ATEEZ(에이티즈) - 'WONDERLAND' Official MV

Ajoutée 8 oct. 2019
Release Date : 2019. 10. 8
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  • Str3am atiny

  • wenardo

  • so many views and likes in the comment section.... y’all better go vote for their award nominations too !

  • 21m gaja

  • Vários tiros... vendo pela milésima vez eu acho sz'

  • I'm kinda new in the fandom and Mingi is literally on fireeeee

  • WOW 😍

  • This is art💜

  • can we get Treasure to 10M before the debut anniversary? the song and mv are underappreciated!

  • 20million!!

  • Guys Idk if we will have another vid/mv or performance vid from Ateez. We probably will cuz every comeback they provide at least two videos. Our boys work so hard wow.

  • 20MMMMM

  • Hope this song gets a win

  • 20M❤💪

  • Happy 20M 🎉💙🎉

  • Go Go ATEEZ 💙

  • Friend: whose your bias? Me: the one in the uniform

  • 21 M GOGOGO

  • Don't forget live vote we have more 10 hours collect 3 tickets per account starplay app please make more gmail account atiny

  • 0:25 i thought that was the helevator of stray kids

  • When you tube recommendations does a good job and helps you find this hidden gems 😭😍

  • 20M ❤

  • Tell me if im wrong but i would find it funny if we could get this mv to 24M in the 24th october. Which would be their 1 year anniversary. Im doing my best to get there :) will you?

  • Ateez for a performance at MAMA please !!!!!!!

  • I wish I had known about Ateez earlier omg 😱😍!!

    • @yunhoe That's why I was wondering why I never heard of them !! But damn they are powerful rookies indeed 😍

    • they are still rookies its ok <3

  • if they still cant win ROTY, something is wrong with the kpop industry.

  • Ateez did that! ROTY!!!

  • Essa música me leva de volta aos tempos de ouro do kpop.... ❤️

  • Su música es muyyy buena 👌🏻

  • Bah gzus

  • Meu pai do céu.

  • Let's get 24M v!3ws by the 24th Atiny, for their anniversary

  • THIS IS JUST SO AMAZING, I wasn't listen to kpop resently bc I wasn't interesting on any of the kpop groups anymore, but this is just revolution babe, this shit is amazing.

    • check say my name and hala hala :D

  • 20M...yaaaasss!!!

  • This song is perfectttt!! Love u so much ATEEZ!! You are amazing and talented

  • I love this song

  • Vámonos ya vámonos ya a ese lugarr que está esushsuwjwuwss

  • hi, guys, vot3 on idol champ


  • Internacional atiny?? | \ /

  • I can't stop watching it My heart pump pump

  • As a member and drum major of a marching band: I approve

  • Perfect 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😭🤧

  • 20,3

  • Masterpiece....😍😍😍

  • i don't stan ateez but i'm glad this song grew on me

    • Jane Tufuga Glad you enjoy this! ❤️😊

  • I miss Mingi a lot 🤧😭

  • We need performance in red costumes. Do you hear KQ?!?

    • There is one and it's fire!

    • There is one already ^^

  • 20mill♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • A little more and we will surpass mv say my name 👀

  • Gaja, we are doing so well. Keep up the tempo

  • Who’s been with Ateez since debut??

  • 20,301,875 (^o^)

  • Vamosss los amo chicos ❤


  • 20m omgg.. I'm so proud of them..good job fam..and let's str3am harder Atinys..ily all

  • Good

  • What happened to the days when the comments would have the members listed with times you can see them the best in the mv? Help me learn their names so I can stop calling the two I know "mullet" and "tall ass little bum stupid cute face"

    • @MaddieWang7 yass thanks! Mingi is the little sh*t and HongJoong is Mullet! I now know that Wooyoung is the little cutie too

    • I'll gladly help u! 00:10 HongJoong (Leader, Lead Rapper, Composer) 00:28 Yunho (Main dancer, Lead Vocalist, he's the Happy virus) 00:31 Wooyoung (Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual) 00:36 Seonghwa (Lead Vocalist, Visual) 00:43 San (Lead Vocalist, Lead dancer, Half of the fandom's Bias) 00:50 Jongho (Main Vocalist, Maknae) 01:20 Mingi (Main Rapper) 01:36 Yeosang (Visual and Vocalist, but he doesn't have more than 2 lines per song) I hope it helps!

    • Thank me later

    • Go watch the (Updated) Helpful Guide to Ateez I made after NY K-Con! ->

  • I find that growl/bark hot af

  • *ATINY!!!!! REMEMBER TO VOTE ON ALL APPS AND KEEP STR3@MING THIS MV AND THE MCOUNTDOWN LIVE STAGE!! I feel like we’re not trying as hard as we did for their Wave era. We haven’t gotten a win for this comeback yet so let’s work harder we can do it!!*