Blizzard Sells Out Democracy & Free Speech In Pursuit of Chinese Market

Ajoutée 9 oct. 2019
Lamon Gamon!
Spicey ep for ya'll in the wake of Blizzard's recent actions against a Hearthstone champion and two Hearthstone commentators...
Meme review, China's favorite show.

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  • Displate!!! Laymen Merch!!-

    • You should check the Blizzard's response in Chinese. You really should.

    • So are you guys denouncing all communism? Or just the type your violent pro-racist communist 'game journalist' peers deem acceptable?

    • Jyna jyna jyna

    • If Blizzard stands with China, then they should move their HQ into China. Traitors at best to claim what they stated about pride in "not their country" but in the other one.

    • You might want to do some more research on what he actually said. If your gona make an entire video. Don't be lazy, it's not much to ask for

  • In the time of Assange, Snowden, murican trash still talking about "Democracy & Free Speech ". "Democracy & Free Speech " = Murican trash try to ignate another civil war

  • I never thought i would see something frailer than "masculinity"... and then i got to see "the chinese government's ego"...

  • Why is buddy wearing an Anthem hat?

  • and where is the problem? it's company who made to earn $$$, politics is very sensitive topic, so better stay away from that bs and close eyes instead of lose few billions $$$. same goes for nba, yes they can speak, but also they should accept consequences. in other hand media show only what they want, so i think there is more background things whats happening in china and honkong. and yes, free speech is a privilege, but at same time you should use it responsibly and think what you talk. i can say many things what i think, for some of those i was banned in fb many times. so where is free speech? double standards?

  • what about DreamWorks?

  • Literally a Hearthstone ad prior to this video. Wonderful.

  • Then the Blizz needs to be shut down for a month so those halfwits running it get a clue.

  • Someone please tell me where I can get Sam’s Anthem hat.

  • 1:28 I was actually thought it is real for a second

  • Tell these China fellating companies that if they want to push Chinese style oppression, they can move there, and put themselves under the same boot that they've been licking. Want the benefits and protections of being based in a western "democracy"? Then stop undermining the very principles you benefit from.

  • Jason from halloween... eeeehhhhmmmm

  • I am from Hong Kong. I want to delete my Blizzard account.😭

  • You have been banned from entering China.

  • Gamers: Censorship? SILENCE BRAND!

  • every sinhle comunist should be crucified and left there untill crows eats theyr eyes off and then should be burned while still alive

  • I just would like to say that the Hong Kong government withdrew the extradition bill about a week or two ago. Good on them for still protesting on the other issues though.

  • Ohh you guys are so smart, like so smart! Just not smart enough to create and develop your own game, right?

  • Really Pokémon theme

  • Where I can find the clip from the beginning ?

  • gamers got more balls than the NBA freedom over all

  • Died from the intro and outro lmao

  • Protect Hongkong's democracy

  • Its good move from blizzard actually, politics do not belong in gaming.

  • Fuck blizzard

  • Sorghum rhymes with organ


  • I am really surprised blizzard even let a tournament broadcast from Taipei, Taiwan given how much the ChiComms hate Taiwan

  • china numba one

  • I actually lost it when you showed chung saying "we wanna use mobile devices".

  • why do people care now its been like this for a while? fyi the usa wont go to war with china over hong kong so protest a game company all you want it wont change anything.gamer outrage doesnt last long remember 800 people fired last year and now no one cares. no one cares now about the 800 people firs and next year no one will care about the esport player banned when he returns. gamer outrage doesnt last.

  • Why is it that every FR-tvr can't get that sorgum harvest is a cheeky way to say organ harvesting

  • TLDR at the bottom. I've done some research on how china works in the past, and you did mention it at one point. China has this thing called "Face." The image china projects is the most important thing to them by a long shot, and Actiblizz have a decent investment in their market. It's VERY easy to piss off china if you even question "face." And the Chinese government will not forget or forgive so easily. From a business perspective (I do not agree with blizzard on their choice, this is only my opinion on the situation) My opinion is that Actiblizz didn't want China to remove them from their market as there is huge potential profit there and they are fully aware that the western market is significantly more forgiving and will likely forget this even happened when the next big thing hits. Regardless of being true or not. Take a look at Serpantza youtube channel if you want to know more about how china works. Some very interesting stuff on there. TLDR:They would rather piss off the western market because they believe there is a higher chance to get away with it in the long term. China is very protective of it's "face".

  • I love honey - China Prooudmoore

  • I have over 400 hours on Overwatch, but I ll never play it again. How dare Activision and Blizzard bend over for an evil dictatorship like China??? Maybe the CEOs of these American Corporations would like to have their organs harvested or their children work in sweat shops?

  • The Taiwanese gamers were acting playful but majority of Taiwanese people stand with Hong Kong because we are both threatened by CCP

  • Thanks for speaking up for Hong Kong!

  • The fact that the global market is so immensely "dependent" on China's economy structure is starting to become extremely scary. At first it was okayish but everything "Western" society is against is now happening in China and everyone is A Fucking Okay with it because money always outweighs any other aspect. It's incredible. What can we do as a consumer? Stop buying anythig Made in China? I literally can't buy anything if I uphold that ideal

  • Give me liberty or give me death

  • Wait, weren’t we telling games companies to keep politics out of games not long ago? Now it’s a bad thing? I’m confused.

  • Why are you guys being surprised. I am sure you guys played Blizzard games before. Even back in 2004 there was a huge chinese government paid trolls on Blizzard games like Warcraft 3 Frozen Thrones. You remember games like original dota, footmen frenzy, tower defense, hero wars, footmen vs grunts etc... Alot of chinese government paid trolls. Remember counterstrike and gunbound? ALOT of paid pro chinese government trolls on there too

  • That intro😁😁😂😂😂

  • What's funny is according to Blizzard's own rule there. They themselves are in violation of their own rule. What did offended a huge, huge portion of the public and has ruined the reputation way more then what Blitzchung said. If what he said even offended anyone but the china government. So by their own ruling they should have to ban themselves from Hearthstone.

  • Obama sold the internet, and allowing china to make it more censored and now its spreading its Authoritarian rules across all the globe forcing American companies do "Censor" and take on Authoritarian policies to do business with China. From what I can see Obama really is to blame for china rising in power with the tech sectors. Obama never believed in Americans. You can find videos all over youtube of Obama trying to "Convince" china not to "Censor" the internet, so OBAMA knew this was happening and never spoke up about it. that is why people lost faith in him as a president. he made worst decisions ever. This is exactly what happens when you SELL freedom for MONEY. Hope America wakes up.

  • Don't you guys have 'gina milk?

  • 8:25 "May this autumn's... sorghum?" "Sorghum?" "I don't know what that word means." a quick Wikipedia search later: Sorghum is a genus of flowering plants in the grass family Poaceae. *Seventeen of the 25 species are native to Australia* ... an important crop worldwide, used for food (as grain and in sorghum syrup or "sorghum molasses"), animal fodder, the production of alcoholic beverages, and biofuels.

  • Corperations don't give a shit about your feelings only money. Haha Chinese card battle ad was lol

  • Capitalism and market over the individual, greed over freedom. Where are the Libertarians and Liberals?

  • love the trump quote at 5:11

  • Im will delete my Blizz account! Ohhh wait I can't do it, they banned delete account option to!!!

  • this is a game not a politcal field to show that You are with an movement or agianst it... pro-players and casters are like employees, if i suddenly gonna say that i like movement under a name of company that i work for without asking if i can do that i will get warning/fired too. If You are with/agianst an movement don't do it under a name of company that doesn't want to choose an side in this or are agianst The movement. And You can do it on social media but dont link any ties to The company on your profiel. This is fucking basic logic.

  • I hope that everyone that goes to Blizzcon wears a mask and has an umbrella.

  • Remember this! China NEEDS us! They do! We buy everything they make, and by us, I mean the west! If they want isolation, we can do isolation! There are plenty of people throughout the world and other markets to move into!

  • If it isn’t obvious with the NBA and South Park, China is very afraid right now! They fear uprisings more than anything! Uprisings have been their undoing for hundreds of years. Thus, we will get China’s fist right now in the one realm in which they can hurt If we are not going to help the people of Hong Kong, we must make sure we don’t help them! So...NO MONEY should go to Blizzard at all right now! This must stop here! WoW, Overwatch etc. can go to China if it matters that much to them. We don’t need them all!

  • This is NOT micros or loot boxes! This is serious! I am a diehard capitalist, but one who believes it is our best tool to raise free people out of poverty! FREE people! Until they are free, nothing else is more important! This must be fought by every gamer, every NBA fan etc!!! This is serious! If Hong Kong loses its minimal freedoms, Taiwan is next...and then all hell breaks loose. DO NOT support Blizzard for any reason right now! They have catapulted Activision and EA! Greedy is one thing, this is an entirely different matter!!

  • Games will now be banned in china

  • Human rights matter until the tyrants slip a couple bucks

  • The memes are strong with this one.

  • china ban youtube they can't supcriebe (Yes, they can if they used VPN.)

  • Blizzard did this. Ok, kick them out of America.