Ariana Grande's Ex RESPONDS to "Thank U, Next" + Celebs React

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And not in the way we thought! Ariana Grande dropped her new smash, ‘Thank You, Next” on Saturday and it feels like the world has been playing it on repeat ever since. It’s even looking like one of her exes that was mentioned in the track has approved. In one of the lines, Ariana sings “wrote some songs about Ricky, now I listen and laugh” and you guys, Ricky, aka Ricky Alvarez has responded. Ricky took to his instagram stories to share this little gem.
He then followed it up with a note that said “nothing but gratitude. thank u, next. Those songs are fire tho… you’re welcome.”
Ariana actually then responded to this on her own STORY, adding, “oh for sure, ty next” And then followed that up with a little response to his video, writing over it “hahahahahahaha im sorry you got the worst line @rickyrozay it was meant v lovingly”
Ariana did confirm via twitter over the weekend that both Big Sean and Ricky had heard the track before It’s release. But you guys, Ricky wasn’t the only one who had something to say in response to Ariana’s new single. Ari actually shared a few of her celeb pal’s reactions as well. First, there was Camila Cabello.
Then of course, Halsey had a few things to say as well.
Dove Cameron also apparently loved the new self love anthem as well. She posted a screenshot of herself listening to it on her story and captioned it “I am in constant aw of this woman.” Aren’t we all!
Anyways, now I want to turn it over to you guys. Were you surprised by Ricky’s funny reaction and do you think Big Sean will respond next? Hit me with your thoughts and feelings down in the comments below. Once you’re done with that, click right over here for a new video and don’t forget to subscribe. As always, I’m your host Renee Ariel and I’ll see you next time!

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  • "dub carmen" It took me a second, but I now know she said Dove Cameron

  • Who cares.....

  • That Ricky is hooottt

  • But, who's Malcolm? Love this song, very talented young lady! Very wise for her age! Haven't heard "break up w/ your girlfriend, I'm bored", yet....but that's next. Wasn't crazy about 7 rings, but I'm as old as my opinion doesn't matter! Lol.....she's got what it takes!

  • Dove Cameron is so irrelevant lmao

  • She got a tongue ring? Shortii better know how to use it n give good top. She look like the sloppy type too lmao

  • Least he got a part

  • Me at first: *DAYMMMMM HE REALLY HAD THE BALLS HUH!?* Me after: awwwwwww so sweet :3 Me end: I'm so SinGlE WAAAA T^T

  • Go to this acc @editzzbymehh than you know what she meant i dont need promo or her acc is open i swear to god dont be mad its on instagram if its closed you dont need to follow

  • If only Mac was there to respond he would have been touched

  • is she really over them?

  • You mean bacon eggs

  • When is Mac Miller gonna react

  • didnt sean get the worst line?

  • Ariana ...i dunno ...something is not right abt her.... she seems fake

  • Damn Ricky is hott 😍

  • 2:11 *victoria just posessed her body *i think we are all in awe of ariana grande

  • 🥰🥰🥰I’m in love with thank you next!!! She is a God!!!🙏🏽

  • what about Nathan Skyes

  • Wait am I the first person to notice when did Ariana grade get a tongue piercing 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • She went to my school!!!

  • They need to get back together!!!!!


  • Exesss how many does she have

  • Shawn could responded to that tho😝

  • Ricky’s funny reaction? I didn’t laugh tho...

  • Ppl be like "I think sean is love, Mac is patience" and so on ..... I think its what she feels personally about them, and its cool how she didn't diss them and make it a positive song🙏🏽

  • *thank you, next*

  • Me waiting for Malcolm :(

  • Is that the one that died?

    • I think it was Malcolm, because she said 'I "wish" I could say thank you to Malcolm'

  • I am Crazy her musik video of thank you next is not availabel in my country 😠😶😩

  • Who else watching in December?

  • Leave a reply. SubQ me then I'll subscribe you back

  • Well that was funny 😂

  • I anticipated for Malcolm's reaction... oh nevermind.

  • i thought they were a thing.. * Leaves chat *

  • I can't explain to anyone how much I love Thank U, Next its the most amazing song I listen to.❤👍🎧🎵🔊🎤

  • i thought that when he wrote “those songs are fire though... you’re welcome” he meant the songs ariana previously wrote about him. in the song she says “wrote some songs about ricky, now i listen and laugh.” unless she was talking about the songs she wrote in her upcoming album?

  • ariana with short hair is the best

  • Thank you, next!

  • Ricky has entered the chat

  • This is what I've been waiting lol

  • I think Big Sean won't respond he has a representation to up hold

  • Ok but Tbh I'm so happy that she has so much self respect and she's not shading her ex's and she is focusing on herself💯👑💛what an amazing women💗

  • Ig

  • Were is mac millers response

  • It was actually posted on Friday

  • Wish I could say, "Thank you" to Malcolm 'Cause he was an angel

  • You know when a woman, still thinks about her ex and writings songs about him bad or good, its clearly a sign that she still have feelings for him. Cause if she didn't had feelings why would she even write about him?


  • I wonder what Mac Millerwould've thought of the mv when he was alive. RIP. Thank you. You were an Angel. I'm sorry guys. I'm very sad.

  • Did anyone notice that Ariana looks like she has a tongue piecing😞 00:02

  • I don't think they should reply in a bad way because she's saying those things in a positive way

  • That is so meam

  • Subscribe to#toxic officialvevo now now latest #vybz kartel album coming soon

  • Thank u nexts still wishing for Mac Miller's reaction 😭

  • I love this I'm in LOVE

  • Ricky is fucking delicious

  • Which one taught her pain

    • Is it sean

  • What if tAylor swift does a version of thank you next.......quite a handful of exes she had🤔

  • I love you Ari!

  • I love Camilla cableo and Ariana

  • I’m so I’m so thankful for my ex✨🙈

  • dis song lit asf Ricky: those songs are fire tho....ur welcome Me:lmao u mean ur line rii

  • We all know Camilla loves Ari... She's been confessing. They should make a hit together..... I mean it'll be bomb y'all know the sweet voices they own

  • "Seems like the world has been playing this sone on repeat every since" Me *literally didnt even know she dropped a single....

  • Taylor Swift should learn from her

  • The only ex that can’t respond is Malcolm 🥺

  • Can't wait to watch it this is gonna be some peri peri sauce

  • Sooo we gonna forget that she was with Jai from the Janoskians ? 🤔🤔🤔😂 lmao

  • Finally someone who knows how to talk about their ex's in a good way😊💯

  • Girl got milage on her

  • I think we ALL respond to thank u , next

  • His Face 😂

  • That's why she laughed at him


  • They all knew before she launched the song

  • Queen 👑

  • I hope sean response

  • 1:40 omg ♥ so cute

  • " I don't fuck with you"

  • Big sean don't care

  • What did mac Miller say? Oh wait HA HAHAHA

  • She also said I wish I could say thank you to Malcom cause he was an angel .MAC MILLER

  • taylor take some notes please.

  • Is Ari still following Ricky on Instagram cause she reacted to the Ricky's story on Instagram🤔😮


  • Ou va le monde les amis

  • Which song Ari wrote for Ricky?😃

  • Thank u, next song.

  • Ricky was definitely a good sport👏🏽I’m glad he didn’t take it to heart and make it a big deal like some would

  • I think he was saying the songs she wrote about him are fire. 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️😂 but idk

  • Love it love her 😍😍😍😍

    • arianaa silva I posted a vid singing thank u next ♥️

  • Been straight on repeat for me!! Thank U, NEXT!

    • Tia Tokkesdal yassss!!! You and me both 💕 I did a cover as well

  • So many likes on these comments... Can I have some? Thank you 😄

  • Ricky is hot

  • there’s only one ex who we know we will never reply ..... mac .. :/

  • thank you next

  • 0:01 is it just me that I think Ariana have tongue piercings?

  • I didn't know she had her tongue pierced.