Azhagu - Tamil Serial | அழகு | Episode 319 | Sun TV Serials | 05 Dec 2018 | Revathy | Vision Time

Azhagu Tamil Serial latest Full Episode 319 Telecasted on 5 December 2018 in Sun TV. Azhagu Serial ft. Revathy, Thalaivasal Vijay, Shruthi Raj and Aishwarya in the lead roles. Azhagu serail Produced by Vision Time, Directed by ON Rathnam, Dialogues by Jagan.
Azhagu serial deals with the nuances of love between a husband (Thalaivasal Vijay) and wife (Revathi), even though they have been married for decades, and have successful and very strong individual personas.
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  • Why are you some of you so rude? its only a show one person's creativity.

  • Sutha née rompa overa pora

  • நிவி அக்கா ஒரு கால் பண்ணி சுதாவுக்கு உதவி செய்ய சொல்லலாம்

  • Sudha nice girl

  • Very nice serial , all actor and actress are nice performance and nice , good , excellent acting , we thank u your team from bangalore 8/12/2018. Azaghu serial is excellent.

  • sir plzz don't change Sudha and sudha's carcerter

  • Ennaiku purnava matter mudichu erupanla.

  • Nice..

  • I like Magesh active act.👌 suuper

  • Theme music for porna ayyooo😫

  • shrinathjibhajan

  • Ovara seen potatha Sutha mokka monji rompa iys vaikkatha

  • Today super.....semma family

  • nice

  • Swsmi Emma anathaya

  • Nice family

  • Sudha entha Serial vittu kilambu unna paartha kaduppaguthu

  • porna valikaiya keduthutta lastla mahesh ku mama valai pakura

  • boysah sapadu senja nalla irukum

  • Today episode innum upload panala .ena achu

  • For hw long this house pblm will go on.. Boring..

  • Is Swathi orphan? No one is there to question her, why she is always in Azhagammai's house that too in bedroom in between a newly wedded couple like nandhi.Azhagammai's house is not a dharma chatthiram.Pazhanisamy you have to question her as you are the head of the family.

    • Friends are to be taken care in living room.

  • 23 minutes odi record pannuna ore serial azahu serial ku like 👍 podunga pa

  • 😀😀😀😀😀👌👌😍😍❤❤

  • Vathiyar sambarichathulam enna pannunanga. கும்பகோணம் ல veedulaam ilaya

  • Thirna spr lovely

  • Super pretty Sudha today :)

  • Swathi awesome po....😂 Swathi Army.. 😍

  • சூப்பர்

  • Nice makesh

  • Dai mahashe nee sex ipadi alayure ... hi sudha nee mudikiddu un work paru

  • Nagai panama ayo thanga mudiallapa

  • Intha swathi ku vidu vasal, amma, appa ethumme illai ya?

  • sudha very over...hate to see sudha attitude...alagu serial worst ..ravi waste ..sudha interest in 2nd marriage than 1st

  • Old Ravi miss you a lot

  • Mahesh cute❤

  • Azhaguammai....nilavey vaa .. .

  • Widows marriage.... again happy. .only serial and films. Not in real life never and ever. ...only in India. ..

  • intha swathi ku veedu vasalaee kidayathaa thuuuuuuuuuu managetta serial

  • Mahesh supper😍😍

  • This is to much sudha, every time our confidence to you, leave phoorna, you came her life, office this too much and all family members r too mad. Why Rajamatha and her his and every body supporting to sudha, sudha is actually trustworthy this family and one girl happy and love. all family members think phoorna corner side it is too over sudha character how sudha have land her parents too poor and depend that rowdy family the director don't fool viewers please

  • Sudha unaku vai konjam jasthi tha. Konjam korachikoanga..

  • Idu oru Bharatha poru. Yaru jeippangannu ungalukke theriyum . Let good win over evil'

  • நிவி engaaa

  • சுதா முதலில் காரை கண்டுபிடி.

  • Ellorum previous episodes paarunga,athula poornava anninu tha koopudra intha kaaviya,intha director ipo tha maathiyirukkar

  • Nivi enga baby enga director sir

  • Swathi frnd veetulaye dara potutaala

  • Baliki over makeup!!!

  • Enka niviya kanum saptala...

  • Super sudha

  • intha mathiri family unmaiyave iruntha valntha evlo santhosama irukkum superb....😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Vara varanadagam very bore

  • Enjoy bro

  • Valli serial upload pannunka pls

  • Thiruna soopar

  • Enga irukaru intha house owner ivalo nallavara irukaru

  • Good sutha

  • Super family 👌👌👌

  • Story is too logicless. We cant blame sudha as she does the job as per the story given to her. Please VT give some logic oriented scenes in future.

  • The family candle night dinner was superb but first get that bitch swathi from that house.appo tha porna odu timuru adanggo.. Pls..

  • This sudha does not behave like anni..director can u plz show some reality

  • Super pazhanisami

  • Is swathi dumb?

  • Varthaikaluku ivlo power endru ipo than therikirathu.. atha Sudha azhaga solrathu suprrr😍😍😍

  • yemma sutha un kulantha engama un purusanu mottaya sollura un 2 purusanu sollu ma nnaathari sutha in muthal purusa naabakame illa pola parathesi

  • Ravi sudha over atting

  • Sudha👍👍👍👏👏

  • Sudha veedavanguka🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌

  • nivi enka

  • Mokkai serial....time waste. ...

  • I skip all sudha scene.. irritating acting.. last 1 minute done watching..

    • Me too. Unbelievable scenes.

    • Me too skip all sudha scene

  • ithu nal summa idhe dialogue sollumo theriliye

  • Mahesh cute

  • I love u poorina Ravi unna yemathithan

  • Poorina eppa intha panra avana kalyanam yevala asai vecirutha Ravi not good

  • Sudha change ur character

  • Nivi engada

  • சூப்பர் மகேக்ஷ்😁😁😁

  • நிவி எங்கே காணவில்லை பூர்ணாவின் அம்மாவைக்காணவில்லை அப்புவைக்காணவில்லை ஸ்வாதிக்கு வீடு கிடையாதா 😔😔😔

  • Over drama - Revathi and Sudha

  • disclaimer in tamil plz

  • Sudha overating .. dic Vera vela Ila .. enu evlo naal logic eh ilama sudha vachi pesa vaipann

  • சுதா நீ வீடு வாங்குறியே இல்லையே ஆனால் மகேஷ்க்கு நல்ல ஜடியா தர👌👌🤣🤣🤣

  • Intha saniyan sutha va pakka pidikama intha serial leh pakratha vituten. Yen ippidi Revathi mam othuki vekiringa. Chee

  • Super

  • What the hell? Was this supposed to be funny?

  • Lavada owner

  • Sudha cute

  • Pls change the storyline its very irrating

  • Ha ha ha last scene super 😁😁

  • give Ravi more importance pls

  • மகேஷ் அடுத்து ஆட்டத்துக்கு ரெடி

  • Boring ah poguthu,director ,konjam route matthunga

  • Mahesh acting super..porna Mahesh nalla jodi

  • Hi porrna your way is irrating you cannot put suda out of the House family is unhappy. Why are you doing all the unwanted thing house is a blessing for you porrna hi porrna all will be victory for suda

  • Swathi dont have her own house ah?

  • All of a sudden she speaks very confidential optimistic. She not even remember her old husband and not even speak about his kid for a second. Day by day her character literally irritates me a lot

  • ஒவ்வொரு வீட்டுக்கும் இப்படி ஒரு மருமாக இருந்தா வீடே சொர்கம்தான்

  • Sudha character is very bold and confident .