Ajoutée 29 juin 2019
BON APETIT!! can all McDonalds serve this stuff?
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LILY & JOSLYN WENT TO PARIS - and obviously had to stop at McDoanld's and see how it compared to the ones at home. It's safe to say it was significantly nicer in most ways and we wish they had croque monsieu in LA...
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    • Tokyo because there McDonald's is like a five star restaurant

    • That red scarf looks sooo stupid & her French accent sucks smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • TOKYO!!!!!

    • Try the French burger King is better

    • Québec, where they have McPoutine

  • You should have bought the signature burger 🍔😉

  • really we have fanta here

  • I tried the McDonald's in Paris, and I think that the italian one is better.

  • This video is genuinely so annoying

  • I'm kinda amazed that in 2019 Americans still have the same old clichés about France. "I really thought I was gonna eat a lot of croissants and crêpes and it didn't happen !" : of course it didn't happen, we French only eat crêpes like once or twice a year and croissants once a week for Sundays breakfast or brunch ! And the accordion in the soundtrack : seriously ?? I live in Paris and I've almost never heard accordion, except in the movies from the 1940s or in some provincial cities where a guy will play accordian outside a restaurant to entertain the foreign tourists (and ruin the Frenchs' dinner) ! And, yeah, we don't do huge extra large portions of food or drinks, because we don't like to waste : we eat and drink what we order, we don't leave the plate half full and we don't drink gallons of sodas.

    • @le monke Vraiment ?? Pour moi les viennoiseries ça doit rester un plaisir quasi "festif" qu'on s'accorde le weekend, pour un brunch, un petit-dej en amoureux, etc. Bref, une ou deux fois par semaine max, pas le truc banal qu'on avale mécaniquement et avec habitude tous les matins - rien que pour le cholestérol... :p

    • Alex i don’t know i eat croissants everyday for breakfast

  • Pourquoi les touristes prennent toujours à emporter pour finalement manger sur place alors que c'est le même prix ?!?!?!

  • if y’all weren’t so hyped up on white girl meds we’d be able to see more of the screen. slow down sis

  • In France u can ask for glass of water free (u know not in bottle)

  • Paris is beautiful BUT SMELLS LIKE PISS. !! AND, there's excessive trash on sidewalks.

  • Americans going to american fast foods in France is the least adventurous thing ever. It’s obviously gonna be the same shit just slight changes coz french ppl don’t have the same preferences.

  • Actually the croque is not made with pancakes. It's just the top of an hamburger buns (2 in fact) they put the the ham and cheese on the top and toast the inside of it. And no refills in France as the government banned refills in restaurants. It's funny to see how you are amazed by our MCDONALD'S cuisine. 😁 Continue to make fun videos like that and share your experiences with us.

  • Gotta be honest, I definitely hit up McDonald’s a few times in Paris since it was a cheaper option when you are in the tourist filled areas. Plus, european mcdonalds have curry sauce as a dipping sauce for chicken mcnuggets. I bought four extra packets and brought them back with me to the U.S..

  • Je suis le commentaire français que tu cherches 🤗

  • This makes our (Britain’s) McDonald’s look soo boring 😋😂

  • elle parle même pas de leur taille par rapport à chez elle hahahah et le prix en suisse c'est bcp trop cher

  • If this is the World Cup of the McDonald’s Italy will win fair and square believe me been there!

  • My favorite food from France is curry chicken in a baguette and it literally costs I think 1€/1.50€

  • Les français sont ici ?

  • They are making me hungry 😋

  • Hello America from Paris 🤗

  • Le croque mcdo c'est mythique..

  • Just realised you ventured out you guys throwing my support your way

  • 9:27 that's racist

  • That McDonalds is fancy asf

  • France! Lovin the r&b throwbacks in McDonald’s!

  • Je vais tellement peu au McDo, ç'a tellement changé :O

  • Just a clarification Paris is no longer representative of France. Paris is a country apart. If you want to discover France go everywhere except in Paris.

  • .not cute, girls...

  • what a shame to be eating mc donalds

  • Pull up yr damn top ffs

  • Fools. They probably went to the gap after.

  • Just moved to Paris from London and truly disgusted at the prices here ;(

  • Why does the blonde can't stop moving here and there, does she want to have a wee or smth?

  • It's "Bonne appétit" not "Bon apétit" 😂😂😂

  • Omg they took every item separately instead of taking a menu

  • What about sea food on Normandy's coasts? , typical " galettes de blé noir" in Bretagne? or a bouillabaisse in Marseille?...... ....No...let's go for a mc donald in Paris. How to not discover a new country.....Frenchies dying inside.

  • Why would you look for McDonalds when you are in France??? WTF? hahaha

  • Royal Deluxe!!??

  • Je vous en supplie arrêtez avec ce PUTAIN d'accordéon ! Non en France nous n'en jouons pas a longueur de temps !

    • @Heatea mdrrrr

    • Ça depends des endroits ici a Metz y a deux vieux qui sont quasiment tout le temps la a en jouer dans les rues

  • Lames

  • La musique avec l’accordéon c’est tellement le cliché sur la France

  • Wow these are the stupidest old bitches I’ve ever seen, i’m sure their old ass sugar daddies are at home back in America working jobs to pay for them on that trip. And it’s Fanta not fonta quit trying to act all superior there Skeletor

  • Dear French people, These two muppets do not, in any way, represent any of us within the United States. How embarrassing.

  • "little breakfast" :)

  • McDonald’s is shit everywhere in the world 🌎 😂

  • it dont matter what couñtry you go to mcdonälds taste the same,,,,,and tĥe spelling is the same to 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Does anyone know the song playing when she clapped her hands to the music ?

  • Why dont you pay at the ordering machine? McDonalds burgers are so boring.

  • fun-ta? always pronounced it fan-ta lol

  • Murca'..thats the reason, why the rest of the worlds thinks, that you are idiots.

  • I spent a while in Paris when I was 16 (1988) you can get beer with your order

  • This video is a complete waste of time, how come I ended up here?

  • In France and eating this shit?... Arf American people.

  • When we buy baguettes for home we always nibble a bit of it on the way home:))

  • Too early for soda ??? You eat burgers at 9am ahah

  • the "croque" is not made with pancake but actual buns (bread) but reverses when cooked. upside down if i may say. :)

  • Too Bad you didn't tasted the macarons

  • me suis encore perdu sur youtube..

  • McDonald’s is embarrassingly gross, no matter what country you’re in... Crappy burger, unmelted plastic cheese, and flappy bread....