Daring MYSTERY Riddles To Make You Question the Truth

Ajoutée 15 juin 2019
Did Grandma do the badbad? Are Jay from the KubzScouts and I (Gloom) going to survive? There is no answer except COMMENTS! 😫
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  • Unicorns kan run in the skay

  • It should be the unicorn because the unicorn has powers and you can Grant a wish with it and then we'll make your friend come back

  • AB

  • A griifen

  • I could choose any of them cuz a unicorn could teleport you to the castle cuz it has magic and I and I could choose a pegasus because it could fly down below and then swoop around the island and it goes up on the back or I could choose a griffin cuz it couldn't fight off the witches they're all useful

  • Hey Gloom You are stuck in a room with a group of people you have to go to a remote city who will you take with you? A. Your family B. Your fans You have 30 seconds starting now

  • I 💝💝💝💝💝your videos.

  • Unicorn

  • kassie I didn't solve anything

  • A

  • b

  • It’s A!!!

  • A unicorn can make a bridge to the island with it’s horn!!!!

  • Tell Jay I got the thank you 😊

  • Lol 1:53 I am dead!

  • Unicorn will teleport u

  • B

  • I would choose griffin because it would blend in with the witches environment better then the unicorn would

  • This is how many times I said duh today

  • De ar born in a srikeljaar

  • This is kassie 👩🏼 👚 👖 👢

  • I would choose the uncorn, because hit can cast a spell to grow wings and then make all the wishes it disappear far away

  • Griffin

  • The granny because the mom and kid are both blaming the granny

  • Griffin

  • O.o

  • :p

  • I would choose the unicorn because it can Teleport your friend out of the witches castle

  • A

  • I’ll take that thank you, thank you very much. :>

  • Im a leap girl person cuz i was supose to be born in december but got another week so was born in January but my body responds to be like a teenage girl so ya just saying i think i was suppose to be older than my nephew cuz my nephew was born only at 8 months Like if youre a leap person Make this button blue 👇

  • your welcome

  • 16:20 no context just click

  • A I think it’s A

  • The griffin


  • 5:55 - I think it should be unicorn bc pegasus will be hard to ride without a saddle and griffin will beat you. Have the unicorn make a staircase up to the island, and it can easily defeat the witches, too, bc magic.

  • A Pegasus cause !!!! The griffin could be the witches and it could just lead you to the witches BOOM 😂😂😂

  • A yes huge nith

  • unicorns can... grant all wishes

  • Definitely Griffin it’s like buck beak from Harry Potter!!

  • First riddle is T O D A Y T W O

  • Unicorn


  • I ment A

  • B

  • l Choose The Griffin!

  • This is dumb the unicorn is right bc it’s magic so it can teleport to the castle and relapsed yiu back when you need it I’m right gotcha

  • griffin

  • thats not a unicorn unicorn has a horn and wings that is a pony

  • griffin

  • If jay thinks the last question was B its like he thinks its normal to have grenades in a house

  • Jay:"Im giving out thankyous sombody take it!" Me:"You're welcome

  • I

  • But, Unicorns because there horn carries any magic like flying so Unicorns can basically do anything because of the horn!! If you disagree thats ok because I just think the what ifs 😂!!!

  • And a again gacha background

  • I would pick unicorn and wish my friend with me

  • Me I caught the thank you

  • I got something to tell all of u and it's true I'm teen but I'm a small teen

    • I hope u don't make fun of me 😭😭😭😭

  • Is A