Binging with Babish: The Good Place

Ajoutée 21 mai 2019
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Food from The Good Place (and, well, everything else from The Good Place) reads like a fever dream: giant shrimp terrorizing the neighborhood, fountains of clam chowder, frozen yogurt in every conceivable flavor. Today, we're seeing if we can make some of these bizarre concoctions palatable - and throwing in some jalapeño poppers for good measure.
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  • Sorry I didn't make my own peeps, I'll leave that to the professionals (aka Claire Saffitz)

    • Deshawn Edwards has

    • Champorado is better with evaporated milk.

    • @Jooey also Shirley's sandwiches.

  • I’ve just made the rice pudding (minus Peeps and M&Ms) and it’s great. I recommend using a dark chocolate with a cacao content less than 70% (I was looking for a 50% one, but the shop didn’t stock it), otherwise it will be to rich and bitter. Add lots of salt, and be fairly liberal with the sweetened condensed milk if you, like me, have used very dark chocolate.

  • Andy: tries to eat it gags and spits it out. Me: did I eat lunch? No? This will do.

  • 6:20 " If you go chopping some jalapeños, then you go touching your jalapenis it ain't gonna kill you or nothing but is not going to be a good time."

  • It's also great with candy salmon

  • I love how chocolate is seen as bad in chili, when it actiually give it a very full bodied flavor when actiually melted into the chili

  • ''Good''job...Annoying clown. p.s.''Nice''tattoos...absolute retard.

  • Make something from the movie Nothing but trouble

  • wait, I watched the entire series and definitely don't remember the peeps one?! wtf what episode was thay from?!! also there should be a part 2 with the fish dish chidi ate that his grandma used to make!

  • I am a Filipino, can I get a like 😊

    • @Hazel okay bitch, don't even care for your suggestions okay so stop fooling around 😊

    • No why? Cause you're one of those that beg for likes.

  • You are one of the few who makes cooking look fun, ive gotten into cooking alot more after watching your show, but not following most of the recipes.

  • the filipino rice isn’t made with chocolate it’s made with brown sugar

  • First thing that should have happened. Question where he got Peeps that stuff isn’t available for purchase in Australia.


  • Very out of the box. I really wanna make the "chilli" when me and my bf watch the finale 😂😂😂

  • Him: Champorado Me, a Filipino: (・o・)

  • You did the good place and left out frozen yogurt and the clam chowder fountain???

  • 4:02 oh no that tiny bit of shallot

  • "Put The Peeps In The Chili Pot Mix In M&Ms Put The Peeps In The Chili Pot Makes It Taste Baaad"😂

  • We need a series of Binging with Babish interpretations of the meals from Toriko!

  • Just looking at it makes me want to gag but at the same time i might try it🤔🤔

  • I looooooove champorado 💖

  • Man the first 3 minutes just sent this diabetic into a coma.

  • 6:19

  • Do the salad that Marshalls mom made on how I met your mother

  • *but what about the froyo*

  • I think there’s a PORK BLOOD version of champorado

  • What season is the peeps chilli from?

  • In Texas poppers are wrapped in bacon and grilled

  • I'm going to vomit watching the beginning of this video blahhhhhhhh

  • 1:48 nobody: us pilipinos be like: MABUHAY MABUHAY🇵🇭🇵🇭 proud pilipino still❤

  • 6:18 it happened to me :(

  • This is making me crave champorado. Thanks for recognising where it came from tho HAHAHA. Love from the Philippines!

  • The shrampies were meant to be raw, served cocktail style, but Kristen Bell is a vegetarian and the veggie shrimp crunched.

  • When babish makes anything. This is some gourmet sh*t.

  • Champorado was my childhood favorite food

  • Meat from meat portal short? Just make an oddly looking meatball covered in "blood" or maybe the sandwiches featured. Bonus point for making yourself dream in gray and white

  • I wish I would have heard the jalapenos glove warning sooner in my life...

  • The Jalapeno Poppers is like a food here in the Philippines we call Dynamite. It's cheddar cheese wrapped in a green chili or what we call "siling pansigang or siling haba". Then it's wapped in "lumpia wrapper" or a thin crepe pastry skin. Then fried.

  • "Nothing is sadder than an under breaded jalapeno popper" Amen 🙏

  • You put the Peeps in the chili pot, and add the M&Ms, you put the Peeps in the chili pot, it makes it taste.. ..bad.

  • wow that champorado looks great man and im suprised your aware of this dessert dish also i think i wanna try doing this if i bought champorado cuz i live in the philippines

  • You should definetly do Mabel Juice from Gravity Falls sometime ;^)

  • Yessss!!! Champorado is the best! Though I think any Filipino would agree the best compliment is a salty fried thing. It's my favourite... Well one of my favourite breakfast foods

  • Make Michaels anti-matter coffee


  • Frozen yogurt

  • wait... no dipping sauce (ranch is customary, but I prefer marinara) for the poppers?

  • Rats aka jalapeño poppers should be rapped in bacon and baked 😳 but go off my good bruh

  • Why would you do this are u okay?

  • Ooh when he said "beurre blanc" !!!

  • Omg why do people like condensed milk it is so gross

  • blood on the cheese grate, but i don't see missing knuckles... slap the room mate with a cheese grate?

  • oh i love the peeps episode. im scared to see how this turns out

  • I though it was Cocoa puffs with peeps

  • You need to get your most disgusting friend to make a second channel where they eat all the “first creations” (the stuff where you make the food accurate to the show/movie like the peep chili)

  • Nobody Janet"a b Janet" Main character "she now's her a b Janet's"

  • Nooo Andy!!! Fuck chilly...

  • 1:40 That's what she said

  • No one: Filipinos: m m m c h a m p o r a d o

  • On top of spa *GRUNT* ghetti All covered with *GRUNT* cheese I lost me poor *GrUnT* meatball When some *GgGrRrUuUnNnTtT* body sneezed

  • You had me at chocolate!

  • Me and the boys at 3 AM Eating peep chili with M&Ms

  • Binging with butter

  • Why is no one talking about how he turns into Bob from Bob’s burgers

  • Pls can we have a part two so we can have all the variations of frozen yogurt 😁

  • where the frozen yogurt?? :o

  • I could probably eat all of that

  • No weird frozen yogurt? Haha

  • Anyine else love eating the fried shrimp tails or just me?

  • I'm going be straight up. You its one brave chef I mean that's hardcore what you doing keep it up Babish. P.S for those who didn't think carefully on not using gloves for the peppers yes you are totally F**K LMAO I laugh so hard after that.

  • You really need to try bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers but Instead of frying them you bake them in the oven ( I forgot what they are called)

  • Wait... do American's normally eat their Rice Pudding cold?

  • Pek pek

  • I was waiting for this. Thanks FR-tv Algorithm

  • noticed no women on his show lol :p

  • Literally any time someone on TV makes something gross. This guy goes and makes a better version

  • Peeps chili and jalapeño d..k. What a delight.

  • Nice you decided to make champorado, I’m Filipino.

  • what episode is the peeps in the chili pot then add the m&m's in the good place?