DIY - AMAZING IDEAS WITH CEMENT - How to Make Your Wife Happy

Ajoutée 3 avril 2019
DIY - AMAZING IDEAS WITH CEMENT - How to Make Your Wife Happy
craft cement Ideas , sand and cement
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  • ..

  • What a waste of toilet paper...

  • I feel like going to the restroom when I see this.

  • If you're in the trades or just diy projects you must look at this. Justified Beast on FR-tv 🔥 🔥 wish I found it earlier!


  • You can flush that down the toilet along with the wasted paper.

  • Eu curti,mas eh muita falta do que fazer...

  • It looks a bad attempt at a terrarium just my opinion

  • This makes me sad. Heres what we can do with a bunch of cement resources and toilet paper but then watch that video of the guy that builds freakin’ pools with just a bucket.

  • Дичь полная

  • Wife: Honey where is all the toilet paper I just bought Husband: I made you something to keep you happy Wife: I want a divorce Husband: you want some head?

  • Who else is here from reddit?

  • All these men complaining about how ugly this is to them likely wouldn’t put 10 mins into making their wife or gf something homemade. It’s the thought and effort that counts more than anything.

  • But.... why tho?

  • What a waist of time that was.......I mean would you ???? Really ????

  • How is this going to make a wife happy? It didn't make me happy, especially seeing ya wasted your hard earned money on toilet paper just to cover it up with cement. I'd be mad as hell.

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  • What were the phone chargers for?

  • Wow so ugly.

  • What in the mess is this....

  • Papel higenico tao util praque fazer merda com ele

  • Jajajajajaja que basura tan horrible jajajajaja

  • Valla puto rollo maquaveo macho

  • Seriously the music no audio next time please

  • Think you. Lol,,,,

  • No me qusta tu video

  • Khoda pahard nikla chuha 😂😂😂

  • supper..!

  • What's the name of the music on this Vidoe..... Anyone know????

  • Идея крутая, но реализация не очень, все полезное место внизу заняли вставки жуткого вида....

  • Todos son bonitos gracias

  • You're under the impression that women are ever happy.

  • LoL, 83k likes and 53k dislikes ... that is funny .

  • It's so ugly lol

  • What a great way to serve an artichoke!

  • А моя эксклюзивная покраска красит все!Убирает неровности ,стыки,"сопли"на металле...

  • I’m sad now. So very very sad. Glad your wife is happy. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Amazing 👌🏻

  • Bu bu bu bu bu

  • Y para cambiarle el agua, se convierte en un severo problema!!

  • pra mim não compensa gastar papel higiênico.

  • Vamos que podemos llegar a los 53.000 dislike

  • NIC

  • Could have spent that time doing something productive instead

  • Nice video

  • straszne ! kiczowate i nieestetyczne.

  • OK, I sat here and watched this? I must be out of my mind. What the ---- is it? I'm so sorry but this was a total waste of MY time. Total waste of cement. All of the time that you spent on the bottom......can't even see it.


  • What. Was eisen das

  • Only can hope buy in bolk and not run out of bathroom paper because if you do wife will not so happy after all like wish for. . after that better make up lost of bathroom paper. Or unhappy wife you will hear

  • Poderia ter usado latas recicláveis assim economizaria no papel higiênico. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Was ist das?????? Und vor allem, wer putzt die ganze Sauerei weg?

  • K desperdicio cuantas cagadas con el papel.

  • I’ll tell you a secret. This is toilet paper. You are supposed to wipe your ass with it.

  • Fugly

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  • Mie imi vine sa ma cac si uite ce face asta cu hartia igienica

  • or, you know, you can just make her a cake or smth...

  • Podria haber utilizado otra cosa en vez de confot

  • inmates a Guantanamo are forced to watch this at 0.25 playback speed on a loop