Billie Eilish Quickly Gets Exposed After Speaking Out Against Animal Abuse

Ajoutée 31 oct. 2019
Billie Eilish spoke out against the mink fur trend and some people called her a hypocrite.

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  • And that animal is a short tailed weasel not even a mink

  • people are too sensitive. she can like a fricking photo. just because she likes rosalía's photo doesnt mean shes a hypocrite, and even though she is wearing fendi she isnt wearing fur. just because shes wearing fendi doesn't mean that she is "indirectly supporting animal cruelty" or whatever. she can disagree with some things a brand does and still buy things from them..

  • apparently if a brand has any clothes that use animal fur, then you can’t wear anything else in the brand.

  • She is a kid. Give her a break.

  • Yall forget Billie is a kid still... regardless of her age, she might not know or realize what her clothes are made of... dont condemn her, educate her

  • I can’t watch this. I can’t stand haters

  • Just let the animals live in the wild

  • Saying Billie Eilish is a hypocrite because she buys from brands that sell fur and leather is like saying vegans are hypocrites because they buy fruit at grocery stores that sell meat.

  • It is hypocritical just she don’t realize it because she not mature.

  • I’m on billies side, she doesn’t actually WEAR the real fur and leather, and she still doesn’t approve of animal cruelty in the brands, she just likes the clothing from those brands that she wears, and those r cruelty free. And keep in mind, do u do deep research into every brand u get clothes from? I doubt it, I shop mostly at op shops, online, target, just cheap places like that but I’ve shopped at more expensive places before, and I doubt anyone would look at a coat or something in a shop and decide “I’m gonna do a thorough research on what this is before I buy it” we just don’t bother, we see it, we like it, we want it, we get it. That’s what shopping is, and I doubt Billie is any different.

  • People deadass can't even open their mouths anymore

  • Why do people speak against fur but not leather¿¿

  • Hi

  • Ok so spill releases this video and acts like they agree with Billie... then in the description they show where to get Mink eyelashes.

  • y all she's 17 like bruh

  • If she’s not wearing anything that has leather or fur on it then how is she promoting animal cruelty? Also Billie has said she does buy any of her luxury clothes so she’s not really promoting animal cruelty or supporting it in my opinion

  • This is really just being vegan in a nutshell

  • She’s just a kid... people expect her to be this perfect person. She’s 17. You really think she knows everything about every aspect of topics like this? I don’t.

  • Can't just everyone getting along. Us humans make mistakes all the time like World war one and world war two. Can't we all get along other wise our mistakes happen again.

  • I think people are over exaggerating. She didnt say anything about animal fur, as far as I can tell from the video, just mink fur. As the video stated most mink farms dont cater to the minks needs. I think saying shes a "hypocrite" for supporting clothes with animal fur is completely different from the issue with mink fur that she believes is wrong. For example, let's say lambs. Lambs can have there fur removed without harming the animal or stressing the animal out too bad. Some companies, obviously, dont treat there animals well, but some do. Whether the companies in this video do that is a completely different argument that I have no knowledge on. Anyway, I don't think her being against mink fur and supporting lamb made clothes are the same thing. Some people support use of other animal fur rather than others. That's my take on the situation.

  • Combing her eyebrows up, she’s so edgy. I love it

  • People understand that we get leather from cows that are slaughtered for food.

  • Billie: posts a SMALL little thing about mink fur People: *Is that a threat?*

    • did u see the video she didn't post it as a small thing

  • Well, at least they weren't chopping the mink's head off! And I am okay with animal fur being used, and I eat meat. In the Bible, it literally says that animals were made for human uses.

  • See, I have beef with buying furs just to look expensive or as a brag. And obviously fur farms and other unethical farms should be regulated severely. But I’d buy one mink coat over dozens of cheap faux fur coats that won’t last as long and will pollute the environment. It’s not vegan leather, it’s plastic. It’s not faux fur, it’s PLASTIC.

  • Honestly it’s a start for ppl to be more conscious on fur products just because it’s cute. Yall have to understand some ppl don’t see that clearly so actually starting to care even if it’s just cause the animal is cute is a start. And I don’t blame Billie for anything. Being vegan is already a start. Ppl can’t expect her to go all the way. I’m a vegetarian and I don’t use any fur products so I try to encourage ppl to do the same. However I can’t expect immediate change and neither should anyone else

  • Bravo Billie Eillish for speaking out for those who CANNOT speak for themselves.....I'm behind you 💯💯💯💯💯....maybe those famous brands will pay attention to artists like her and change their cruel ways

  • The beauty industry is a waste of resources, all those resources can be used for better things

  • -cough- putting spiders in her mouth

  • Dont attack me but, the minks were bred for the purpose of their fur👀 ps i was told by a teacher who said that cows were bred for human consumption

    • Doesn't excuse the tremendous abuse and horror they go through.

  • what are you trying to achieve with this video? lol

  • I don't like Billie Eilish but people attacking her is just ridiculous.

  • tbh why would anyone care

  • well what a cutie:)) 0:30

  • October 14th is my birthday

  • Had it been someone else y'all would be responding differently

  • Ngl, minks are like, super cute, *but no one evEr says “dOnT uSe SiLk WOrMs FoR yOur cLoThEs Or CoTtOn bEcAuSe tHeiR LIVING”* Also, saying ppl shouldn’t eat meat is like telling that to a lion .-.

    • Ya gurl Jonny some people don't eat meat, not that hard to get it

  • I'm still a child and my parents buy my clothes but I will tell them " nothing with animal fur or anything that will harm the animals." I will try to help

  • everyone has there own opinion

  • i would like to say that billie is still a young girl who is now starting to see the world for what it one at her age fully understands the major issues that concern our society today..she is now discovering her self and creating her personality ..she is not even an adult yet lets just not be too judgmental and allow her to grow