Activision Blizzard Faces Mass Protests/Boycott, BANS Pro Player For "Dissing" Chinese Govt.

Ajoutée 8 oct. 2019
★ Blizzard has punished a Hearthstone Pro Player who pledged support for Hong Kong, boycotts/protests have since erupted! ★
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  • *The Chinese Govt. has this AAA Gaming Industry by the balls.* If you haven't already join the discussion on Discord: Aswell as stay up to date with all gaming news and upcoming videos on Twitter:

    • @Gaston Mannlicher IDK I usually hate political stuff and avoid the news but I'm glad young content creators brought this to my attention.

    • Kristi Marie: As much as any shareholder does. I learned there are restrictions to selling goods and services in China imposed on outside countries/nations. However if the corporation is owned, even partly it is considered a Chines company. This is one way to get around the restrictive law, and of course stocks are sold on the open market, to any who wish to can buy. I am no businessman so that is that. I try and post what I understand, and sometimes fall on my face, but I get back up.

    • @Kristi Marie "brings you into public dispute, offends a portion or group of the public, or otherwise damages blizzards image" - thats a pretty broad spectrum there. Basically it translates to: "we can claim someone was offended, was offensive, or controversial at any time, so get on your knees and suck chinas dick or else". Also WP holding themselves to journalistic standards? Youre making some bold claims for a fake news agency owned by Amazons Jeff bezos and is also funded by the CIA. They run propaganda.

    • @Sweetwater So you are saying because Tencent owns 5% of the sticks Blizzard is owned by China?

    • NK is worse tho, they still have prison camps

  • yes Blizz is 100% right, hearthstone tournaments aren't the place to spread political messages .

  • Blizz died the day they merged with activision

  • Jesus why do people always put goverment talk in everything :(

  • Boycot Blizzard is step one. But lets not forget that they are not the only ones we need to boycot. Boycot china aswell, no half measures, their government needs to learn. And they will only learn once commerce towards their country starts drying up.

  • These are problems of globalised state capitalism. Unfortunately, ass hats like Shapiro who love markets won't ever accept that these problems are intrinsic to the system.

    • Though I hear where you're coming from, it seems to me more as an ethical problem rather than a flawed monetary system. The problem with all governments and all societies are that they are run by us flawed peoples.

  • If they want the Chinese market they can go and fucking live there, shouldn't get our money.

  • Not sure if it is significant, but if you hear the audio in Chinese, he did say “ok guys, lower your heads, ready...” as if he is about to say for HK. So he kind of knew what was going to happen

  • “The only thing necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke. Man I was a Blizzard fan for years, since the early early 2000s, tons of time and money invested into their crap n now, I couldn’t care less about any of it. They’ve sold out. Big time. I truly hope this comes full-circle n bites them in the ass. Hard. Major respect to Blitzchung for doing what he did. If they love money so much, they sure as hell aren’t getting mine. Hopefully enough people out there will share that sentiment.

  • "Fuck China," should be a commonly used saying.

  • what happened to the guy was not fair but life is not fair and China have to much control

  • I Hate greedy people for money, which he selling himself of freedom. GAMING IS FREEDOM!!

  • A greedy company that was made to make money at any cost wants to make money at any cost ?!!! How could they ?!! *Insert shocked Pikachu face right here* In all seriousness, they are a**oles .Does is suprise me though ? Not really. That's just the state of big business right now unfortunately...(and this guy did try to involve them in something they had no reason to be . Politics are the goverments job)

  • Keep crying from your basement, no one cares. Hong Kong IS China. Deal with it you sorry b*tch.

  • I only hope this fire will burn a good long time

  • Lol no diffeewnt compared to the so called freedom fighters in hk. So that you know they are getting paid everyday they protest, call that freedom? Go there and say your opinion is different from them and be prepared for a beating

  • maybe if these company's don't value simple human rights they should just move to china and enjoy a dose of reality

  • Don’t forget to tell Blizzard on their FR-tv page what you think of this ! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

  • Don't forget that the remake for Red Dawn changed the enemy to North Korea in the remake (as if the NK military could EVER have the capability to invade the They originally had the Chinese invade, but had to change it to satisfy the Chinese.

  • Blizzcon 2018: I'm the biggest PR disaster in blizzards history Grandmasters: hold my Chinese market share

  • This is so cool, I support Hong Kong, I'm going to try not to buy anything from China from now on, it's gonna be tough but it's worth it

  • I suspect other countries will have similar lootbox odds laws, eventually. Not the best example of Chinese influence, but the rest are.

  • I'm surprised that Blizzard didn't follow the lead of their masters and execute the guy and harvest his organs.

  • A comment, because likes don't matter.

  • We are going to have shit games like they have no women over there like 4 to 1

  • Wtf

  • Let's start a fallout I looking at you china

  • I got an ad for modern warfare at the start 😂

  • Totally done with blizzard deleted both of my accounts

  • If it really comes out to it, and the Gov. wants to jump in on this, then they shouldn't be able to affect business in other countries they are doing business in.

  • Blizzard treats its real userbase from outside China with contempt. Disturbing how they dont believe in democracy or express any sort of opinion that disagrees with the Chinese government. Incredible it is now censoring its customers. They dont deserve support. Used to be a great company before Activision.

  • Blizzard has no foresight. If only they stood up against China's censorship, they could've inspired a stronger revolution. Imagine if China banned Blizzard games from the Chinese markets... Millions and millions of Chinese fans suddenly can't play their games. The beloved blizzard games... This couldn't been enough to spark a huge revolt. Let alone make them out to be heroes in the western world.

  • kind of bullshit u have to work with chinese companies instead of just using your own ...

  • The comment about Epic Games employees getting fired for talking shit about China certainly aged poorly lol

  • I am wondering if these revelations may explain the drive towards ever more woke shit in games and Hollywood, Chinese money. Of course, the picture wouldn't be complete unless we acknowledge the fact that China is the poster boy of globalists and they are the real power behind China.

  • Blizzard, when you look down from that ivory tower, don't you ever fucking forget who built it. China didn't make you the company you are today.

  • You know what would be awesome... Every team after their win/loss would shout "free HK" after the game and exit the stage with pride during a live feed

  • In a way Blizzard did Blitzchung a favor. His message would never have received this much attention if not for the punishment.

  • There's a lot wrong with this situation, but Blizzard trying to erase and re-define past events to make themselves look perfect just radiates 1984 vibes.

  • 🏓🏓

  • my god China in my opinion not only is oppressing their people but have our entertainment industry on a lease it's scary how much control one country has over us.

  • I uninstalled over watch

  • Weird to see Americans complaining about China, whose MNCs and business corporations in other sectors are doing the exact same thing in other countries and their governments interfering in Middle East and other conflicts around the world. Honestly nobody has the right to blame each other. Globalization fucked this world up entirely. I wish people stayed in their own lands and developed them internally instead of depending on cheap labor or doing hostile corporate/government takeovers

  • Oh yes the greedy capitalists! Let's seize the means of production comrade!

  • Stand with Hong Kong for freedom, dont't bending the chinaiz

  • Seriously. Blizzard execs should be thrown in a cell. Their greed is treason!

  • hope blitz does not end up in prison, china has a very unique economy branch there

  • Communism will buy your allegiance and pay you to kneel and give up your freedoms. Apparently everything has a price tag including morals and human dignity.

  • the people of hong kong are fighting for freedom something people in America are fighting against so your saying the chinese are more American then you

  • @china the year isn't 100 anymore.

  • I have over 400 hours on Overwatch, but I ll never play it again. How dare Activision and Blizzard bend over for an evil dictatorship like China??? Maybe the CEOs of these American Corporations would like to have their organs harvested or their children work in sweat shops?

  • They support china. Send em off to china

  • Its called greedom

  • Greed has no nationality

  • Just a sort of heads up, China is Communist only in name. They don't represent actual Socialist ideas as a whole, they are a State Capitalist dictatorship that tightly controls power at the top. I'd recommend peeps look up the term State Capitalism because its basically the economic policy of the Soviet Union, Vietnam, etc. Fuck the PRC, big up Hong Kong.

  • China was always smarter then Russia, heck if the mongols had the same tech as the westerners of the time, Russia would never have existed, though alot of Old age Emperors were better then communism, China also made the book on winning wars without fighting so they should be feared more then Russia, the western nations can coexist better with Russia due to cultural similarities though with some difficulty by government styles, either way no cash from my wallet, we should make a list of US companies that support china and organize a super boycott and drive their Chinese branches into the dirt

  • So China runs the world...great...

  • China: bend over blizzard Blizzard: but but sir.... China: I said bend over now... Blizzard: ok but be gentle

  • I just cancelled modern warfare preorder

  • Blizzard - “I think things are cooling down” *LegacyKilla has joined the chat*