Apex Legends - Grand Soirée Arcade Event Trailer

Ajoutée 9 janv. 2020
Welcome to the Grand Soirée Arcade Event! Kick off the decade in style with seven limited-time rotating modes. Experience returning classics and newfangled additions, with a new mode every two days. Earn fabulous rewards with our new Challenge Scorecard and dress to impress with Art Deco inspired cosmetics from the shop. We hope you enjoy the games!
Check out everything that’s happening during the Grand Soirée Arcade Event: x.ea.com/62244.
Play for free now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin for PC: x.ea.com/57366.

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“Eat You Up” Performed by Addie Hamilton.


  • Fancy is a fancy way of saying fancy is a fancy way of saying fancy is a fancy way of saying fancy is a fancy way of saying fancy is a fancy way of saying fancy is a fancy way of saying fancy is a fancy way of saying fancy is a fancy way of saying fancy

  • Video: *SHOWS MOZAMBIQUE ONE SHOT* The entire apex Players: *WAIT THAT'S ILLEGAL!!!!

  • I swear to god apex picks some of the best music

  • I complete this...

  • Crypto looks like Lil Pump no cap


  • Crypto skin kinda looks like future Lil pump

  • Make or Add Features: Cryto- make his drone offensive too Wattsons- make her trap fence a bit more slower when enemy pass tru and hard to deactivate the fence. Fences are useless when it is easily deactivated by shooting. Make Only bloodhound and crypto can deactivate the fences. Bangalore- Using her smoke , makes her blind too, I think night vision works for add on for her ability when do smoke Caustic- Same as bangalore, hard to hunt enemies when he used the NOX GASS GRENADE make his passive more visible. NEW Character: 1. Make a character that can copy enemies character for him/her to escape just like Mirage. Make him/her immune to fire by enemy once he/she copy her/his enemy's Allie. Her ability is to make their enemies shoot their own allies in 5 sec. damage is like 60% of their armor and 10% their life damage. Make the enemies confuse each other...or ABILITY to MANIPULATE enemies. Note: SHEMALE CHARACTER- SWEET, SEDUCTIVE BUT DOMINANT

  • fr-tv.com/tv/vid%C3%A9o-jLylM86-LOA.html if you want to listen to the music in the background in its entirety.

  • 0:05

  • When does kings canyon at night drop?

  • Solomode pls

  • パスのスキン見て即買った

  • Challenges brah, where are they

  • Hey EA and Respawn is mirage heirloom is a Katana? Cause One of the banner pose is a katana?

  • GIVE ME SEASON 4 TRAILER Season 4: not started yet Me: LET ME IN! PLEASE! I CAN'T WAIT :D

  • About time this game does something interesting.

  • Bruh imagine Bloodhound doing their ult in the dark mode... *Shadow memories intensifies*

  • Yasinaksu53yasin whatch my game i died and get out of the game and match abonded

  • What am i doing

  • İ died and get out of the game and get banned

  • I honestly hoped for an electro swing remix of the Apex theme

  • Apex legends please put the game on switch or think about it. I really want to play it but I can't.

  • Worlds edge is so annoying and bad please bring back kings

  • When is the next season

  • *Like si quieres que regrese KINGS CANION?*

  • I’m just waiting for any type of season 4 trailer now 😩 So much hype I’m just waiting on that notification y’all put up another video 🖤

  • I wish can switch the 3person mode in normal game, was so fking awesome and adictive.

  • EA=Money shhahahahhaha

  • For April fools you should add fall damage to prank people

  • Listen bro’s this isn’t just anyone talking I’m originator for multiple games and all of them are highly successful

  • @Apex Legends Winter Express I would very much want this mode back cause it’s cold somewhere

  • Wtf iş happening

  • İ died and get out of the game and you band me


  • Should have a mode that choice the legends randomly

  • Worlds edge should have never been released until season 7.... how dare you take kings canyon away and then replace it with weak ass worlds edge. Season 4 better not drag into this weak ass worlds edge map. I swear I'm deleting the game

    • Bruh chill there adding both maps

  • Can you make to come to mobile plz


  • kings canyon for season 4 !!! otherwise you can put it where I think your fight pass

  • Pls add freaking keybird and mouse in console

  • Very nice!

  • Pleeeeease make a Mozambique only mode

  • Fix weekly challenges plzzzzzz

  • Что за трек? Очень понравился

  • Please @apex legends all the community wants the kings kanyon back, I don’t say that this map is bad but the kings kanyon is awesome the « meta » was better and complitky different all the legends were played and all the weapons too, now it’s only Pathfinder Wraith a Gibby and the weapons are R99 peacekeeper or G7 scout or R301 please please please

  • They should let us vote on one mode to stay longer/permanently.

  • Make it happen !!!!

  • They need to start banning everyone who leaves apex Rank and public matches !!!!

  • Apex legends when l hey Will do season 4?,l liked Pathfinder asl stay .

  • اتمنة تنزلوهة للاندرويد


  • Me: ehhh don’t think I’ll buy anything this time Pathfinder’s skin: *Dew it*

  • Snipers: uff thats a sexy bloodhound

  • Maybe if the game had a Sbmm fix after the event everything would be set

  • Buff octane stim and fix luach pad

  • Pls do Uno reverse card it will be mythyc item and it will spawn one on the map when you will be knocked down you can use it and than the man who kill you will be knocked by you and you will life

  • Plis ponga el juego para Nintendo swichi este es un buen juego y lo quiero jugar en mi Nintendo Switch se los pido por favor pónganlo para Nintendo Switch

  • Cant see challenges since this event started

  • Где тизер сучкиииииии