Clone Wars All Obi Wan Kenobi lightsaber battles

Ajoutée 5 oct. 2016
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  • I ship Ventress and obi wan (◐‿◑)

  • all i see from this is how pathetic obi wan actually was at combat, non of the pple he fights are outmatched by him or at least lose to him even abit, the closest he got was grevious nd even then he hardly won...i dont know why he is renowned

  • He even trolled his enemies while he was old two. If you watched the Twin Suns duel between him and Maul, you know how he did it. There's a reason he called "The Negotiator".

  • I have the kinda feeling that Obi-Wan changes to Ataru in his fight with Maul and Savage Opress in which he uses two light sabres. He fights much more offensive and also very acrobatic than elsewhere.

  • i have to watch this at half-speed for it to be anything but baton twirling with glow sticks

  • He almost killed savage oppress with a HIGH-GROUND ASSISTED KICK

  • Nobody stood a chance against obi... *because he was standing on slightly higher ground*

  • Yet, Sidious took Maul and his brother like a game...Sidious is powerful!!!

  • I wished Kenobi and Anakin had not met Griveous, I hate retcons

  • Obi wan and general grievous go wayyyyy back lmao I thought in episode 3 that was probably their 3rd encounter or something

  • Obi one has a habit of cutting of his opponents limbs

  • I thought he cut Darth maul in half in episode 1. Why all the fake sith deaths? The emperor. Darth maul. Next dukoo will get his head back lol

  • All those lightsaber battles with grevious and he ends up defeating him with a blaster lol

  • Ohh man does anyone else think the duel between Obi Wan vs Savage Oppress and Maul was *SUPER AWESOME*

  • 4:13 that soresu battle stance but with the switch hands position looks really cool, should be a win pose in bf2

  • I like to think Obi wan didn’t tease Grievous because of the bad blood, but more because He really did consider him to be unwillingly rendered evil by a near death experience and funding from the Seperatists. I think he truly told him all of it because he wanted grievous to see it. I also notice in the fight against The mandelorian, he took almost fully defensive measures (I understand his form is defensive but still), making me think all this time he was perfectly in line with the fact that he was a peacekeeper, not peacemaker.

  • Every time Obi Wan is losing a fight his hair is messed up .... kkkkkkkkk

  • LOL I loved how Obi-Wan kept kicking Savage's knees

  • So for the dark saber thing did they just reverse the sounds made by a regular light saber for its sound effects

  • Wtf he only has ten minutes of screen time in lightsaber combat?

  • Obi-Wan vs Darth Maul and Savage opress is literally the best and cleansest Star wars the Clone wars Fight. Change my mind.

    • Mike Schwartz to be real that dooku fight is just super clean and smooth with the colliding with the sabers

    • that dooku fight at the end with the wide angles and graceful fencing was pretty unique

  • ah the clone wars... Where 9/10 times the battle is inconclusive and no one is seriously hurt

  • That dual light sabers fight against Maul and Savage is so fking lit, i have to watch it in .75 to fully enjoy

  • when he was levitating kenobi, he could have levitated him onto mauls lightsaber

  • Whenever someone duals both Obi-Wan and Anakin, there’s the ongoing theme of “Kick Obi”. Just boot him out the way and take Anakin. Smart, I guess...

  • I like the lightsaber fights in the clone wars because it looks like they are actually trying to kill each other, other than in the movies where it looks like they are hitting sticks together

    • In the prequels yea and maybe the darth vader duel with luke on cloud city

    • You have to admit that Obi wan vs Maul in episode 1 was really great. It's comparable to some of the clone wars best duels.

  • This needs to be updated...

  • The sky walker saga is Star Wars tho...

  • I love the fact the video volume increases as the Maul fights begins. It just reflects on the fact they both still have unfinished business, that Maul still wants Kenobi whacked so hard and that Kenobi still hasn't recovered from Maul gutting Master Qui Gon-Jinn. It's like at some point during these fights Kenobi sort of channeled a bit of the Dark Side because of the fact he still hasn't forgotten the events on Naboo while Maul at the same time is still driven by his singular hatred and utmost animosity towards the very man who made him half the man he was and denied him of greater things like becoming a true and worthy Sith lord under the tutelage of the most powerful Sith master at that time. Damn what a handful.

  • 9:55 ya'll, he should really have 2 lightsabees. Also love it when he bent his back and slid under the sabers. Favourite part.

  • standard ol lightsaber behind the head and the two fingers pointing at your enemy, a good way to mentally remind yourself who the enemy is

  • Man I dont know why they dropped this show.

  • So grievous can do that much against a jedi master but fails to kill a padawan, mkay

    • Cause Ahsoka is just fast as hell

  • "Surrender." "Never!!" *Gets knocked down instead of slashing.*

  • Kenobi looks badass with a red lightsaber

  • why can't the fights in the sequel trilogy look like that.

  • I notice how often Kenobi says ”we take him/her togheter” to Anakin. We do know that Anakin is impulsive and often run in to things, but I also think it’s becasue when Kenobi lost Jinn the way he did it scared him for life. not to be able to be there when he was needed and helplessly had to watch, makes him ”afraid” to be in the same situation again. If the situation is going downhill he sure want to at least be there and do whatever he can to prevent it with his Suresu skills.

    • Bru He was thrown of a balcony when fighting with dooku

    • @RUBY, Lucy and Lefty I think it's more that he remembers that last time he didn't listen to Obi-Wan it ended with Obi-Wan injured and him losing an arm

    • And when Anakin said yes he must have understood that the death of Quigon scared obi wan and wanted to keep him not scared.

    • Wow, dude, I never thought about it like that before. That really adds another layer to Kenobi's character.

  • Wish we had a 1v1 fight with Dooku and Obi Wan


  • The theme that plays during 4:13 is smililar to the scene when Vader ignites his lightsaber in rogue one

  • Why is it always greivous, and why do they always do a sabre lock and stare into each others eyes.

  • There is a soothing feeling about seeing obi-wan with a red saber

  • Greatness.

  • This is why I wish I was younger now!

  • Watching these and reminded how FCKIN INCREDIBLE the fight choreography was in Clone Wars 👌👌

  • Did ventress become a gray jedi?

    • @Pugnacious Productions its sorta kinda the same as a gray, since both gray jedi and sith followed no such code except their own.

    • Clarence Dela Cruz No, she was betrayed, and became a bounty hunter.

  • 0:06 Another Happy Landing

  • Obi wan kenobi story ends here

  • kenobi and grievous, never get old

  • The opress/maul arc should never have happened.

  • The general grievous in clone wars is slow and clumsy tbh it makes him look pathetic


  • 4:15 No one takes the high ground from Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    • Don’t you just love how a single comment in a movie is everybody’s understanding of him? 🤣 I do.

    • Seriously! XD That combo was something out of a fighting game tbh

  • I absolutely love that somehow Obi-Wan found a way to be personally connected to nearly every MAJOR villain of his era, and survived and defeated all of them in some way. 1) Darth Maul killed Qui-Gon and then later one killed his love, Satine. He just couldn’t stop coming back for more after being dominated on Naboo... 2) Obi-Wan was the first to (re)discover Kamino and as such Jango Fett. This one is less of a good example because Jango/Boba are obviously more enemies of Mace than Obi-Wan 3) Count Dooku was his master’s master, a former and revered Jedi Master, and told Obi-Wan the truth on Geonosis 4) Ventress is continuously facing off against Kenobi and they have a funny fight-flirt thing going on 5) General Grievous was his true arch-nemesis throughout the Clone Wars. If there was any room for respect, I’d say there was some going both ways between Obi-Wan and Grievous, at least a semblance. Either way they were perfect foils, both in combat styles and personality 6) Sidious was obviously Palpatine the whole time. They had many face-to-face conversations and Palpatine manipulates his friend/brother/son Anakin 7) Obviously, there’s Anakin himself. Like mentioned above they were as close as close could get, but alas Anakin was destroyed, killed, by Darth Vader Obi-Wan is one of the best Jedi and best characters fucking ever, love it every time the Master of Trolling is on screen or page

    • Maul was Kenobi's ultimate rival, and he was never dominated on Naboo. If anything, he dominated Kenobi, only being cut in half due to his own arrogance. He showed up later and dominated Kenobi twice in The Clone Wars.

    • Charter for Deviancy and he fought qui gon’s first appearance Xanatos who fell to the dark side

    • @Benny yea to bad

    • @Victor Nag Dooku my padawan was....he was good as a jedi master....but finally he to the dark side turned...too bad....

    • Still have an issue about how Dave Filoni nerfed Grievous... 😞

  • I almost wish that every time Obi-Wan encountered Grievous, Grievous would open with "I've been trained in your Jedi arts by Count Dooku!", no matter how many times he said it. That's the only way the Revenge of the Sith fight could make sense, and plus it would eventually become so ridiculous it would be funny.

    • @MR. ICE It makes Obi-wans reply in the novel that much more humorous, "Funny I trained the man that killed him"

    • ^ it actually does make sense if Grievous reminded him

    • Colin Leary I think it makes sense anyways. Maybe Obi wan never knew he was trained by dooku. Or maybe Grievous is reminding him he was trained by his masters master.

  • Okay, I know something about footwork myself, and I have to say that Obi-Wan's pretty good on his feet.

  • Grevious was a bastard

  • for my is obi wan the chosen one ;)

  • I think Obi-Wan is my favorite duelist. He's just a smart fighter.

    • TheBrownHyena Kenobi was a master of Soresu? He was *the* master of Soresu. His guard was nearly impenetrable. Why do you think he survived so many battles?

    • @Lily Lindsey actually plo koon and Dooku are better duelist and your wrong about how he was an offensive duelist, he was quite the opposite. During the clone wars he was a master of the third and most defensive form of lightsaber combat: Soresu

    • Obi Wan is the greatest defensive duelist and lightsaber master in all of the order. Also one of the top ten offensive lightsaber masters too. He's just awesome like that. Anakin is incredibly proficient in offensive though, in defensive forms he is far behind.

    • Team VLCN but Anakin is a powerful fighter. Still they r both great all round duelist's!

  • 8:11 "so... how are the legs?"