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SNAPCHAT: @rylandadams


  • Every time you receive a package, this cat is gonna come thinking it's his 😂

  • *Yo I'm watching this while doing my finals and I'm trying so fucking hard not to laugh-*

  • 20:18 actually made me jump lol

  • When Ryland becomes Safiya Nygaard

  • I Love cats ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🐈

  • My cat would go absolutely feral for that fake tree lol

  • Ryland is the cutest,shane is the cutest too there jest the cutest

  • 25:25 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • My cat loves moving water so mine would probably like the flower water bowl

  • Can Ryland not read prices?! Lmao

  • You can literally diy the cat tree

  • That tree LITERALLY KILLED MEE!!!!

  • Ryland cat note; cats can’t see still water btw

  • Cheeto looked like he was peeing in fear lmao

  • I have 4 cats and they LOVE the Catit fountain :)

  • Ryland is adorable 😂😂

  • This made my life hahahahaha

  • ryland i'm about 19 min in and wavering between laughter and concern for your mental state

  • The dogs are waiting for their video 😂😂

  • I love you so much more now that I know you have a cat

  • Every time I see Cheeto all I think is “I wonder whats going on in his mind rn...” like I wish we could understand animals lol

  • I love these kinds of videos because you can't fake it cuz cats are unpredictable. I laughed so much and I love cats😂😂❤

  • Love this video!

  • I think he wanted the box more than the items...

  • :/

  • cheeto: *pees* shane: *ZOOMS IN ON CHEETOS FACE* cheeto: this is why i’m depressed

  • litter robot is the best one evener

  • My cat is the assholest asshole ever, she is a fat cat who loves eating and waits at the cabinet that has her food in it and WAITS TILL I GIVE IT TO HER…and if we don’t give her food then she shits EVERYWHERE. 😑

  • I fucking need a cat now. Me: DAD CAM I HAVE A CAT????! Dad: why ew no... Me: PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEE

  • My ice cream almost fell out of my mouth when you guys started watching cheeto pee😂😂

  • I have that flower fountain for my cats one of my cats keeps taking it apart


  • ryland: “u don’t have to clean our toilet tho” shane: “YES WE DO THERES POOP IN IT RIGHT NOW”

  • I care about this video ryland

  • I care about this video ryland

  • 11:50 Ikr, I hate it when I buy stuff for my pets and I’m the only one whoever uses it!

  • I thought that in the beginning of the vid were real advertisements and i was like wtf how long!!

  • *"Cheeto you little shit head guess what?"* HAHAHA ME AS A PARENT

  • Shane saying Ryland should just set it all up. SAVAGE, but not untrue. I don't have a cat, but I love your pet videos (dog and cat same)

  • I only buy my cat trees from Petsmart. That way for my $100+ I don't have to build it. I can just haul it home and put it in the room of my choice.

  • Shane: "No one is going to buy this stuff." Me: *looks at exact same cat wheel, 2 cat fountains, and 2 Litter Robot 3 Connects already in my house*

  • Roland: we r going to have so much fun he says while holding his cat and scissors he low key sounds like shane

  • Cheeto isn’t the best hampster on the wheel

  • I love cats but my mom wont let me have on 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • I love how Ryland used these products more than Cheeto😂👏❤

  • I love how Ryland used these products more than Cheeto😂👏❤

  • Put catnip on the wheel

  • I have to be honest I have secretly wanted that stupid litter box for so long. It’s so unneeded but I WANT IT.

  • Cheeto is a mood.

  • I would love that litter box but I think it would scare my cat. I wish I could train my cat to use a toilet like others I've seen (LOL). I also wish I could get her in the tub or shower but that is a no go also. LMAO at Cheeto attacking Ryland after he puts him by the "tree".'s are suck assholes! I always say they are like those sour patch kids....first, they are sweet and then they are sour. I swear they will cuddle and love on you one minute and attack the next.

  • ryland:honeys the only smart aminal!!!!!cheedo: :/ u shure

  • Chito: pees

  • Ryland hunny the tree is a catnip tree thats why he wacked you and you could tell by looking at his eyes its the catnip😂😂

  • Good Girl honey your my only smart animal Cat looks down:I’m shook

  • My aunt has the same liter box

  • Cheeto is literally me

  • I love you Ryland you're so precious and I am so glad you made this video I'm totally buying that litter box its gonna save my life too I hope 😭💗

  • *Why is no one noticing Ryland wearing his Gucci?*

  • Cheetos is fucking fat

  • 3:29 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 so fucked up shane

  • My cat has the flower water fountain and loves it

  • i see ryland always getting sponsored by honey, it’s like honey is the teacher and ryland is their favorite students sksk

  • The water is not even for the dogs or the cat but it’s for Ryland!😂

  • I need that cat litter box in my life. 😂

  • 11:10-11:30 is me when I'm home alone trying to get the dogs drunk on milk

  • I love how ryland spends $30 only for him to drink out of the water drinker thing 😂😂

  • People enjoy seeing people waste their money?

  • I love how they are Dog and Cat lovers. Why only choose one or compare. Both cat and dogs are awesome!!! 🐶😺

  • The look on cheeto’s face lol

  • I thought they were sponsoring their dog lol

  • i see it coming Roland Adams kind of annoying his cat for 10 minutes straight - but still love you

  • *c h e e t o y o u l i t t l e s h i t h e a d*

  • I just had surgery and i laughed so hard at you taken the tree stand upstairs i almost popped my stitches omg it hurts but i cant stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • 20:12 Cheeto : I is tigger from da forest don fuk wit me 😆

  • Ur cat can always pop in your backyard like ur dogs that’s what mine do

  • Mr. Kate needs to decorate their house

  • That poor cat.. Cant they even try to make their animals more comfortable? Like just a little bit, not do shit for youserlf but acctually for the animals well being. I mean..surely they have someone who takes care of them other than them..but jesus..I was not looking forward to this vid cuz as much as I love both shane and ryland, they are pretty shit animal owners.. and now they have goats too. ..They really shouldnt own any animals let alone these many.

  • I love cats but I cant have one because my cousins are very very alergic

  • Shane makes fun of Ryland for being extra _Up next Weird cat products I bought online by Shane_

  • I love how ryland takes so much care of cheeto

  • I love how Ryland said “now they’re in the dog house, literally” and Shane zoomed into the dogs in the house😂😂😂😂😂 lmao

  • I just really want silantro right now😭

  • Shane in every Ryland video: What is going on? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cheeto is me about trying new things🐈

  • I love how shane just sits and laughs

  • The amount of money he spent 😯😯

  • You guys should get a kitten

  • 27:34

  • I have three cats this was so helpful thanks!😁😊

  • I dont know if my dogs will pick up on that. And Cheetos a asshole. -Ryland HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA KILL ME

  • 24:00 um the painting tho

  • Show the dog some love to bro

  • 8:55 keep scrolling this is a mark for me

  • I support rylands effort and time to buy and make cheeto stuff for cheeto to only play with the box

  • I ve never seen someone so excited over a cat peeing before

  • the editing on this video was so fucking weird hello?

  • shane: he's... Cheeto: um who gave you permission to record me.

  • Ryland= the queen of Clevver. Cheeto= Ryland’s queen

  • Cheeto being annoyed for 26 minutes straight

  • 12:06 for the first time in his life Cheeto was sad