Camping Overnight With No Technology

Ajoutée 30 avril 2019
We were sick and stuck inside for an entire week. Just laying down looking at our phones while we were resting in bed. When we were finally not sick anymore we decided that we needed to get out of the house and disconnect from technology... heres what happened.
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  • Ethan: you always treat me like I’m like Grayson: like what? Ethan: like a little bitch or something dude Grayson: well then, what are you? 😭😭

  • ethans douche mode is graysons normal💀

  • I've never been camping before

  • 25:32 > kinda disappointed

  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Ethan: I gEt PeE sHy SoMeTiMeS

  • Ethan: is a cactus dairy free?

  • 25:31 uhh Gray, what was in your pocket there? I thought it was no technology?

    • Secret Secrets thats so fcking true man i just saw it. Kinda disappointed

  • its not a dolan twins video without Ethan saying he's dairy free

  • tf you mean beans and hot dogs aren't normal food.

  • Them: *in the middle of a desert* Ethan: Gotta do my skin care routine Them: *stuck in a lions mouth* Ethan: gOtTa dO mY sKiN cArE rOuTiNe

  • At the same time though, Grayson gets so stressed and mad... and Ethan’s more chill about it, in nature at least

  • If I was literally trapped anywhere with no food or shelter, Graysons the one I’d wanna be with cause he can like, for for survive, lol those survival shows do make a difference and it’s not weird Ethan

  • Who’s the lucky cameraman who gets to sleep next to Grayson

  • Isn’t a camera technology?🤔

  • Bruh there is a camra

  • Grayson cheated he had a phone😑

  • Tank top = doush bag shirt

  • you guys are funny

  • 17:50 had me 💀

  • 21:56 OMFG GRAYSON 😭😭🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • There’s a kid in my class and his last name is Dolan 😳😳

  • iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii loooovvveeee youuuuuu cuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • grayson: why the hell are you up ethan: I NeEd To DO MY SkIN CaRe RoUtIn

  • It's the MAGICAL TOUCH 😂😂

  • 4:09 everytime Ethan says "I'm dairy free" it makes me laugh so hard 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Yo I love listening to grayson and how he explained nature and the basic dynamics of survival very well done grayson I dont know how anyone can find that annoying

  • The funny part is Ethan thought Grayson was annoying us but in reality his interrupting was instead 😂😂

  • *me the moment i reads the title*:umm there using a CAMERA? soo your telling me a CAMERA is not a technology

  • I read a comment that said No one: Literally no one: Ethan: hold on I need to do my skin care routine I 💀

  • You really made it wow I wanna experience that too, that’s craazyy night time was insane

  • 21:58 I’m dead 💀 💀 😂 😂

  • 25:31 he had his phone kinda disappointed

  • Sean Cody meets RESTING... ON...PRETTY

  • No one: Ethan: IM A MOUNTAIN LION!

  • Anyone else notice that grayson usually wears white and Ethan usually wears black


  • Grayson: Bro get the taser, were getting attacked by a coyote Ethan: Woah dude! Is that taser dairy free

  • Ethan: Hey look bro we did it *Holds hand out for highfive* Grayson ignores him Casper: I got you bro

  • Ethan:Who's hand is on my a** No one: Flashback mary:Hi sisters

  • Hash tag gay

  • "Whose hand is on my ass"😂😂😂

  • jimmy neutron

  • Oof

  • You should do a survival challenge but with Emma and James and instead of it being every man/Woman for themself because that didnt really help ya out last time. You could partner up in twos and do it thay way 🏕🌲

  • 25:31 excuse me sir ur Phone is in ur pocket 😂😂

  • camera man: am i a joke to you?

  • *someone dies* ethan: one sec i just needa to my skincare routine I NEED TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My uncle got that jeep a out one month ago

  • If you stop just before 8:17 it looks like eathin is smoking a cigarette

  • do not subscribe to liv and soph are awsome

  • "almonds are a great source of health"- Grayson Dolan

  • ethan is my mood

  • If you pause at 25:32 you can see there phone in Greyson’s pocket

  • Isn’t the light and the camera technology?


  • 21:53😂😂😂😂

  • Grayson/greyson?: you take the meat, and put the bread on top of it. Ethan’s brain: *loading* Still Ethan’s Brain: *still loading* Ethan’s last braincell: *Ethan.exe has shut down due to technical error* *silence*

  • Did anyone notice Ethan has a pin on his chain...

  • Grayson was looking like a snack 😘😉😋😭🥰😌😚☺️

  • Did anyone here the camera man say "actually?!"