Apashe x RIOT - Fire inside (Original Mix)

Ajoutée 17 juin 2016
iTunes: apple.co/1UjTikf
Spotify: bit.ly/FireinsideSpotify
Stream on SC: bit.ly/StreamFireInside
Beatport: bit.ly/FireInsideBeatport
A mainstage match, Apashe & RIOT come together for a unique, high-energy collaboration with classical house influences and extraordinary modern bass design. Apashe's internationally appealing sound mixed with RIOT's festival sensibilities make "Fire Inside" a song for the record books. Together these acts conjured up a volcanic bass house production that has the energy and musicality that both DJs and crowds yearn for.
Enjoy & Survive


  • Guess I'm the only one that thinks the second drop ruins the song? 🤔 The first drop is infinitely better.

  • I can confirm, second drop is fire :o

  • The second drop is fkn beast ! Love it

  • Fire as fuck! ♡ Apashe

  • wow

  • anything apashe ☝🏼

  • Instant like because Apashe ♥

  • who is the artist that does these covers?

    • i don't remember exactly but it's simething like "jairo juarez"

  • Intro reminds me of MUST DIE! - Glass Castle. Is it just me or do I listen to too much MUST DIE!?

    • +NoGoodNameGG it just personally didn't sit well with my ears but I think it was good just not for me

    • @NoGoodNameGG The Neo Tokyo EP has to be one of the most creative EPs ever released. Every track on there was gold.

    • @Rowdy Thiering I don't understand why so many disliked Neo Tokyo, in my opinion it was extremely good, just like almost all of his releases.

    • @bruh do you even swag I like all of his work. Neo Tokyo EP, Fever Dream Pt. 2 EP, and his Death & Magic LP were all gold.

    • wasn't a big fan of neo Tokyo but I love his music

  • hmmm

  • Holy Fuck!