Please please please do a video on your current skin care products! Or an interesting collaboration with a dermatologist to tell us what we can do with " mature" skin. I know we're not that old (getting close to the prime of our lives) but "back in my day" sun screen wasn't such a big thing and summer freckles were. I would love to see you do something like this! Love you and I appreciate all the good work you do! ❤⚘🌹🌺🌼

  • I’ve never been happier to watch someone gush over their plant babies

  • I want to breathe the air at your house now..

  • I don't envy whoever has to house sit for yall lmao

  • I don't know I wanted this before until I saw this on my feed. Bless 🙌

  • 1:39 30 years later.... Hey this video is only for 62 year old ladies. Now this plant here I got 30 years ago and is now a full plant.

  • the Virgo energy in this video is powerful

  • Wait whats the plant website?

  • are you really that far out of ideas that you have a video for your shitty indoor plants? fucking pathetic. #Unsubbed.

  • The amount of wholesomeness, I love Jennas enery so much 🎉

  • this video made me want plants

  • Pls do a terracotta pot painting video!!!

  • I think it's funny that she thinks the video will be boring to her fans. Like frfr we love you so much you can show us anything and we'll be MESMERIZED by it. We ❤ You Jenna.

  • jenna you have to bye this for your dogs www.wish.com/search/cat%20stuff/product/5c4029e92205e2506c9652e1?&source=search

  • ill definitely need updates. im invested.

  • I don't have a lot of plants because my cat likes to murder them, but I do have this citrus plant that my brother grew out of a seed from a tangerine or satsuma or something like, just like a regular edible one, and he gave me the plant like ten years ago when it was like 5 cm tall and had two leaves and now it's like half a metre tall and it's our proudest accomplishment. It's named Kennedy for some reason that we've forgotten.

  • Jenna after watching this video i suddenly am a plant mother to no less than 15 plants i have collected in the past week.

  • why did I watch this for the full 30 minutes and why did I lowkey enjoy it......

  • “Who doesn’t want a tree in their house, I WANT A TREE IN MY HOUSE!” 💜🌱🌳 you get me girl ☀️🤗

  • this was so bliss

  • Jennaaaaaaaaa! You should get a banana tree. My banana tree is my baby, big, beautiful, thick leaves. You would love him.

    • +Paper Bag Princess Ya ive seen those calatheas plants not to impressed to tell you the truth it would be hard to take care of! There is other similar trees like that their just not my preference to be honest with you! You know whats beautiful is a snowball tree my grandma has one and some times it puffs up gorgeously!

    • +Paper Bag Princess Its a plant you are right but its still categorized under tree if you look it up! :) It may not be the best but at times its my best friend! Its a very strong under root real amazing under the right soil! i am well sure that you know this but for the ones who dont you have to keep a eye on them because if you dont there are always those little stuipd kids who play around the garden and try to step over them and its just ruins them!!- i hate people who abuse plants because they have feeling too! Thats why they say they do better when you talk nice to them helps them grow n i believe it!!!

    • +Lookin more so everyday! Calthea are nice plants too, and very easy to keep happy in low light conditions :) I wish we could share photos, I'd love to see your tree.

    • +Lookin more so everyday! I didn't know there was such thing as a squash tree, sounds neat. I have several acorn squash plants, but they're vines and I grow them outdoors once they get big enough to produce fruit. My banana tree is still young, so no bananas yet (probably never because I live in Canada and it's a tropical plant) but yes, the leaves are lovely and the tree itself will get very big (up to 15ft) if I let it.

    • Thick huh? Wow! I bet its got small figs? No? You should see my squash tree its freakin huge!! i am not one for the taste of it but its very healthy! i keep the plant vary moisturized and well taken care of!!! i dont want to stinkk out and let it rot out or destroyed by bugs so i use a little bit of spray its a non toxic spray for the plant and its gets the job done! You know gotta keep the insects at bay! :) thought id share

  • JENNA! Please make the “man cut in half costume” from instructables.com www.instructables.com/id/Man-Cut-in-Half-Costume/

  • Why do i feel like you’re engaged..

  • Queen of indoor life

  • please turn julien into peach

  • Awww isnt that the shirt julien got her in the my bf buys my clothes vid that she hated at first?

  • I was today years old when I realized she wasn’t using her intro anymore


  • Take us plant shopping!!!!!

  • I honestly want someone to talk about me the way Jenna talks about her plants...

  • awe shes wearing the shirt julien got her

  • Hi! in one of your videos you did a tour of toys/playroom. On top of your ikea cubbies you had the ostheimer animals displayed on a wooden shelf...what is that shelf/where can i get it? thank you!

  • and here I was, reading the title of the video, thinking you'd show us like 5 plants:D loved every second of it!

  • В смысле, где видом от камеди стооор? Где вообще русские ?😂

  • As much as I enjoy the loud and hyper energy ya'll usually have I definitely appreciate the quiet type videos. I've had a migraine the last few days and the quiet enjoyment of plants was something nice to listen to as I hide under my blankets trying to get the knives out of my brain. Thank you for the energy balance and the escape from my migraine.

  • Get a purple passion and put it in a west facing window with something to climb, I had one and named it jumanji because it grew so crazy big between my west facing window and the blinds of the window- it weasel end its way in there and loved it. They let you know when they need watered because their leaves will go limp but after a big drink they perk right back up

  • This was so calming and low key happy video!

  • “Nimki Menjaj” she’s named after a uh.. vine 😂

  • OMG.. I just LOVE her dog. So chill, like a little statue! LOVE her!

  • Mayor deja vu not sure why

  • Jenna you supper :)

  • Cool !!! :)

  • Can you pleaaaaaaase post a house tour

  • who tf said you could be a horticulturist

  • @jennamarble can you plz give yourself a real drag king makeover like gluing a bread on with makeup brush hair and like making a outfit and dragging it up!!

  • my names Keisha and when Jenna quoted the ms.keisha I got so scared

  • “ what’s a plant that just likes to be wet as hell”

  • Jenna’s wearing the flannel Julien bought her for their boyfriend buys my outfit video!

  • So glad I’m not the only helicopter palm parent. 😂

  • this was so good for me to watch during a study break in finals week. Inspirational really

  • I wonder how Julien kept it together...

  • I like watching Kermit’s face the whole time.

  • This video is the equivalent of meditating for 4 hours.

  • Me when a villager visits my house in animal crossing

  • Jenna, you should name your beautiful palm Maui! Love this video, by the way. It is the start of...everything. :) Now a proud plant mother of 10 plants!

  • Looks like you need a green house! They even have small ones where your high humidity and high light ones could thrive

  • 5:16 Kermit's face

  • The air in their house must be crisp af😂

  • I bought my first plant this week because of this video lol He's a snake plant.. I made a video on it if you wanna see .. lol Dink FAM!

  • Your boyfriend wont agree on you getting a cat? Just buy the whole amazon rainforest

  • This was such a relaxing and wholesome video! Thanks for sharing!

  • surprisingly therapeutic to watch hahaha

  • My grad thesis deadline is coming up and I’ve been having the most stressful and anxious day and this video made me feel so much better I can feel my serotonin levels rising I did not know how much I needed this video but I really needed this video

  • I loooooove this video!! She is so amazing

  • get elephant ears! I love them and they are so cool! if you put water droplets on the leaves it’s dope!!

  • I went out and bought house plants today because of this video that I’m now watching for the third time in three days. I got two peperomias, two prayer plants, and two parlour palms, as well as a spider plant which I’ve already hung. I had to get all cat-friendly plants because I live with two demons.

  • How do you take care of your plants? Showering and such.. Do a video about it!

  • This is lovely.


  • What site did she say she buys plants from?

  • Здесь есть хоть один русский?

  • This is my favorite video you've ever made haha and now I'm so inspired to take care of plants and because of that I'm saving my orchid from terrible neglect I gave it.. So thank you for this video and I can't wait to be a better plant mom!!

  • This video is so relaxing😍

  • I want to see you and Julien play episode together

  • Poco Roberto should be nicknamed Bob... because hes short...

  • That String of Pearls looks absolutely amazing oh my God

  • Man I just want to mail you ceramic pots...

  • Does that chinese perfume turn into a bush??

  • That hoya needs more room and omg no terra cotta!!

  • I love this I want a thousand plants but my cat would destroy them all and a lot of house plants are very toxic for animals if ingested :(

  • While I'm sick and at home I'll just watch this instead of being at my botany class

  • U and ur dogs should do asmr