Comedians Are Bad at Sex - Mary Beth Barone - Up Next

Ajoutée 18 juil. 2019
Mary Beth Barone tells the story of her sexual awakening, explains why she’s anti-circumcision and describes how she’s been spending her time now that she’s single.
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  • Wow. This was boring compared to all the other shit I’ve seen on this site.

  • Great concept of dads... Yes I realize it was a joke. She went from healthy relationship with her dad to saying that the equivalent for a mom going a little off the rails is family murder.

  • She said- 😂🤣- "I didn't Know that there were Still Jewish People. When I graduated the Eighth grade. I thought they were like the-🤭😆👏🏿👏🏿🤦🏾‍♂️- Mayans and the Aztecs" ... 🙄😬😱🤦🏾‍♂️😆🤣😂😄😹🙈🙉🙊🤯

  • Women comedians aren't funny , YT stop recommending them to me , feminazism gotta stop . Women are very good at nurturing and fixing sandwiches , stick to that.

  • She seems bitter but in a hot way?!?!

  • Those abs tho 🙌🙌🙌


  • Typical modern day comic...……. bad to be white...….. all the #ME TO stuff...……. men are bad...…… catholic is bad...………. free "fun" sex...…... jews control everything...…... all under the cover of "hey. it's just a joke"...…….. where is the creativity or originality??

  • What's it called when you don't laugh out loud but you're thoroughly entertained?

  • #proforeskin

  • this chick looks like the other mouth chick in an ass-to-other mouth threesome

  • I couldn't get past the first 60s with her laugh after every line

  • Damn how do I find a chick like her she his sexy

  • Female comedian=brave (Because they suck)

  • I thought she said she had an IED put in for a few seconds there and I was like wtf where's this going

  • this energy/wavelength is not for me .....didnt laugh even once.......wtfk

  • Couldn't finish it, booooooooooring

  • 8019882221

  • it could have been funny if u were bill burr doin a chick impresiion

  • She needs to work on her content and delivery. Not impressed, but I'm sure in time she'll get it together.

  • yessss ! the eyeshadow is so good also

  • Ur not good at comedy

  • i saw on snapchat stories a dude didn't know how to wash his uncircumcised dick and had dick cheese for like 24 years.

  • Don't quit your day job...

  • You are not funny.

  • Californian sporty spice.

  • Women comics always talk about dick🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

  • "My body my choice" no that's an excuse you tell yourself to make you feel justified in taking another life.

  • Just because you were disappointed with Louis Anderson and Carrot Top, don't dismiss all comedians for being bad in bed

  • Female comedians are very unoriginal these days. It’s like, I can’t think of anything so I’ll just talk about sex and how depressing life is

    • GotSouls she’s actually pretty good tho

  • Hooker does stand up Edit: more hooking it is lol

  • According to scientists circumcision reduces infection chances and and reduces penile cancer chances but idk and what’s the difference for the woman anyway if there is a difference for them then tell me

  • That was very funny for a utube suggestion. Worth looking up.

  • Lmfao! Love her style! Mayans and Aztecs are still alive today tho.

  • So ur bit is about how privleged you are and fuckin dudes...seems about accurate coming from a woman original smFh.

  • I think she's funny. She could be great

  • 1.7k dudes were circumcised

    • Lmao. But uncircumcised doesn't really matter if a guy's dick is small when circumcised.

  • THIS LADY. 😂

  • Lets do skinny whore meets Mimi from "The Drew Carey Show"... Bad inflection in her voice... Very monotonous... If she had a little more energy she would get a like...

  • She is bad at both

  • I'd smash

  • Look it's Bruce Jenner's doppelganger

  • More eye makeup!

  • I have lowered expectations......but would still give her the D

  • Is this funny? Like this was painful to watch lol.

  • This shit ain’t funny.

  • The social commentaries here are so fucking strong. I love this set!!

  • She just acted like a dumb white girl for 6 minutes lame

  • I unironically want to watch "Bad Dads" now.

  • This is so shit monotone, no crunch or punch or delivery

  • I was chilled and entertained at the same time... now I want to sleep?

    • I just woke up after the ads started to play at the end 🤷‍♀️🤣

  • Tf the moms in bad moms are like lesser versions of my mom

  • Eh. Not all that funny to be honest.

    • @Aerin Collins true, takes a lot of courage to get up there at all!

    • True. But at least she brave enough to get on stage and do something

  • she's really funny.

  • Mediocre

  • Females are shit a comedy

  • Fuck yes! You are great! I loved all your jokes and timing. Especially loved you talking about uncut and cut dicks.

  • No spirituality attached but I'm also severely pro circumcision... foreskin.... no.

  • Not funny

  • Ehhh she's alright. Not bad but not my cup of tea.