Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “A Father’s Letter”

Ajoutée 8 juin 2019
Natalie “Wattson” Paquette made the Apex Arena’s Ring a reality. Her proud father congratulated her on the breakthrough in a heartfelt letter - but that’s not all he had to say.
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  • Dont delete kings canyon please. It brings back memories to play forever on apex

  • Sooo does she just wear the same outfit everyday and not bother to change it why is she wearing that big as snow suit with a tube on the back in the photo but the father is wearing his normal clothing doing his thing

  • Apex for Nintendo switch please

  • Ngl caustic is probably smarter

  • Youre playing minecraft in the late summer night

  • Skate 4 please

  • Can you guys please buff blood hound like make him climb faster and run faster make his special not make sound

  • Fence em in fence em out

  • Imagine being Wattson and dying to the ring...

  • I would love to see a series of "apex legends"

  • Dat neck doh

  • That music just chills out

  • 0:55 StRoNG iNDEpenDANt wOMaN

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • EA electronic glorifies cheaters they don’t care about good players we get punish online constantly by bad players, bad sports. Just quit the game when you lose you will have the best statistic and the best prizes. EA sports logic’s 👏 F........

  • Lo ki that dad looks like a grandpa

  • Can you guys like please make a series like legit for netflix or hulu

  • I lost my dad 2 months ago. The very last thing he said to me when i was going to move to another for college is “I’m proud of you, i believe you can be whatever you want”.

  • QUE FOFO 🥺

  • Il y a un peut de Français mmm i love The French accent

  • Look at the face at Wattson😂😂

  • Elle est françaises ?

  • What a sweet n loving Father, why couldn't I have one..

  • She is the smartest in the outlands hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i think its mirage wink

  • Papa🥖🥐🥨

  • 1:25 "this is your champion"

  • Give us NHL on PC!

  • I can not for the life of me play apex legends and survive more than 3 minutes but I love the story and amount of detail and law in each character and it's part of the titanfall universe.

  • Crypto and Wattson are matched for intelligence. They said she was the smartest woman on the frontier. Not the smartest man. Change my mind.

  • Do one for octane pleaseeeee.

  • Why does this video brings me to tears?

  • 1:25 "I did it papa" Me: "call me papa😉"

  • Make more and longer Videos better then some Films

  • Wattson my waifu

  • Guys only want one thing and it's disgusting: This background music as a music pack.

  • Bit over dramatic

  • Why she look like zero suit samus

  • I'm literally crying :'(

  • Nah, I prefer mindless drug-addicts

  • I won papa

  • 娘「ウイ」

  • Everyone felt that

  • Bf1 campaign vibes

  • Can we please get a campaign mode

  • is this weird accent is supposed to be a French one ?

  • *New legend leases* Me: *T H I C C*

  • Everyone talkin bout how precious she is but keep in mind she built The Ring, a device that was probably used to kill hundreds of thousands of Apex competitors.

  • DUDE the song in the background is the apex theme song but slow and on strings, that's so beautiful

  • “She is the smartest woman in the frontier” Crypto: I’m about to end this whole mans career

  • Need to do this for all the characters

  • We need bloodhounds backstory

  • Watson’s backstory

  • Fix SUPERSTAR K.O now, I had purple Patrick Mahomes and the kid left and it gave me the loss. #Fix SUPERSTAR KO

  • Please make more animated shorts

  • Soundtrack plz

  • R u still og if u played when apex first came out and u make a new account a few seasons later

  • Right before Wattson says want she says at the end the AI comes on and says "u are the champion. "

  • Her lips tho, and she has hair!??

  • The dislikes are from fortnite

  • *EA - Lootboxes - scumbags who prey and exploit easily manipulated SMALL CHILDREN!* *Absolutely disgusting.*