Ajoutée 15 juin 2019
Watch the highly anticipated Cassidy vs Goodz battle from URL's Resolution card.


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  • If you say cas won you are mad stupid 🤦🏻‍♂️. Cas is trash and that’s facts

  • I skipped through Cassidy rounds. Not even hating just don’t want to hear all that old shit 😂 idc who won

  • URL crowd is mostly cornballs wearing yeezy's & stupid "designer" clothes that white people outgrew decades ago. Look how salty they got when Cass spit that Kanye MAGA cap line. They're sheep to the Kanye/Y-3/BBC bullshit.

  • 38:05 Alot of ppl felt that lol

  • Regardless of what ANYONE watching this battle says...POINT BLANK...It was JOKES vs ACTUALLY SPITTIN BARS...So CASSIDY took this one! Some shit Goodz said didn't even make sense at all! Other LEGENDARY battlers like Canibus and Jae Millz came back and LOST their battles to the newer school (Dizaster & K-Shine), but Cass actually held it down!

  • 33:56 somebody in the crowd yelling "YOU LYIN!" to Cassidy's bar about his crib had me 🤣😂

  • "I made battle rap popular...You got popular off battle rap" 🔥

  • Battle rap advanced, more creative more competitive and Cassidy has yet to catch up... Ten years ago those lines he spit would have worked

  • The crowd sucked. I wasn't very impressed with Cass bars or his stage presence. I think Goodz had it just because I was waiting on him to bring the momentum back. lol

  • Im wavy I came to do niggas greasy what's popping smack. Wave-Grease- Popping -Smack!!

  • Wtf is Cas talking about his first 3mins of his 1st round was the best.. after that down heel.. good 3-0 my opinion

  • honestlyyyyyyyy the whole thing was trash to me

  • I don't even fuck wit goodz like that but that doctor strange bar is crazy

  • I heard you count sheep for tryna eat the goat OMG.....

  • 6:12 blue hat was that r.kelly

  • That red stupid dike 3-0

  • Goodz beat my boi up....i want revenge😢

  • In as much I love the both of em..I really don't like what ima bout to say but I think goodz won..Cass was super dope with d bars but battle rap right now is way pass DAT..u need bars ..deliverance ..stage presence ...angles n so on

  • i cnt keep going back my win is my win 100

  • Cassidy is an un humbled wash up 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Cassidy won, goodz is trash

  • ill shoot yo building up.....FORTNITE!!! CASS IS TRASHH!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 cass cant lie to the ppl no more!!!

  • Matthew 10:22:And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

  • Cass dont have to change up his flow. he is cass with the cass flow.

  • Goodz is foine. Idc what anyone says.

  • This could have been good if it wasnt for all the niggas in the crowd that cant shut the fuck up.

  • Cass 1st round sneaker bars straight 🔥

  • Rap is just a bunch of ghetto nursery rhymes

  • All Cassidy say is Niggah

  • Cass spittin freestyle bars at a written battle rap competition - wrong venue for that! There’s a difference, Goodz got this!

  • Goods says random line after looking around the room “crowd goes insane “ 😂🙄. ,,, “Good YELLS 1 hot line out of the whole freestyle and acts like he won 😭

  • The 3rd round for the bull in the white shirt was embarrassing and mundane bars

    • Cass got bodied in this battle ars just battled cass and it went the same way cass ass now shit hurt to see him getting done like that I used to fuck with cass but he need to leave battle rap

  • Casss killed round 2 wowwwww

  • He struggle rap bc his raps I gotta struggle to feel. Wow cass killed this. How Bull repeat the same vs for the second round. These ppl hating!

  • Lmao Ayo bul weak af

  • They was definitely that other guys fans n the crowd , they was drawling Cassidy was spittin some hot shit ..

  • We got Kenan thompson on the right behind Cassidy dressed in all black......thinking of some bars for Kel

  • Cassidy 2-1 or 2-2

  • Goodz 30ed Cass PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

  • “Take off with this pussy cream” -Cassidy

  • My only question is why did smack lose his voice?

  • Cassidy garbage

  • How you want a 100,000 for a battle but don’t get a 100,000 for a show

  • Lol damn this mf thing 3 with his Dr.Sues nursery rhyme the matching pants to go along wid it too. Damn I hope that crack shit ain't true though, if it is I hope Cass get through it and off. We need him on that Rap Mount Rushmore

  • Man said he got an itch for the white like the inside of the cast was! sweaty! Dam!

  • Charles Gotta Trick Hoes To Get Hoes If Gwop Involve It's Easily Popping Off Strip Clothes Big Nose Look Down The Weapon Nostril After I Fill Your Body With Steel I'll Cut Your Body Up Like How Exercise Do If There's An Issue With You I'll Keep Letting The Pistol Hit u Till Them Ppl With You With U Can't Recognize U.. What!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥#Bars# 2-1 Cassidy Debatable 2nd rd Bc His 2rd Was Trash A bit But Goodz Second Was Probably A Bit more Trash And The 3Rd Cass Just Talked That Shyt To him.. But u Also is A Debatable 3-0 Cass

  • Lmao CASSIDY was emotional 😂😂😂

  • Cassidy killed this nigga 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Wtf i didn't kno this dropped nvm though it was arsenal

    • That battle on the app and it wasnt even worth it they need to put it on FR-tv ars bodied cass shit looked sad

  • that Cassidy gar cat line is amazing.

  • Goodz won battle rap is about who can win the judges and the crowd over it about roasting who can roast better

  • Wow yall Cassidy haters are PATHETIC!! Trying to come back months later and PUSH this narrative that he lost again 🤣LONG AS THE REAL AROUND IT WON'T WORK HOES!!!

  • its hard to win with a crowd who already decided on the winner. CASS that guy

  • Cassidy won round one

  • Y’all trippin’ cass shit would’ve sound better on a beat, goodz was doing exactly what he was suppose to in a battle. Cass was dope but, it’s a fast pace type of environment when you battling in front of a smack crowd, cass wanted niggas to be quiet listen and think lol goodz got straight to the point each round and was personal as you should be in a battle 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • GOODZ ain’t really saying anything so why people say cass lost girl you wanna come to my hotel until I send one of my bitches over to go shoot you WTF

  • Cassidy is absolute trash nigga really said “ real gs know how a ar feel this cat pussy g ar feel Garfield “ like wtf and some people say he won smh

  • Dammm cass got murkd. Str8 uuuuup.

  • Months later and Cass still thinks he won..... I watched again and .... nope he lost. He is still hot ass fucking garbage. Weak ass nigga

  • Cass took this