Belle Delphine ATE me? LWIAY #0081

Ajoutée 28 juin 2019
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  • Lucky

  • Lucky

  • Davie504, u are watching him NOW. I know.

  • Omg

  • Go plei STALKER


  • Who went through The Great FR-tv War woth Pewds

  • peds: yare yare melon-san *happy Jotaro noises* *angry Dio noises*

  • I Hate T Series And Why PewDiePie Not Support Just PewDiePie Is Fake...

  • 5:40 to 5:46 and later he dies from sleeping in the nether.

  • Porque pones tus títulos en español y hablas ingles?

  • I got a pewdiepie ad while watching pewdiepie o.o

  • Nadie: Los subtitulos cuando pewdepie se rie Se caga de risa XD

    • Esperaba un comentario en español

  • Soy el unico que habla español y lo mira co subtitulos

  • Не могу найти кто автор русского саба, но знай ТЫ БОЖЕНЬКА ПРОДОЛЖАЙ ДЕЛАТЬ САБЫ К ВИДОСИКАМ ПУДИПАЯ!!!!

  • Ight i watch manjtv and i rember aspity and pewds made it somthing a rip off

  • im telling davie504 about the intro

  • Whats cazi

  • Hi

  • What the different L W I A Y with S D A I A Y ?

  • Baringggg

  • Now thats illegal

  • Who has been with pewdiepie when he hit 52M subs?

  • Bruh I got a pewdiepie ad in a pewdiepie video

  • Did you...consent?

  • We really want gaming week!!!!

  • I clicked on the video and an add about a figurine showed up

  • Makan aku is = eat me

  • Algun dia grabaras hablando en español? :'3

  • Я один вижу русское название видео

  • FR-tvrs noob : let's make this video 10000 like FR-tvrs : let's make this video 100000 like please Pewdiepie : let's this video 1 million ok ME : What the heck ( i found 2,4 million )

  • Alv título de video en españolllll

  • I'll maybe say to my friends "Me and the boys at 8 AM looking for beans" or something...

  • I'll maybe use the "If you cut down one tree. Then you have to plant two more tree's"


  • 1:04 water Sheep Remember the old days he Take care Of water sheep and After that He fucking Ruined it Pewdiepie just kill Water sheep You Monsterrrrr just Joking You are just an alien in a Lwiey planet

  • You so cuteeeeeee, pewdiepie!❤️❤️

  • Esse cara copia o luba lixo de canal

  • Alguien que hable en español ??

  • PEWDIEPIE:stop it get some help beldelfi:awwww

  • Perche il titolo e in italiano

  • Davie504!!!!!!!

  • Who else Is watching this after we told him to sleep in the nether and Jorgen died

  • Te amoo putoooo :3

  • 5:51 can someone give me the sauce for the two upper left and right???

  • Quem é brasileiro e ativou o tradutor pra tentar rir

  • You got what you wanted pewds give us what we want

  • Felix from Re: zero?

  • you have 100 milloin sabscribe ???????????????????????????

  • ¿Soy el único latino que ve el titulo en español? :v

  • More videos in spanish

  • where is bella dilphen

  • Pewdiepie copied david504

  • *the background music makes me think my dogs are whining*

  • Wait omg is this a coincident that I GOT A PEWDS AD? note: I thought it was part of the video lol

  • Лол

  • In Minecraft you can’t sleep when monsters near think about that next time you can’t sleep

  • Haha it got 2 mill likes

  • happy when you have Vietnamese subtitles

  • 8:04 ok new meme *NOTED* Pewdiepie: *whats bedrock?*