Binging with Babish: Bone Broth from The Mandalorian

Ajoutée 10 déc. 2019
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"You want some soup?" Pedro Pascal can growl almost anything from underneath his beskar helmet and still make it sound pretty badass. One thing's for sure - you can bring bone broth in warm, or you can bring it in cold. Well, I suppose you could bring it in cold, but I wouldn't recommend it.
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  • You want some soup?

    • Dave Croes Uhmmmmm

    • Binging with Babish 7:09~ BTW pork bone broth is used for _ramen_ noodle soup in Japan.


    • 2:19 Fuckin' what? 2:11 You had that comin'-"Bay leaves,preferably fresh." That was the dumbest fuckin' thing I ever heard.

    • This is the way

  • Good clean fun you say. I felt like I was watching of a serial killer there for a sec

  • I’m going to try this!!! 😁

  • Wait.... They make metal sporks???

  • "Make sure to keep those claws because they are excellent for.... creeping out your girlfriend." Not what I was expecting but you earned a viewer

  • I imagine its probably marrow broth some athletes and sports fans drink it, Kobe Bryant swore by the stuff but its slow cooked bone marrow broth to get as much nutrients as possible, also its good for really cold weather football games spiked with Vodka.

  • You mean the baby Yoda show

  • What a good dad. Making sure his little green bundle of joy grows big (well, _bigger_) and strong.

  • Let me get some uuuuuhhhhhhh... *B O N E L E S S S O U P*

  • Oh man a hot mug of that broth would be amazing!

  • You should do the different kinds of curry from Pokémon sword and shield

  • Imagine putting a sponsor ad in your video twice

  • I'm glad you did this, I absolutely loved the mandalorian

  • I know you may not see this but I can't wait to see you at Quail ridge in Raleigh on the 28th!!!

  • Watching you get along with your gf is so heartwarming!

  • Bone broth from beef bones is among my favorite dishes. Especially the bone marrow. Yummy!

  • Can this be packed on the go?

  • Me when I find baby yoda *Shoves in blender*

  • Any number of savory soupy toppings... So those broken bits of instant ramen?

  • This was awesome but if I heard the word 'unctuous' one more time I was gonna riot lol

  • So... bone broth is somekind of chinese soup?

  • I just made this broth today! Tastes great!

  • Sooo beef stock.

  • For a split sec i legit thought he squeezed red acrylic paint into it hahahaha

  • 2:54 That face has massive meme potential

  • This sounds so good

  • I'm a picky eater, but this broth looks amazing

  • My mother makes chicken feet and liver soup. Honestly it was my comfort food when I was a kid. Best part for me was the feet. So... The pressure cooker method was most appetizing for me

  • why is it that every time he uses tomato paste, its almost gone?

  • Why does that fancy insulated glass cup need a handle?

  • Holy sh!t, I need this

  • Making this tonight; wish me luck!

  • I like to use the Jacques Pépin method for leeks. Starting low on the stalk without cutting through the roots, split in fourths. It fans open for easy washing but no worries about it falling apart.

  • make Midge Maisel's Brisket from The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel

  • You are evil to your girlfriend! I love it XD

  • As soon as u said scum I thought of naruto

  • can anyone tell me how big that pot is? in volume

  • Didn't learn about bone broth till I was an adult. Turns out, I've been having it my whole life. We just called it "soup"

  • What happened to the diet

  • Very good episode!

  • Why didn't you use a silhouette of yourself on that ticket? Seems strange to use Captain Spaulding.

  • I hope Mando and the muscular lady get together. They’d make a good couple

  • I want one of those clear mugs wtf

  • 🤢

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  • Babish has a GF? *Hopes and dreams smashed*

  • Babishs GF, my boyfriend is kind and sweet. Babish pulls out chicken feet. Im about to reck this mans career.

  • 3:50 “Hey look i can make it live.”

  • Me: *expecting PETA to loose it in the comments*

  • *babish smiles* "aww look at babish

  • I used to like other coffees, then I tried Death Wish...

  • "Ah, that's some good, clean fun!" *Your Girlfriend will remember that*

  • Perfect broth for noodles

  • I think your pot has a leak in it

  • I adore how slowly but surely you've been being more and more honest about the fact that you and friends are stoners haha. It's not like we didn't all know

  • I laughed so hard at the chicken toes part, it really does sound disturbing lmao

  • This is the way

  • make some chikkin nuggies for the lil bebby

  • Broth of the 🅱ones

  • I am disgusted... just so groce