Comedians Are Bad at Sex - Mary Beth Barone - Up Next

Ajoutée 18 juil. 2019
Mary Beth Barone tells the story of her sexual awakening, explains why she’s anti-circumcision and describes how she’s been spending her time now that she’s single.
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  • as a general rule i refuse to date a comedian. NOPE.

  • I really liked the last joke.

  • if you are flat chested you shouldn't wear that type of top

  • So boring. This is comedy?

  • Awesome punchlines!

  • Comedians are often times bad at comedy too. They have a 95% failure rate at everything.

  • Yep another women who try's to hard and isnt funny

  • How old is this comment section? They point out the simplest things they must be pregnant teenagers

  • I think the index joke has been done before... but still it was a bit funny

  • Murder the whole family isn't a bad dad thing, it's a bad mom thing. Bad dads are still on their way back from the corner store with a pack of cigarettes.

  • “Show me Jesus Christ’s birth chart, ok? And then I’ll tell you if he’s worth worshipping. “ 😂😂😂 that is really good material.

  • Funny and super hot.....for the win

  • That last joke hits different,when you just finished watching the Chris Watts documentary.

  • This was my first time seeing her and she is brilliant! There is something about Mary....

  • What if he gets his dick from his mom’s side? Haha I actually laughed on my bus

  • Love her delivery and timing!

  • She reminds me a little of Paris hilton

  • she reminds me a lot of Dina Hasham, its that voice and delivery. Only difference is she's white and has a healthy relationship with her father so Dina's still the better comedian

  • yes there are benefits to male circumcision, it's recommanded by the WHO, also : no dick no opinion, stop womansplaining

  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a comedian who has my personal sense of humor, but this is the closest it’s ever gotten.

  • I love how she uses rich white girl cliches since she's a rich white girl lmao

  • I wish she had more standup, love her material

  • Y'all got dick cheese? Oh... foreskin starter pack... cringe ;]

  • She has the comedy chops of of a rotten potato.

  • lmaooooooo

  • sporty spice doing comedy now

  • This woman is one of the funniest comedians I have ever heard - man or woman.

  • That shark tank reference tho

  • Wait till you see a man with a yeast infection then youll see why circumcision is good.

  • This was the worst comedy i ever saw

  • I need more of her

  • Why is she only wearing like one millimetres worth of white material she looks like christian bale in the machinist.....

  • She’s like a depressed Paris Hilton doing comedy

    • This is funnier then the whole 6 minutes

  • scorpion

  • Wow how original. Not.

  • So that's the girl Amy Schumer was caught stealing from

  • 🔥👏🏿🔥👏🏿🔥👏🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  • Everything sounds like a question

  • What a fucked up bitch!

  • Booooo booooo you suck

  • Terrible.... absolutely terrible

  • Damn they're just giving anybody a microphone these day's.

  • What even is this thing?

  • Oh your index finger does work 😂😂😂

  • Leave it to a bitch to preach about circumcision on a soapbox during a COMEDY set.... typical. Nobody cares about your opinions you used up box

  • This is the opposite of comedy

  • Did they edit out all the funny parts?

  • Female comic talks about sex and its not funny. What a shocker

  • Just so u know Jesus is a Capricorn

  • She’s dresses like on of the spice Girls but she funny

  • The top is brave

  • I had stone cold face throughout the entire video.

  • Very funny, but sadly very genderly focused, like every other female comedian :/

  • She hot I just dont wanna hear anything that comes out of her mouth

  • Snore!

  • Crazy she dropped outta college to be a privildged not funny comedian.

  • Why the need to wear barely anything up top, and the eye shadow, how about just be funny and chill on the looks

  • I love her blue eye Shadow

  • She's pro foreskin. 👍

  • ohhh your index finger does work haha...👆