Ahsoka Rescues Satine [1080p]

Ajoutée 29 oct. 2016
Season 3 Episode 6 "The Academy"
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  • Good times create weak men, weak men create hard times.

  • Gotcha. ~ Ahsoka

  • 1:19Mmh, Brown hair and green eyes.

  • I wonder how hard the guards have to try to keep themselves from laughing.

  • 2:36 that moment.. got goosebumps, very good voice acting and makes me love the passion and the conviction of Satine to her principles.

  • my god he was noble then corrupt good lord were surrounded by targaryns

  • Seems like the Duchess' Royal Guard are the only ones truly trustworthy around here.

  • In 0:28 is that Dee Bradley Baker (AKA the voice actor of the clones) that voiced that guard?


  • one officer looking at the other like "dude, you drunk."

  • Am I the only one that found it funny and satisfying when Ahsoka put the shock collar on the prime minister and shocked him?

  • A fine addition to my collection

  • Satine took that shock collar like a champ. Jedi find it painful even with their training to resist physical torments.

  • Satine should only allow the ruling council to exist. She should have concentrated the main ruling power to herself. That way , she wouldn't be betrayed by one of her own. My opinion

  • 3:54 Go Ahsoka!

  • I love how the cadets potato-sack jump their gaurds😂😂😂

    • What do you think of Lagos?

    • What do you think of the feemale cadets? They where so skinny and they won be cause of their weight

    • Mee too

  • I was about to write: Is this after Maul’s takeover and then you realise that Maul killed Satine almost right away.

  • 0:48 Bitch, thats my line!

  • Nice thumbnail :D

  • 4 students in hand cuffs destroy secret service guards which have been trained to resist mind tricks Logic 👋

  • I just read the title and I’m wondering when the fuck did those 2 even meet!?!

  • *You little fool*

  • Wait if Almek would have arrested Ashoka for the time when Anakin would have picked her up from Mandalore. Wouldn't that cause a conflict between Jedi Order (and at some point the Republic) and Mandalore ? I know that scene was supposed to show how Almek was evil and such. But still it made me thinking

  • Almec is a psychopath

  • ahoks belly button!!!!!

  • How did satine not die????

  • Yo that second Guard is voiced is dee bradley baker

  • I should have been there. To knock the living daylights out of that sleemo.


  • 1:00 making your men immune to mind tricks good idea one of them realizing it’s a good plan to trap the Jedi by pretending to be mind tricked great plan

  • I like how they been trained to resist Jedi Mind Tricks but they wasn't too straight for kids with handcuffs jumping on them

  • 0:29am I the only one feeling something a little-Of about all this

  • proof tht ahsoka can kick ass without a lightsaber but we already knew tht

    • What to you think of the cadets fight?

  • 2:35 well, my sweetie, your desire will come true in Season 5 by Darth Maul.

  • Almec the most useless person i have ever seen. One shock from a collar and he tells the guards to stop and as a results ends up imprisoned??? -____-

    • He’s a politician, not a warrior. Besides, getting electrocuted HURTS.

  • Yes. Send for the guards when all of you have your hands tied behind your backs.

  • Mandalore = Space britain Corrupt, the accents,Prime minister, The guards are badass, Was very powerful but now is just small but still relatively powerful for it's size, IRA = Deathwatch. Has an amazing history, dislikes relgion.

  • 3:40 RKO from out of nowhere

  • I was just yelling at Ahsoka at the beginning, like "HE DIDN'T SAY IT RIGHT AND LOOKED AT THE OTHER GUARD, IT DIDN'T WORK" and then she only goes and screws everything up... Dammit Ahsoka

  • Almec is reys father