Brendan Schaub - The Biggest Fight of His Life - This Is Not Happening

Ajoutée 12 juin 2019
All of Brendan Schaub’s training culminates in a massive UFC fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. (Contains strong language.)
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  • This ain't a stand-up, it's a monologue. 😴😴

  • Is it me or does he look similar to Adam Sandler

  • Id be a better comedian than this schlub

  • Absolute tool bag..

  • That abortion joke was pretty funny actually.

  • This was pretty bad. The only part i found a bit funny was the abortion clinic joke. Bryan Callen has to have a talk with him now..

  • Brendan “I don’t have pockets” Schaub

  • He's lying he did not fight at the mgm grand and he never headlined any ppvs.

  • The only problem with this story is its all LIES not one of them celebrities was in attendance that night Brendan was not the main event he said his name was up and in Lights on billboards outside the MGM the fight didn't even take place at the MGM that night + be4 him McGregor headlined there Connor didn't get to the UFC till 1 maybe 2 years after that fight he's talking about and all that shit about walking bk to the locker room is total B.S and that shit about the Asian doctor that man speaks better English than Brandon all lies + also that never happened with Bryan Callen in the locker room it took Joe Rogan roasting him Hitting him with hard home truths about how bad he was in that exact fight Brendan is talking about + just how bad overall of a ufc fighter he is on an episode of his podcast were Brendan was still in the ufc and thinking about dropping down a weight from heavyweight to light heavyweight and the reason he left the ufc was the Reebok deal the ufc signed cause Brendan was now standing to lose a lot of money from sponsorship deals like all the rest of the fighters and this is all easily looked up by anybody willing to do so he is such a bad bloke I think its time Joe sits him down 4 another talk the way he treats Bryan Callen it's just after getting worse over the time they started there podcast together up to present day its scummy and that's one of his friends and this is not hate anybody can look up and see for them self

  • This shit is trash lmao

  • I wanna see Brendan in the same headline as Paul Walker meaning they both crashed their faggy Porsches and burnt to death...

  • This is not Happening Brendan Shaub has a comedy career...

  • Brendan Schaub did a pretty good job. It is not easy getting up there. Brendan threw himself under the bus, and laughed at his experience, which is cool. As far as him fighting, people talk trash about him, but I guarantee you Branden Schaub would beat down most people that clown him. Brendan Schaub's resume is stacked, D-1 football player, professional UFC fighter, now he is a comedian that just did a special! That is a bad ass, well rounded resume! He had me cracking up a few times. He especially caught me off guard with the Joaquin Phoenix joke, lol! I can definitely see Brendan Schaub doing more shows. I will definitely check him out if he has another special.

  • I actually like that bit. But let's be honest - this is the only bit from Shaub that is passable. Everything else is fucking AWFUL! Like his 'asian barber named Jamal' bit. Dicy dicy *barf*

  • Congrats to Schaub for being so successful. Travis Browne.. where is he now? He got fucked up and has no other avenues

  • Man I honestly like Brendan not sure why he gets all the hate

  • Not sure what sucks more... his comedy or his MMA career

  • lmao what a liar it was joe rogan that made him realize he cant fight

  • One hundrrreeddd percent

  • Brendan Schaub, Joe Rogan, and Joey Diaz are all terribly unfunny.

    • @Ricardo Angel nah most people know their shit, only deluded fanboys think otherwise

    • One opinion

  • Too bad that Asian doctor does not have an accent at all. 100% American English. Whatever. I guess it makes the story better?

  • This was like an interesting monologue with some funny parts. Could be a TED talk.

  • That was pretty amazing. Well Done Sir.

  • Law and order SUV 😂

  • This is good, glad to see Brendan doing good for himself 💯

  • Is this dude suppose to be funny?

  • Well he was honest. Thats noble👍

  • He was funnier than some of the comics on the show. Way to go man !

  • Amazing! Lol

  • Brandoon Schlaub.. Still shit

  • He's not funny!!!

  • I'd imagine he only got that fight because rhonda Rousey (aka ex) was dating the dude he was versing at the time.

  • I've never heard of this guy but I have to say that I am very impressed. I was thinking that if he ever quit as a fighter he'd have a career on that stage. Turns out that exactly what he did. Kudos!

  • Omg she set him up. 😧 "Hey babe, you should fight my ex."

  • wow! love this story!!! Saw the (fight) that was setup as only dana white could do. As you know. Your ex girlfriend.... Well, look in the mirror. Her LOSS! ;)

  • This is comedy for fighters I gaurentee anybody in UFC would love this Even boxing

  • Heard any good Bruce Spring Spring Brenda?

  • Will there be MORE this is not happening? Bc I found out about this show at end of 2nd to last season & saw the LAST SEASON. We want MORE!!

  • Did Schaub just tell an amazing heartfelt story that made me tear up? And also made me laugh and smile throughout?? Whoa.

    • @Patrick Breeher pretty easy to highlight the positive comments. Either way, none of this happened. Schaub didnt flop his way into MMA until he realized his semi pro football career wasnt going anywhere and he didn't decide to quit MMA until Joe Rogan (BRUTALLY) peer pressured him to quit fighting.

    • I know i came to the comments seeing if there was the usual shit talking about his comedy. But not really seeing it lol.

  • Glad he didn't use this in his comedy special, it would've gone terribly bad.

  • I actually laughed he is metioker

  • What a big loser

  • 25,000 at MGM in Vegas.....okay.

  • Well at least his stand up is just as good as his fight career

  • 🤘🏼

  • At least he doesn't have to worry about people stealing his jokes

  • They're getting half of their pay? No they are getting their full pay just without a bonus

  • Great build up haha

  • I can’t make out his first line.

    • "I'm 10 years old, I'm at a family reunion..."

  • This is so much better than his newest special

  • Brendan Schaub is a strong independent woman.

  • Well that was better than expected

  • And damn! Why you gotta burn down Ice T?

  • You know, I never liked this dude... not sure why, but this is a pretty amazing... never thought the dude had depth. I was wrong

    • He should do some Talking from the Box type shit

    • Good story teller, good dude.. Terrible comedian. Stick with the podcasts B..

  • are you people watching the same thing I am? brenton schoob is the fucking worst.

  • people love to hate schaub. but I think that's what makes him funny.

  • This would probably be funnier if it any of it was true.

  • Good shit

  • Schaub have ♥