Best Celebrity Acting Advice

Ajoutée 23 mai 2019
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By: Husam Sam Asi
Gary Oldman on how to elevate acting to magic
By: Charlie Rose
Philip Seymour on Acting | Charlie Rose
By: Fred Connor22
Are U a Star? Emmy winner Bryan Cranston talks about acting....
By: Colin The Firth
Colin Firth on the Art of the Actor/How to Become the Character
By: American Film Institute
Meryl Streep On Accessing The Characters Within
By: Joel Champ
Wise Words From Tom Hanks About Acting
An acting masterclass from Sir Michael Caine (BBC Radio 4)
By: AccelerateMe
Will Smith shares his secrets of success
By: HollywoodToday
Viola Davis explains the Power of Vulnerability as an Actor | WIDOWS
By: The Waffle
Mel Gibson INTERVIEW 1999
By: Film at Lincoln Center
Ben Stiller Q&A | Advice for Young Actors
By: BBC Children in Need
Simon Callow and Patrick Stewart’s Acting Masterclass
By: Film at Lincoln Center
Matthew McConaughey On His Process
By: Entertainment Weekly
Sam Rockwell On Being Gullible & Innocent In His Acting | Oscars 2018 | Entertainment Weekly
By: theatertalk
CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER on Acting, Arrogance and Pathos
By: Theatre Museum Canada
Christopher Plummer on stillness vs. bravura (Part 9 of 44)
By: Charlie Rose
Robert Downey, Jr. on His Third Act (Oct. 9, 2014) | Charlie Rose
By: LIVEKellyandRyan
Bradley Cooper American Sniper
By: W magazine
Rami Malek on Mr. Robot, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Dressing As Prince | Screen Tests | W Magazine
By: TheCelebFactory
George Clooney on directing and acting
By: ActorGear
Robert De Niro Acting Advice
By: Sean Rose
Dustin Hoffman - Observing
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  • If You turn down the volume the piano is less distracting...anyway it should be posted without piano

  • Christopher Plummer said it the best🙏🏾

  • Viola is one of the greatest masters of her craft. A true genius.

  • Shove the paino comments up your ass. How bought paying attention to there advice stop finding excuses for why u cant listen

  • Incredible and incredibly put together video. Thank you.

  • Thanks a looot for this video, it was very helpful. De Niro's advice was so important, we too many times forget to apply it !

  • I want to be a successful actor by a luck lol

  • Awesome advice 🙌🎭

  • They better not give up their day jobs!!!

  • Everyone wants heaven but no one wants to die

  • PSH

  • HAHAHAHA!! Colin Firth giving acting advice! Too much!

    • @J B Most actor's get type casted. Most aren't character actor's, their is always a bit of themselves in every role.

    • @J B Soooo, should he be in Oscar bait films and bagging an Award every season? Not every actor needs to be Daniel Day Lewis to be great. Many factors play into that. The film you partake in, the fact you're cast to a specific role that allows you to flex your skills, the marketing, the success, it's not like he makes these aspects. You're acting as if he shouldn't play roles he can have fun with or a regular work opportunity, simply because they won't get him an Oscar or something. He's not my personal favorite or anything, but if I ever met him, I'd ddefinitely want to hear his advice on the film industry, it's not really something to scoff at.

    • @Swainster77 No pettiness, just my opinion, which as you said, I'm entitled to. I've just picked up a cyclical repetitiveness to his roles. That's all I meant by it, so you can relax now.

    • He won an Academy Award...something a lot of actors have never done...”YEAH BUT WHAT HAS HE DONE SINCE?” I’m confused by you. He’s a great actor. Is it jealousy? I know we’re all entitled to opinions but I sense some pettiness in here for...some reason?

    • @Alexander Angelus Yes, in 2010. Since then what has he done, other than play upper-class mentor figures, or upper-class bachelor's whose lives are missing something until a woman comes along and makes him realise she was EVERYTHING he needed? And, in fact, what before that? Same old, same old. What a chameleon the man is! He's no different to Hugh Grant.

  • Are all these actors playing the piano as they are talking?

    • @OE U Thanks for your reply. The point I was trying to make was that the piano music was too loud and getting in the way.

    • Two-MoonZ no actors are required to have a pianist with them everywhere they go as they are true artists and are required to stay inspired at all times

  • Don't worry guys. One day you'll be there. Persevere, work work and be patient. But most importantly, never give up, never.

    • Steelers Football I want to move to New York when I’m older.

    • Thank you bro. 🙏

    • @Steelers Football You will have better chance if you're handsome. If you're not you will have to be a character actor

  • Great video, but the music is distracting.

  • This video really helped me!!

  • Thank you for the work you put into your videos to help everyone out. Your content encourages me to keep my head up. It really means a lot, thank you!

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  • Thanks for another great video! There’s no other channel like yours, thank you so much for the support you give me on my acting with your videos. Keep up the good work, this is great work.

  • Thank you! Great video you helped me so much and the master class was incredible. Got my 1st callback now waiting to see what now.