[Debut Stage] SOMI - BIRTHDAY, 전소미 - BIRTHDAY Show Music core 20190615

Ajoutée 15 juin 2019
Music core 20190615
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  • A need a song between Jennie (blackpink too) and Somi, NOW

  • These clothes are hiding her figure This girl should promote a new stylist

  • Can anyone give me the name of the girl having silver hair?

  • i search jennie no stage prescence moments and this vid pop at the top like wtf

  • Somi : ‘Everyday Its my birthday’ Me : HAPPPY BIRTHDAY SOMII ✨ Ooo mm geee

  • Wtf is she wearing? Like why?

  • Somi has improved so much since her debut!

  • Somi is so amazin

  • does anyone have a problem about her gloves?

  • "ey goyang gais" wkwk bgst

  • Yang bikin translet indo kenapa sehhhhh

  • Jennie solo debut stylist much better than this. But why the stylist in somi mv look so much better and elegent than when she do live?

  • subtitle ngakak cok😂

  • Lo ga diundang cok 🤣

  • "eyy digoyang" "digoyang mujaer"🤦 ANJIR SIAPA YG ISI SUB INDONYAAA 🤣SIAPAAA??

  • Yah, you not invited Indonesian translate: Ya, lo ngk di undang COK!!! Me be like 😅 why someone use the bad word?

  • Itu subtitle nya ngegas banget + kocak wkwkwkwkwkw makin cantik yah somi

  • me: "so how old are you?" somi: " i'm 6,552 years old." I did the math

  • Hayo ngaku yang nonton nya sambil ketawa ketawa mana nih:v

  • Hayo ngaku yang nonton nya sambil ketawa ketawa mana nih:v

  • lol for her first solo stage considering she was being inactive and she came like this is actually 🔥

  • Guys whatcha talking about? She’s more confident here than I am singing in the tub hahahahha she looks amazing and makes me want for more songs and an album 💙🎉💙

  • 2:23 Look how she starts smilling when she hears the fanchants :(

  • Is one of the dancers Sara from J Dance Center?

  • Yg ngesub indo serasa komen

  • She did a great job 💘 nervous or not idc, the important is that I love it ❤️💕❤️

  • I love that part OOPS YOU NOT INVITED 😂

  • I like it

  • Finally Live! And not lip sync

  • Eyyy asique😂

  • jennie den kopya

  • sub indo nya anjir wkwkwk

  • Indonesian sub its so funny🤣🤣🤣

  • Translate indonya aowkwkwk 😂👍


  • Sub indo ngapasih😂😂😂😅

  • Ziape yg kesini gegara mebiw?

  • Jennie and lisa's vocals

  • eyyy digoyang gais


  • Woe ah anjerr lah humor anjloq sialan emang kelen😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ey digebor gebor mujaer 🤣🤣

  • Music nya asik,, buat hepi2 ini alasan saya buat drum covernya

  • Who’s here after what somi did to hyunjin

  • Eyyy asique😂

  • Ini sub indonya napa ngakak bgt dah:((

  • Sub Indonesia nya😂


  • Şarkı iyi dans iyi herşey çok iyi ama her Comeback da playback yapıyor olmaz böyle vokali kötü diyorlardı inanmıyodum bence kendin söyleyip herkesin agzını kapatabilirsin kimse anlamıyomu sanıyorsun böyle yaparak durumunu daha kötü hale geliceksin

  • Digoyang gais wwkwk :V